Each character's gymnastics routine used more than two body doubles from elite or Olympic backgrounds.

Chelsea Hobbs did not reprise her role for season 3 due to her pregnancy.

Susan Ward is only 8 years older than Chelsea Hobbs who plays her daughter.

In the show Full House (1987), 'Candance Cameron Bure' played a character named DJ Tanner who fell in love with a guy named Steve. In Make It or Break It, she plays a character who falls in love with a guy named Steve Tanner.

The main leads prepared their roles by going to the gym and studying the basics of gymnastics before filming the pilot.

Candace Cameron Bure and Susan Ward were born only 9 days apart from each other in April 1976.

Talking about Payson and Max breaking up, Lauren says he took off to the Hamptons. Josh Bowman, the actor playing Max, was cast as Daniel Grayson in Revenge, a series taking place in the Hamptons, during the recording of the third season.

Summer is very religious, just like the actress who plays her, Candace Cameron-Bure.

Kaylie claims in Season 3 that she never told Carter that she loved him. Yet, many times in the first five episodes you can hear her say it to him.

Evie Thompson was originally cast as Becca and as a series regular, but was forced to drop out due to an injury a week prior to shooting.

Was canceled after 3 seasons