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  • There once was a movie and it started of had potential. It had promise, but then 10 minutes in, it had taken a turn somewhere that you would not expect it to go.

    It turned into a plot less, pointless, boring movie with characters that offer little and a plot that offers even less.

    3 stories which were supposed to merge into 1 - where none of them developed anything more than a mild interest in the beginning and a fizzle shortly after.

    This was a movie that was free and I appreciated that, because had I paid, I would have been let down AGAIN!
  • vance7197518 November 2010
    I watched this last night and i gotta say it is AWESOME! Mike Hatton is Freaking hysterical in this and i hope to see more from this actor in the future!

    If you are looking for a funny movie to just kick back and laugh with this one is for you!

    This is just the kind of off the wall humor that i enjoy!

    This is one that i can watch over and over and never get sick of it!

    Mike Hatton is a great up and coming actor who has a comedic presents like which i haven't seen in a long time.Major Studios need to look at giving this guy some big roles in some big budget movies!
  • Well, the movie had potential, I will give it that much.

    However, and I put emphasis on however, the movie failed to deliver.

    The nice part of the movie was that you saw different sides of the story as the came together, although a bit too far out there at times, but still it was what worked best for the movie.

    Another nice thing about the movie was the music and score, very nice choice of music that went quite well with the movie.

    As for the cast and their acting. Well don't expect award winning performances here, because you will be sorely disappointed. Now, some parts of the movie actually came off quite alright, but other parts were bordering on being annoying to watch or just downright irritating.

    The storyline is fairly easy to follow, though it is suffering from some flaws and some parts that were just too hard to digest or fully believe in.

    "Shoot the Hero" failed to captivate me, and I was left bored about three-quarters into the movie. I almost gave up on it, but stuck through with it, just for the sake of finishing it. This is not the type of movie that I will be returning to again for a second time. Once was more than enough.

    In overall, the movie was well-intended but it failed to shine and failed to come through in a plausible manner. There are far better and far more interesting movies on the market, play it safe and put your money on something else.
  • trmax117 September 2010
    Warning: Spoilers
    OK... where to start. The cinematography in this thing makes Blair Witch seem like a Steady-Cam epiphany. Did the director think he was clever waving the cameras in the air like a nut or was it to hide the incredibly bad acting.... They used one actor that I've seen before but his part was the shortest. Not that veterans are required but it may have helped this thing. The plot and sub plot are beyond implausible at best. I wish I could get my time back, I feel cheated. My daughter made a film as a second year PSU Film School that was leaps and bounds over this thing! I've often wondered where funding for such a terrible piece of work comes from.
  • trashgang6 November 2014
    Cool, two people I already have met in the flesh and are cult together in an action flick, I'm talking about Danny Trejo and Fred Williamson. This must be 100% exploitation I thought. How foolish I could be to see this. This is boring as hell and the story doesn't work at all. maybe the first 10 minutes are worth seeing but from that point on it's downhill. And it goes deep underground.

    It is supposed to be funny, never laughed. It is supposed to tell 3 different stories that combine into 1, huh? They do come across each other but what the hell, maybe the best part is the 46 minute when you see 2 girls from behind seducing Danny Trejo.

    I just can't understand that Trejo and Williamson agreed to make such a pile of sh*t.

    Gore 0/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 0/5 Story 0/5 Comedy 0/5
  • Shoot the director and the writer was a more proper title, don't wait too many things from this film ,the actors are good but the acting is bad because of the influential silly plot i suppose , its a low budget film it is obvious but with good intentions a full studio and backyard filming taking place nothing special , the only thing i liked was the actors all the casting was excellent it was the proper people for the job but with a better plot or filming i think they could have done better results than this one .Generally it is an entertaining but kinda boring film , watch it only if you don't have better things to do , or watch it for the talented actors that playing on this film without support at all and trust me the result is amazing if you understand they got no support at all.Also it is amazing how those actors made this unwatchable plot watchable with their presence not with their acting. Mediocre to awful gangster movie 4/10
  • I'll admit when I decided to watch this film with a friend of mine it was due to seeing Jason Mewes in the lead, as I am a big fan of the films he has done with Kevin Smith and I find him highly entertaining. That was what made me sit down to watch the film, but what kept me watching was this cool story with writing and characters that made me laugh and I felt like I was on for the ride with them as the movie progressed. I felt a connection and sympathy for Jason's character, as it was unlike any I have seen him in before and he was just a different person than I had seen him in any film. It was one of those films where you know who the good people are and how they don't always finish first, but in this film they stood up for themselves and stopped just taking the abuse of those that often win. It is a film I will watch again with friends and whenever I need a laugh or just want to feel good about life. I applaud the actors in the film and the writer as it is a true gem and that is always something wonderful. If you have not seen it, do something good for yourself and see this film.
  • New to IMDb, this film caught my attention, surprisingly. My wife and I happened to see this in a Boston film festival back in April. Cool cast, we love "that Mexican guy", who I know now as Machete. I had to say we really had a fun time with it. We stayed for the q&a with the film's leading lady, who was very nice and pretty and the director. Big surprise was the films' budget, which was nothing, and the other cool ways on how it got made. Nonetheless, people will mistake SHOOT THE HERO as an action film like the Losers or something, but we know it as an independent film that was funny too. Good time...oh and Jay and Silent Bob actor, Jason, was really great.
  • The women in this movie are outstanding in every sense of the word! I love the plot, location, costumes(mostly the teddies). In this movie we get to see another side to Jason Mewes. He is surrounded by an outstanding cast of men and women whom all seem to be great up and coming actors. The banter between the smith Bros. is the best.(mike hatton and Nic Nak) It is worth watching for sure, I have seen the movie a half dozen times and never get bored of it. Danny Trejo(crazy joe) is awesome as always and brings some extra star power to the movie, as far as I am concerned this movie is full of stars and will be in my collection forever. Watch for the best ass scene this side of a It is just good fun and a great movie.
  • A 30-something couple (Jason Mewes and Samantha Lockwood) unintentionally become involved in a botched jewel heist while shopping for wedding rings...

    I do not want to spend too much time trying to critique this movie. Despite having some decent actors in here and a somewhat interesting, somewhat humorous, story... all I can say is, what the heck? This was sort of like a hot mess. Your best characters are the Smith Brothers, whereas your worst character is Nate (Mewes). And, of course, they make Nate the main character.

    I love Jason Mewes, and I love to see him in a role outside of the stoner sidekick box. But something was wrong here. Either he cannot act (possible, but not necessarily true) or nobody gave a hoot while making this film and did not even try for passing-grade performances (more likely true). Not fun, not good.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I've seen many movies that are much worse, but the opening 20 minutes of this movie were terrible. The next twenty minutes were tolerable, the last twenty minutes were another descent into banality.

    To fully appreciate the problems with this movie, I have to offer "spoilers". I put the spoilers in quotes because the movie is a bit too predictable to be spoiled. So Mewes and his girlfriend are ring shopping, but she's basically fallen out of love with him. Robbers break into the store, and while they are shooting the place up Mewes and his would be fiancée are having trading nastiness while hiding behind the counter. Did I mention the shootout started with five guys having their guns aimed at one guy, and yet somehow the one guy gets to cover? They are blasting away for five minutes, but nothing and no one gets hit. They are in a jewelry store and there are no exploding cases or anything. Even before that when they are robbing the place, no one's actually stealing anything. Eventually all the bad guys run out of bullets and they fight with knives. Mewes and his girlfriend start to sneak out, but oops, they are caught. Mewes goes nuts when lone standing bad guy starts groping his woman, so he attacks and knocks the guy out. Now his girlfriend all the sudden thinks he's hot stuff, and apparently no longer minds that Mewes said she's a cold fish...

    Oh, I forgot to mention that the script was so clever as to have the dialog exchange between Mewes and the girl matching the dialog between the two sides of the bad guy confrontation. Instead of cringing in fear they are breaking up.

    Basically this is a low budget movie with a couple of familiar names and faces. The dialog was drawn out to try to make up for the lack of action. The characters are mostly caricatures and often a poorly chosen caricature for the part. The most believable acting is by the guys who play the two brothers, and they are just about the worst characters in the movie.
  • p_rohit30 September 2010
    Sesma is onto something with his tale of Nate, Kate, the Smith Brothers, Crazy Joe, Franklin, Grant, and a band of misfits raising havoc in what appears to be the middle of nowhere.

    With over-the-top action sequences and adult-like crude humor of some savory and not-so-savory folks alike, Shoot the Hero is a fun, wham-bam- thank-you-ma'am, edge-of-your-seat ride that will easily become an instant cult-classic with a cerebral bent.

    Overall, each of the main characters are rather interesting, with each of their stories told at a grippingly fast pace, reminding moviegoers of a similar gangster-crime saga of a cult classic in El Mariachi.
  • This is possibly one of the worst movies ever made. This movie is so bad both the director and the screenwriter should consider hanging themselves. I have no idea how anything that reaches the masses could be so utterly disappointing and uninteresting. This movie lacked both an adventurous plot as well as a humorous tone. It is unconceivable to think that a major production team could have patched this movie up as it lacked practically every aspect of a semi-decent movie.

    This movie was so bad that I deliberately turned on my laptop, registered here on IMDb, and posted this comment.

    Unbelievable that people got paid in the production of this movie.

    Watching this movie made me appreciate all of the movies that I have ever taken for granted.
  • kosmasp29 November 2010
    ...of itself? Most people here seem to think so. And yes the movie tries very hard to be clever and sometimes (many times) it does not achieve anything quite as good as what its goal is. Trying to copy from the "best" (Tarantino and others, though the former does also like to "copy" as he says himself) is not a bad idea to start off. But when people start comparing you with those other guys you copy, you should be prepared to take a hit or two.

    The movie takes quite a few hits here. But still managed to get people like Fred Williamson and Danny Trejo involved. The former was a producer as he said at a con and got Danny to be in the movie. Trying to give back as both said. Helping new filmmakers out. And if you ask Fred, than this movie, as any other movie he is involved, is at least great! Then again he might not have seen it himself, so who is he to judge?

    Seriously though: If you can get over a few bumps throughout the whole thing and don't compare it too much to other movies ... you might enjoy it quite a bit. Which is a testament to the actors.