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  • Nick "Santa Claus" Snowden forgets about spending early Christmas with his wife, Sandy due to pressure at work. After a fight, Nick walks through a magical mirror and ends up with amnesia.

    Now I loved the first film "Snow" which I just saw for the first time and then I watched this one immediately after. Where the first one felt fresh and fun the sequel feels like the makers did not put much thought into the sequel. The whole film feels rushed. There is many things missing from the first film that I so wanted to see in this one. It would of been nice if the entire cast from the original have some part in this film. The tenants from the boarding house should of figured into this film.

    This film is family safe. Most kids might like this. Parents not so much.

    If there is a "Snow 3" please put more thought into the story.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Snow 2: Brain Freeze is an ABC Family channel original holiday special, a TV sequel to the 2004 Christmas television film Snow. Directed by Mark Rosman, Snow 2 stars Thomas Cavanagh as Nick Snowden, reprising his role from the first film. He is Santa's successor, as his father, the original St. Nick, died and left the holiday job to his son. Ashley Williams also comes back for the sequel as Sandy, Nick's wife, who is a tad fed up with Nick's preoccupation with Christmas preparations. Nick steps out, only to be clunked on the head by a vicious trophy, and instead of worrying about Christmas, Nick is left to worry about figuring out who he is. Along his path, Nick meets up with a punk robber pre-teen (Alexander Conti) and his old rival Buck (Patrick Fabian). Buck comes up with a plan to use Nick's amnesia to his advantage by "helping" Sandy track down Nick - and Sandy just happens to be Buck's old fling. While Buck attempts to woo Sandy while hiding Nick, things work out on Sandy's behalf as Nick falls into the hands of an old man (Hal Williams) who knows Nick, and finally, Nick recovers his senses to save Christmas.

    While it's not necessary to see the original Snow to understand this sequel, it would be helpful, as I was a bit lost through the beginning parts of the film as to what each character's relationship was. Once the viewer gets into the swing of things, though, it's all steady Christmas spirit from there. Tom Cavanagh brings out the Claus merriness in his character, jumping around and boneheadedly agreeing with everything everyone says. It can get a little annoying, but then again, who else could be believed to be Santa Claus but a merry, genuinely happy guy? Ashley Williams is also all smiles, which can be a bit frustrating when her character is supposed to be angry, but the film is obviously meant to bring joy and delight to the holiday.

    The film reaches a lull through the middle half as there's not too much action to be taken to find Nick. Most of the plot is pretty easy to foresee, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. The scenery is pretty great, emphasizing the snow ala the title and also bringing out those perfect fake Christmas decorations. Certain elements of Claus magic were creative, especially the bit about a special traveling mirror (although a little Harry Potter-ish) and a Santa Claus manual that comes with a private teacher.

    Honestly, however, Snow 2 doesn't do much to change the Christmas movie plot as a whole. For these types of Christmas movies, there is always some problem about Santa not being able to get his act together by Christmas, and this one just uses amnesia as the excuse. The film's cute and humorous, but not altogether different from the other made-for-television Christmas fare that peppers the stations each Christmas. If not for the entertaining way that the film goes about its solution to the rising action, Snow 2 might go unnoticed. Even then, since I haven't seen the first, I don't know if a sequel is warranted for the original Snow. But even if Snow 2 does play it safe, it still succeeds at what it attempts, and for that, you can't really fault it.

    Snow 2 does come off as a bit TOO cheery, where even the villain doesn't seem too evil, but if you're in the mood for a nice ol' good-vibes yuletide special, Snow 2 is the way to go - not overly thought-provoking, but thick enough to settle down to with a nice cup of hot cocoa or tea and whittle the blistery day away (which is basically what I did today).
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This time it gets better! The new young Mr. and Mrs. Claus are still very amazing in this sequel, and they are clearly experiencing the same problems we ordinary families do, too. Domestic dispute opened up a new adventure, amnesia and wrong allies... Cavanagh is amazing and Williams is beautiful, and together they brought transcendence to the new Clauses. The sequel is heartwarming, inspiring, and lovely, and the ending gave a lot of hope and additional happiness - Nick's final "Yeah!" brought surges of joy to the entire world, I daresay. Marry Christmas to all and to all a good night, indeed. 2008 has brought the world a lot of wonders, and to close the year with Snow 2 - that was the icing on the cake, the cherry on the sundae. Thank you, Tom and Ashley.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I loved the first Snow. One of my favorite movies so I was thrilled when they made a sequel that thankfully wasn't awful. I was only a little disappointed in it and that had to do with how quickly and easily Sandy trusted Buck after everything in the last movie. They could have made her more hesitant for more of the movie before reluctantly excepting his help.

    I wasn't totally in love with the kid either but I saw the purpose of it. And Gilfred pushed the corny factor but someone or something had to give Sandy the answers she needed and how boring for her to just read the book.

    Other than that I really enjoyed it. Tom Cavanagh and Ashley Williams were hilarious. I love how he still has his Christmas oriented exclamations, "Figgy pudding!" And Sandy seems to have picked them up as well, "Oh, icicles!" When 'Sandy' is tinseling the tree in anger. I crack up every time.

    No it's not perfect but it's exactly what it was meant to be. A little romantic, comedic, make ya feel good corny Christmas flick.
  • absolutepepper25 December 2008
    Movie was well acted by all,..characters were portrayed with the right amount of comedic feel. I felt good after watching it. The child actor Alexander Conti did a great job in his role as did Tom and Ashely and Hall and the actor who played Buck,..great Christmas movie. Story line was good except it seemed to have some gaps but overall a great job. Hope they use the same cast including Ryan in the next sequel, if there is one. It is certainly worthy of a 3rd. Hope it goes to DVD, it would be a nice addition. Another previous post mentioned that the boy was annoying I thought he did a great job and that was how the character was suppose to be played. The actor did a great job, he was swift, sharp and humorous with a sensitive side as well. Great job all around, watch it, and you will agree.
  • Snow 2 is great! Is it as good as the first one? No. But it does a terrific job with its story. I think the whole idea of Nick having amnesia fits well and makes the whole falling in love again interesting. Sandy is funnier in this one and made me laugh. Buck is fantastic as the villain once again, and the new characters are also great. It's such an amazing movie.
  • windtar15 December 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    Absolutely awful movie. Just watched last night.

    Story about santa losing his memory and he meets a few people as his wife tries to get him to remember. Would be a good plot if the story was written better.

    The acting was terrible, and Thomas Cavanagh was literally annoying acting like a hyped up nutjob as santa claus.

    There was no chemistry between him and wife Ashly Williams, and the only thing going for her in this film is shes HOT!, lol... Hi ashley, i liked you in good morning Miami, can i have a autograph? The little boy in the movie, Alexander conti was nothing more that a annoying kid through the film. Patrick Fabian, the bad guy, was just a blah boring character.

    Hal Williams, by far the best actor in the movie did a good job as the old man who believes. I like this guy, he's a good actor.

    Sure the movies supposed to be fantasy, but it was just way too much dumb scenario's and poor writing and cavanagh as santa was just to nutty.

    My advice, if you have a choice of holiday movies, pick something else.

  • daisysmom22 December 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    In this original ABC Family movie, Tom Cavanaugh and Ashley Williams reprise their roles as Nick Snowden and Sandy. In his rush to get his reindeer ready, Nick goes through the magic mirror and loses his memory. Sandy has to try to find him, unwittingly enlisting the aid of their nemesis, Buck- back for another round of Christmas mischief. Also helping is a street-wise kid and an old friend of Nick's father. In a season of maudlin made-for-the-season movies 'Snow 2: Brain Freeze' was a cute follow up to the original. Definitely geared to 'The Santa Clause' demographic. My family really enjoyed both holiday the original and the sequel- and now they have have left the door open for a third. We'll be waiting anxiously and hoping it's available next season.
  • Snow 2 was actually fairly decent in terms of comparing it to the hundreds of other quickly churned out, cheap Christmas movies that come out every year. The acting is actually pretty good with the lead giving a good performance with what he has to work with. It's the kind of comedy you would expect in a family Christmas movie but if that's your thing you will not be disappointed at all. I tend to dislike most Christmas movies that pull the heart strings and have kid level jokes but didn't mind this movie at all. It's a fine way to waste time with the family over the holidays. I wasn't even annoyed by the child actor which usually is a given for me. Good job!