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  • I saw the Broadway play with the original cast and had a great time. The movie didn't disappoint me either. A cheesy love story tied together with great music from the hair band 80's was on purpose. Re-living that era, priceless. Go. Enjoy. This will definitely become a cult favorite in future years, bless 'em for preserving some amazing rock history. Ignore the professional critics, go have fun!

    This is my first review attempt on IMDb, with hopes this helps those who are turned off by People, EW, local and national news professional (aka, paid) reviewers. I'm a pop culture junkie and a grandma, I don't always agree with the pros. I'm sorry Rock of Ages had a poor box office start out of the gate, but hopefully my little review piece will bring some fun to those clinging to their entertainment dollars. Great party experience!
  • I feel compelled to submit a review for this movie, purely because some of the atrocious reviews I've seen contributed by others.

    To give context, I grew up in the 80s and 90s, and pretty much know all the songs backwards - surprisingly... decades later. I did not grow up in LA, or the States for that matter, but I most certainly grew up with just about every song played in this movie.

    I absolutely hate musicals. With a passion. So, even though my friends encouraged me to watch this movie, I resisted. Eventually I caved, and all I can say is that I absolutely loved the movie! My wife loved the movie, but in all honesty, our 10 year old thought it was OK - purely because she didn't know any of the songs.

    If you love rock, and grew up with 80s rock, this movie is for you. This movie isn't called Rap of Ages or Pop of Ages or R&B of Ages or Classical Music for the Ages... it's called Rock of Ages. Reviewers posting they walked out after 15 minutes, really shouldn't contribute here. And quite frankly, you need to have a serious problem if you are analyzing the actors voices with respect to the original artists. This movie is good fun, and true to the times...

    This movie is THE musical for all rockers out there! Absolutely wonderful fun for the family, with a stellar performance from the entire cast. A good couple of chuckles in there, and if you're over 35 years old... I dare you to not sing along with some of those classics. With so much rubbish coming out of Hollywood to keep the nay-sayers busy with their critical reviews, this is a refreshing change.

    If rock is not your choice of music, skip this movie... but if you grew up in the 80s, you should appreciate the music, fun and experience portrayed in this movie.

    This movie rocked!
  • I'm 60, I want to have some fun, and this movie was fun. It put me right in the Bourbon Room audience, blithely wearing the tasteless and bizarre outfits that I couldn't wear because I was setting a standard of decorum for my kids in those days, and embarrassing them was anathema. It features a period of Rock (1987) when the genre was flanked by inane crap "music" aimed at the 13-16 year olds I was raising. Fortunately they didn't bite. This movie features the memorable music of the decade that my grandson is now still honoring. This music and that of the late 60's and early 70's helped me as a beleaguered working mom "Rock" through a day of commutes, housework, and culture shock. I don't "get " the focus on plot and antics that some of the more "serious" reviewers are stroking themselves with. I paid $8.00 and didn't fancy myself being at a rock concert or a stage play, but I got all of that feel and more. I would have paid $30 just to see Baldwin grunged, and desperate but hopeful. Cruise's character looked shaky at first. But as usual, in trademark style, he starts off blasé and then explodes into passion and surprise. Paul Giamatti and Zeta-Jones were fun to despise in their hypocrisy. Hough and Boneta were fresh, talented and beautiful. Mary J. Blige (Justice Charlier) was superb, and although I never "got" Russell Brand before, he was the most fun of all. Leave your pretense at home. PLOT!? Yada Yada. If you are pushin' or draggin' 60, go pig out on some Italian and party with "Rock of Ages".
  • My wife and I were both in high school during the 1980's and we loved this movie. So the story isn't Academy Award material, but it was the most fun we have had at the movies in a while. The 80's music is not the original work, but still performed well and placed great in the movie. Tom Cruise is a hoot in his role (think Axl Rose) and the others weren't bad either. Small cameos by some 80's rock stars. I have seem some references to its similarity to Grease and its portrayal of the 1950's. I think that is a pretty good comparison. Again, if you are not a fan of the 80's, you probably won't like this too much. But, if you like the 80's and its music, you will probably enjoy this movie and leave with a smile.
  • riteword14 October 2012
    I'm an old goat who was, in the 80s, called the rock 'n roll Captain where I worked. My son, who just turned 34, heard this music night and day when he grew up. Last night, we saw the movie together and we both enjoyed the hell out of it, even mocking the idea of hip-hop entering a rock venue.

    Those looking for realism should recognize that a musical is never an actual representation of the day and most often is a parody, exaggerating and mocking its point. Rock Of Ages was just that, but in a very fun way with good music and musical centered acting.

    I recommend this movie because of all its elements: acting, setting, music and and plot line.
  • What is there to say? This is a musical comedy about love, rock, music industry absurdities, complete with aging god-of-rock-at-the-very-lonely-top, with the cast actually singing quite well... I enjoyed every minute of it.

    Ignore the bashers. Ignore the thin plot. Ignore the complaints about the movie not being what a musical should be - when compared to such and such another movie. Just sit back, take it with a grain of salt, and enjoy, the very nicely mixed-into-medley 80's Rock 'n Roll hits; all extravagantly presented for your entertainment.

    The movie is worth your time; if only for the breath of fresh air that it provides, and of course, that priceless Ga-Ga-puppy-eyed-look of Julianne Hough when up close and personal with Tom Cruise's Stacee Jaxx. That was money all by itself.

    Tom Cruise was excellent as rock-god; Julianne Hough did a believable sweet & innocent-small-town-girl-in-love. Alec Baldwin's character did slightly weird me out, in a funny way.

    The movie rocks.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    *There are no real spoilers in this review, just some minor plot details.

    I had the privilege of being able to see this at an advance screening a couple of months ago. Just to let you know, I have never seen the Broadway show, so I can't compare the two.

    On one hand, Tom Cruise stole the show as he always does. He plays the role of aging rocker Stacee Jaxx, tasked with saving the Bourbon Room from the villainous Patricia Whitmore's (Zeta-Jones) wrath. He has a killer voice, and he shared some great chemistry with journalist Constance Sack (Malin Akerman). I think everybody is going to love those two together.

    On the other hand, the two lovebirds Sherrie Christian (Julianne Hough) and Drew Boley (Diego Boneta) just did not bring a lot of chemistry. And their acting ability is so far inferior to the likes of the Cruises, Baldwins, and the Giamattis of the world. And when they are the leads, it kind of brings down the movie a little bit. The singing was great, but isn't that the standard for musicals? I would've preferred Brittany Snow be cast alongside the original Drew Constantine Maroulis. Even though I have not seen the original play live, I've seen numerous of his performances either live or on the computer.

    Another critique I have is that the whole thing is a little too much. This film felt a little busy to me. I almost wish someone would have told Adam Shankman to tone it down a little because it fizzled a little towards the end.

    The musical numbers in were just incredible. As someone in the younger generation, I don't believe I could appreciate the the 80s music as much as the people born in the later 1950s, 1960s, and early 1970s. But, make no mistake, every single number was executed pretty well. I happened to like the performances more than Shankman's previous musical, Hairspray.

    It was legitimately funny. Even if you don't like Tom Cruise personally, he kills it in every movie he's in. His scenes are the best. I was also impressed by the performances of Alec Baldwin, Russell Brand, and Paul Giamatti. Even singer Mary J. Blige got involved.

    This is a movie that is some big time fun. It's not for everybody, as the person sitting next to me reminded me of. But if you liked Shankman's Hairspray, then you'll probably have a place for this one in your heart too.

    Kudos to Adam Shankman and Chris D'Arenzio (creater) for achieving what they wanted to accomplish.
  • Greetings again from the darkness. A few upfront disclosures are in order: I spent quite a few evenings on the Sunset Strip during the era of this story; I had no idea who Diego Boneta was and only vague name recognition of Julianne Hough when I walked in; and I never saw the hit Broadway production. These points may help explain my reaction to the movie.

    The opening sequence immediately informs us that we are in for something different. Aspiring singer Sherrie Christian (Ms. Hough) is running from her backwoods Oklahoma life to the bright lights of fame offered by Hollywood. While on the bus, we get the first of an endless stream of staged karaoke routines ... "Sister Christian" (get it??). Once on Sunset Boulevard, she is quickly mugged and then comforted by Drew (Mr. Boneta), an aspiring singer and current barhop at The Bourbon, an obvious nod to such hallowed rock ground as Whisky A Go Go and Roxy.

    No need to spend much time discussing plot. There is a muddled love story filled with teenager dreams and miscommunication, and a financial crisis at The Bourbon, thanks to back taxes owed by manager Dennis Dupree (Alec Baldwin), and a political backlash against the club thanks to the Mayor's wife (Catherine Zeta-Jones), who has a not so secret need for revenge. The only way to save the club is for rock idol Stacee Jaxx (Tom Cruise) to play a gig. The only way to save the love story is to write it out of the film all together. The political agenda is simply an excuse to add two more excruciating karaoke numbers.

    What little fun there is in the movie is thanks to Cruise, Baldwin and Russell Brand, who plays Baldin's sidekick and confidant. Cruise jumps into the Jaxx role with both feet and seems to understand that a parody should be fun. Being a rock idol isn't far removed from being the biggest movie star on the planet, so Cruise blends Axl Rose and Bret Michaels to create Jaxx ... throw in a pet baboon, two He-men bodyguards, an endless train of groupies, and a dragon codpiece ... and you get Stacee Jaxx, legendary rock star.

    If one is going to make a rock 'n roll movie, it either needs to be played straight (Almost Famous) or as a head-on parody (This is Spinal Tap). What it can't do is celebrate the dead zone of lameness: lame music covered by lame singers playing lame characters. No amount of star power actors can overcome material that doesn't capture the power and passion of the music. And we aren't even talking real rock n roll here ... this is glam rock, stadium rock, big hair bands. Yet, the movie still falls incredibly short of making a statement or providing insight or even entertainment.

    Cruise's performance generates some laughs, as do Baldwin and Brand. However, Hough and Boneta aren't even cringe-worthy. They have no screen presence and neither belong in a rock movie. Maybe the real problem is that most of the songs in the movie have survived these 25 years because of their mediocrity ... they can easily be sung while intoxicated. Evidently that's not enough for a decent movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    In 1987 I was 22. So I actually lived through this musical era. And it was a lot more fun being there in person in the 80s than sitting through this movie. First of all, there were filming glitches. In a couple of places including the bus station early in the movie there were things on screen that would not have existed in the 80s. That threw me off right away because the attention to detail of the era was lacking. But on to the acting and the music. The only real shining star of the movie was Tom Cruise. And I don't even like him. But he was fun to watch. Everyone else seemed air brushed and auto tuned. Russell Brand and Alec Baldwin were also decent. But the entire movie just didn't seem 80s enough to me. I'll put it this way. During the first hour I was debating walking out. The second hour I was checking my watch. I made it through but wish I had been more into it.

    On another note, what was 80s about the strip club? The outfits, the interior....nothing said 80s to me. I feel like whoever was styling this movie either wasn't alive during the 80s or doesn't remember how everything, including outfits, looked.

    Anyway, I give it a 4 for Tom Cruise. Other than that, it's 2 hours of my life gone forever.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is NOT ROCK N' ROLL not even close. Cruise has very little range in his voice and his looks are ridiculous. They made GOOD 80'S rock into a sissy prissy mess of songs. If you know anything about the real songs and bands- this will disappoint you. Hough is okay in her role- nothing more nothing less. Zeta-Jones was again just okay in the role- the Twisted Sister song deserved better and louder as it's against the norm not in the norm. Blige again was okay- I've seen better from her and expected ore from her. Baldwin was good as the night club owner- again they could have done so much more. I realize they can only do so much but come on guys- this was a complete waste of time and money.
  • snodlander18 June 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    There's not a lot to say that's good about this movie. I understand it's a spoof, but spoofs should be funny, and I didn't laugh at all in this waste of two hours of my life.

    I had problems with the casting. Alec Baldwin is totally miscast as the aging rock and roller owner of a nightclub. Every time he came into shot I was mesmerised by his shoulder-length wig. He seemed to be the sort that would kick back to some gentle jazz or Sinatra rather than heavy metal.

    Tom Cruise as a younger Iggy Pop style drunk, drugged, spaced-out sex god just didn't work. He obviously had fun in the role, but sadly I didn't.

    Brand's phony Scouse accent added nothing to his part, and the gay revelation between Baldwin and Brand was simply excruciating.

    The love interest, two young idealistic rock and rollers made Sandy & Danny from Grease look carbolic. They were too clean. When she became a stripper, it was simply unbelievable.

    But the biggest gripe I had was with the music. The fans devil-horned, dressed in leather, and partied like Satan worshippers. The band posters looked like an explosion between def leppard and kiss. So what sort of Rock and Roll songs did they belt out? I want to know what love is. Really? A fine ballad, but the sort of Rock and Roll that would cause churches to protest outside? Please. It made me embarrassed to be part of the generation that first bought those albums.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Took all of 15 minutes for my husband and I to walk out on this movie. It was awful!! The cheesiness and bad singing just wasn't worth it!! I went in and gave it an honest chance and had to get out of there when Russell Brand and Alec Baldwin started singing together in a hairbrush. It almost seemed like a really bad version of a Glee episode. The music selection we heard was great, but it was very "karaoke" and I didn't care much for that. I couldn't even stay in my seat long enough to see Tom Cruise's character. Frankly, I'm not even sure I could rent this movie to see if the rest was as bad as it began. The trailer for the movie gave it a much different "feel" and it was kind of deceiving. Big thumbs down from me!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I took my wife to see this film for her birthday. The only reason I stayed was for my wife. Had an absolute awful time and film was dreadful!! Straight at the beginning when an entire bus started singing was just wrong. Continuing with a predictable story line and cheesiness... And also the boy band is just misplaced. Russell Brand and Alec Baldwin started singing together in a hairbrush.. The gay scene at the end was the last straw. I probably wouldn't even rent or download the movie. Can only advise not to see this movie I'm afraid. Sorry for the few who do seem to like the film. Thumbs down for me for this film!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A small town girl and a city boy meet on the Sunset Strip, while pursuing their Hollywood dreams.

    All I wanted was a good time. But the movie disagreed with me. The movie is just a glee episode longer than it needs to be. The good stuff about the film, I really got nothing. The music, just some songs. But the rest, were do I begin. Let's start with the acting, it's bland like Diego Boneta,Milan Akerman, Julianne Hough & Mary J. Blige.Or it's over over the top like Catherine Zeta-Jones, Russel Brand, Alec Baldwin, Paul Giamatti & the most over the top, Tom Cruise. The plot of the film is just basically the journey song "Don't Stop Believing". All the jokes fall flat on their faces. The characters feel forced like Tom Cruise's Stacee Jaxx character. Predictable plot points through out. I'll be OK with the predictable plot, if the movie was fun. If you like Rock of Ages, explain to me why. As is Rock of Ages is one of the year's worst film's, F.
  • I went to see "Rock Of Ages" tonight and I couldn't be more disappointed, I had been waiting for this movie for a long time and had such high hopes for it that it all just came crushing down.

    I was expecting to see much more of Tom Cruise but he isn't in the movie as much as you'd think,

    I was also tricked by the soundtrack songs, with the name of the movie being "Rock Of Ages" and the songs used in the soundtrack coming from bands like Guns'n'Roses, Bon Jovi, Joan Jet, Journey etc I was expecting actual ROCK music but they managed to ruin 90% of the songs in this movie. Tom Cruise did a good job in the ones he sang but that was about it.

    The only two good things about this movie were Tom Cruise and Russell Brand and only them made the film bearable.

    I'm not even going to go into the annoying love story which just made it seem more like a Disney movie with bad acting.

    Long story short, if you're a die-hard rock'n'roll fan don't waste your money with this movie. I'd say this is more of a family movie but it it has too much mature content for kids as well so, I don't know who this would be suited for really.

    "Rock Of Ages" is a cross between Disney's "Camp Rock" and a 80's rock video parody and it's awful.
  • This is one of those movies that's so bad, I was compelled to warn people the next day. I created this IMDb account specifically for the purpose of preventing the pain and suffering that myself and my girlfriend experienced last night. See the other 1 star review who compared watching this movie to being in a concentration camp. At least a prisoner of war camp is character building! Painful. Torturous. NOT ironic or campy. Just horrible. My girlfriend and I feel permanently scarred from watching this horrible thing. I feel bad that there is no integer rating on this review system. Giving it one star feels like I'm misleading people into thinking there is some positive element to this travesty. I will never get back those hours, and I feel like I've taken a horrible mind-numbing drug. I'm going to read some Dostoevsky now to recover what I lost.
  • Take Spinal Tap, Mamma Mia and Almost Famous, wrap them all together and play it with a face as straight as a razor, and you have Rock Of Ages. I haven't laughed this hard in ages. For those who expected something serious, when Tom Cruise literally sang into the butt of a woman, that should have been a giveaway that this movie shouldn't be taken seriously. I think the problem most people have is that it's all played with such a straight face that it's not obvious this is a comedy. It also helps if you are familiar with the music, even better if you grew up with the music. For those who complain the cast doesn't sing as well as the original artists, that's the point. All these songs exist these days only in karaoke bars. That's part of the fun. Did the guys from Wayne's World sing Bohemian Rapsody as well as Queen? It seems with this one you either get it or you don't. I can see, if you don't get it, how this can come off as one of the worst musicals of all time. But if you get it, the fact that this is the worst musical of all time IS THE POINT. It is absolutely hilarious. I honestly haven't laughed this hard since I re-watched Slapshot for the umpteenth time. This movie is nothing short of brilliant.
  • I don't usually hate musical shows as most of the time, they just tend to be stagnate in ratings or reviews, and I would prefer to sit on the fence on this. But for this show, no doubt it was the worst musical show I have ever seen, but it is not as horrible or disgusting as "High School Musical 3: Senior Year". That by far is the only plus side I can give to this show. I think the biggest flaw of this show is the MAGOR CRAP plot. I don't know how the director thought of this show or even come out with this idea but watching it just make me want to puke. Even the musics are horrible and lack material. i rather watch some of the old Disney movies like "Lion King or "Princess and the Frog", even those old cartoon movies have better songs than this crap. All in short, one of the worst movies of 2012 and I won't even recommend any of my friends or family members to watch this piece of garbage.
  • There was a lot of talk about this movie when it was being released about how sensational the singing was and it would be like High School Musical for adults. Well let me just say that I am not a fan for musical movies, but I give credit where credit is due and I was glad I watched this movie. The song list they had chosen to sing in this movie went along with the storyline and flowed throughout the movie. As for the singing, well it was spot on and delightful to listen to. Had me singing a lot of the songs with them. Each character was playing such a big role with the almost ensemble cast it seemed. Tom Cruise crushed it as the Rock Legend Stacee Jaxx it was very intriguing to see what his character would do throughout the movie. Julianne Hough was stunningly beautiful in every scene and her singing was nice as well, but it seemed she could use some better acting. Mary J. Blige was good in her role and really brought good quality to her character in the film that it made her star for her sort of little camera time. Overall I would recommend musical lovers and non-musical lovers to watch this for good entertainment and great music.
  • Okay, I'll give credit where it's due. Tom Cruise did a great job of portraying an aging rock star, albeit over the top. And, of course, his ability to take on the actual signing, on relatively short notice, was impressive. And that's my point: take him out of the film and you have a big fat nothing.

    To me, it was simply a collection of well-choreographed music videos held loosely together by one of the weakest screenplays I've experienced in a long time. When one looks back at past musicals of note (Chicago, for example), this one was lacking in any sense of accomplishment. Yes, I know, it wasn't to be taken seriously - how could it be? I'd like to say that it was, at least, worth it to see Zeta-Jones back in form. I am, however, convinced that this was, without a doubt her all time worst performance in a film. What was she thinking when she accepted the totally ridiculous role as the L.A. mayor's inhibited, self-denying wife? It just wants to make you cringe to think that such a talented actress would subject herself to such humiliation. Maybe I just didn't get it.

    Without resorting to details, the scene between Baldwin and Brand's characters (anyone whose seem the film knows which one) was unsettling and absurd. It didn't affect me personally, but it just didn't seem right or appropriate.

    I've never been a fan of watching characters in a film break out into spontaneous song in the middle of even a mildly dramatic scene. It always grabs me the wrong way. Thank the gods that it doesn't happen in real life.

    In the end, if you're in to musicals you'll probably like this one. If not, like me, you've likely suffered through it for someone else's benefit. But hey, we all have to do that at some point. Like I said to my better half: You owe me big time for this one.
  • heartstream18 February 2013
    Well...first of. This is Glee gone glam-rock/AOR. Apart from a G'N'R-flirt, the closest thing to hardrock you will hear is 1 Whitesnake and 1 Scorpions song. This will give you an idea of what too expect!

    This is supposed to represent the music scene in LA, with focus on Sunset Strip around 1987. Really?! Are you kidding me?! Several of these bands had nothing do do with the "scene" there and so many that SHOULD have been represented are not!

    Performing wise then? Well some of the performances are that bad, but most really aren't that good. Meaning; a real singer can role outta bed 3 in the morning hung over and having smoked 2 packs of cigarettes and still sing better, but the actors do OK. The huge problems is no feeling....90% of it have absolutely no feeling at all. When it comes to that it sounds cold and clinical with zero attachment to the song they're singing. Maybe I'm biased here since I'm a musician myself, but I really expected a bit more than this! Make me belief that you BELIEVE in what your singing about. Gimme some emotion here......alas...none! Honestly I couldn't even see the whole thing without hitting fast forward to get past to most embarrassing parts. If you are a Tom Cruise fanatic you might enjoy this. If you love musicals, sure...why not. If you grew up with 80's rock, hardrock, heavy metal....well no.

    If you want a rockmovie that beats this by lightyears both acting and performing wise...see Rockstar with Mark Wahlberg and Jennifer Aniston.

    Rock of Ages?! Yeah....right!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a disgrace to the legend that we have cherished more than anything. A guy who wear a tux and make movies like hairspray, I say, how dare he makes a 'musical' covering rock n roll. All this movie has shown is putting the negative stereo type of the black age. Def leppard and motley crue like bands: they were no rock idol.

    The movie wanted to show that rock n roll is all about sex. Tom Cruise portrayed a retard rock star who is sleeping with tens and hundreds of 17 years old and singing like something is shoved in his exit. And also I did not get the point of him taking off his shirt all the time and bending backwards while singing as if he is suffering from constipation.

    What I felt watching this movie (could only watch till the half of it), can't be expressed within the constraint of 'using decent words'. The summary is if I could I would have taken lawsuits against all the cast and crew of this movie.

    I am a proud metal-head and an artist as well. The world never got us right and never will. And I don't see the point of trying to pretend that they do. And to Tom Cruise-doesn't matter how good actor you are, if you are not into it, you can act it. Jack black can because he is one of us.
  • While perhaps overlong, the film is packed with rocking music and a game cast that keeps the energy going and you'll be hard pressed not to be swept up in it. It's loud and over the top but it embraces its absurdity that would normally have characters breaking into song at almost any moment feel unnatural to say the least. With almost non-stop music and most characters having a moment in the spotlight through a song, Rock of Ages is a perfectly entertaining movie with a performance from Tom Cruise like no other that carries most of the film's laughs.

    Noting the disappointing box office performance of the film, it can be credited to an unfocused marketing campaign that had trouble selling the film's admittedly flimsy and predictable story and not highlighting the main characters in the film, particularly as the film is driven by its two youngest stars. This would of given audiences something tangible to be attracted to. Instead it advertised through the cheesy line 'nothin' but a good time' packing it's advertisements with the stars and the music but never seeming like a 'must see' specifically considering the talent involved
  • This is the best movie I have seen so far this year,and I am a hardcore action fan-so go figure! I thought the actors did a pretty good job of singing the songs,of course they weren't as good as the originals but then nothing really is as good as the original singers. The rock music from the eighties in this movie really took me back to my youth...but here is a warning: Do not watch this movie through TV sound,it has to be enjoyed on a good sound system cranked right up,just the way eighties rock was meant to be played! As for the content of the movie,it's just a simple story not complex so it lets you concentrate more on the music rather than keeping up with the story.
  • masonsaul23 March 2019
    Rock Of Ages is a great musical with an incredible cast who give good performances (especially Tom Cruise) and great songs which help make up for the predictable plot.
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