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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I just dont understand why the sherpa just could not leave him an SMS or a whatsapp message on where the envelope was hidden. The entire movie could have been avoided.
  • Movie has a simple plot that is enhanced by the Nepal trip. The effort taken to shoot in Nepal remote village has done good for the movie.

    Bibin is a good actor. Johny Antony has done well , one of his best roles so far. Dharamajan is also good.

    There is some comedy, but not comedy focused like Bibin's previous movies.

    Last part is a bit dragging and cliche , you could easily see what was coming. Over all it's a watchable movie.
  • cjohn-370122 April 2022
    This film is Way better than the usual 'theppu padangal' and rotten romantic films of Malayalam industry .Hatsoff to the writer of this film,for his awesome story.

    Bibin george is an underrated actor of Malayalam film industry. This movie totally proves his excellency in acting.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Third class movie.

    Ghrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! Disturbing and disturbing!!

    It's just waste of time.

    Nothing to see actually..

    There is no story. No application. There is nothing to be interested in. Some stories without logic.

    Sherpa can not give SMS? Can't come to inform?
  • Usually if u r gonna watch a Malayalam movie ,you should expect a cheesy ,useless love story which is not even necessary for the plot..but this movie is bit different and straight to the point..liked it even though it was quite lagging and dragging at some point...At some point only...its entertaining...The only problem is it fails to make us laugh,but can be ignored because of its way of story telling...The main plot is somewhat a usual clishe but won't feel like it...some comedies worked out some didn't...overall I didn't felt like my time being wasted...
  • Decently constructed storyline with beautiful locations and plots.

    Made a smile in my face, but made my eyes flowing.

    The story also touches the perks of a good journey to places and peoples stranger to us.