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  • Valley of the Moon grabbed me at the first shot of the film! It was brilliantly made! I felt invested in the story and the three main characters and didn't want it to end. The technical aspects of film were also amazing. The lighting, sound, and cinematography (which it won an award for at the Omaha Film Festival) were all very well done. Because this film was only ten minutes, I am so excited to know that the "short film" Valley of the Moon is going to be the first 10 minutes of a feature length film!! The subject matter deals with a boy who is autistic. The story is from the boy's point of view. There have been movies in the past that are from societies' point of view toward the inflicted, but his film has never been done before. And because of this, it is incredible and will be an emotional investment for anyone who gets the opportunity to see it!
  • This is an interesting thought provoking movie that engages the viewer on a several levels. The trailer captures the feel of this short movie very well. The movie is beginning to win awards and no it's wonder... it ends leaving you wanting more from this director. You're drawn in to the story not by guns and violence, which is usually the case but with a situation that engages the viewer's intellect. Interestingly, the director is an artist and the presentation of the visuals has a sort of impressionist feel to the story telling. I recommend watching this short movie, it's well done and it'll make you think... that's pretty incredible for approximately ten minutes of film.
  • tommysavitt5 July 2009
    A fantastic film short that is unparalleled and second to none. Breath-taking cinema at it's finest. I am eagerly awaiting to see this film expanded into feature length. This movie grips you right off the bat and doesn't let go. The directing and writing were simply brilliant dealing with the subject matter of autism in a manner never done before. The acting and casting was superb. The lighting and sound were indelible. It is also rare to find a film so entertaining and enlightening at the same time. The bottom line is this short delivers like a blockbuster. I am so looking forward to more projects by this creative ensemble.
  • Excellent short film. A very impressive first film by the Monteleone brothers! They have taken a difficult subject matter and treated it in a unique and riveting way. The movie grabs your attention right from the start through to the end frames and makes you want more. Lindsay Goranson is superb in her critical role and the other actors play their characters perfectly. The beautiful cinematography and great production values are evident throughout the film and it deserves the many awards it has garnered. The film's score also heightens the mystery and nicely compliments the interplay between the characters and the dramatic pauses in the story. I would like to see a full length version of this short.