Invitations were sent out to many of the original cast (including Kim Cattrall and Sharon Stone) to make cameo appearances.

Steve Guttenberg stated in an interview that he might possibly direct the film and return as Mahoney if the script was right.

This movie was first announced in 2003 as a Warner Brothers/Village Roadshow co-production, with filming then planned to take place in Australia. Jerry Weintraub and Bruce Berman were originally attached as executive producers.

Attached as writers at one point were Hugh Wilson and his daughter Maggie. The Wilsons' concept, originally titled Police Academy: 1123, was re-tooled into The First Force (????). Another script written by David Diamond and David Weissman was later re-written by Jeremy Garelick. Tim Kazurinsky had also written a screenplay for the film. According to Paul Maslansky, there were at least nine different scripts submitted for consideration, most of which all involved parties could not agree on making.

Bobcat Goldthwait (Zed in Police Academy 2, 3 & 4) said that he did not want to be involved in the making of this movie, because several original cast members had passed away. Goldthwait also expressed that this film should be a reboot, directed by Rob Zombie.

The project had numerous false starts since it was first announced in 2003.

At one point, Shaquille O'Neal was in talks to play the son of Moses Hightower.

Regarding the film having been stuck in "development hell" for some time, draft scriptwriter Ike Barinholtz said: "When we pitched it, this was before Ferguson. If you're writing a drama or action film, it can change, in terms of what's going on in society. But comedy is different."

Several original cast members, including Bubba Smith, George Gaynes and Marion Ramsey were slated for appearances in this film, but died before production could begin.

Steve Guttenberg confirmed on his Twitter (Sep 3, 2018) that the next Police Academy is coming but no details yet.

Scott Zabielski, a real-life reserve police officer, was originally announced as director, but departed the project after it stalled for longer than expected.

Producer Paul Maslansky said he envisioned this film as a "passing of the torch" between the old crew from the original movies, and the new cast of characters who would then go on to star in "Police Academy 9" and other sequels. Maslansky reportedly wanted no blood, death or violence and more slapstick, while producers Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele's vision for this movie was a more reality-based cross between End of Watch (2012) and MASH (1970).

In February 2020, news articles indicated that this project would be headed for WarnerMedia's new streaming service, HBO Max.

After Steve Guttenberg had a recurring role on Ballers (2015), many fans online asked Dwayne Johnson about the possibility of teaming up with his co-star Steve Guttenberg for a revival of Police Academy. The results of Johnson's efforts in reviving Baywatch (2017) caused him some hesitation in proceeding with this idea.

David Graf, who played Tackleberry in the first seven movies, passed away in April of 2001, so he will not be in this movie.