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  • leoturn9 January 2009
    Warning: Spoilers
    I think a brilliant movie and a really journey in the mind of a serial killer and his origins. It reminds me "Persona" and "The virgin spring" ( these are in short for me Ingmar Bergman's dark masterpieces) and his David Lynch's latest film,Inland Empire. The actress performance, great Joy McAvoy and Jo Menzer, complete the characters of Mulholland Drive: they are very sensual and strong. The best movie of the year, so truly remarkable. I watched this "Sessions of the mind" and its two unforgettable women until the end, disbelief, cause the film is so intense, intelligent and perfect.Uisdean Murray gave us a taste of his vertigo, with Jemima :Photographic trophy and Dating is murder, but this is a sublime art.
  • "Sessions of the Mind" is certainly different than previous installments of "Jemima" trilogy.This time a female serial killer Jemima no longer reminds me strong-willed persona from "Dating Is Murder" and "Photographic Trophy".She is weak and lost in the world of lies and confusion.She is silent and defeated.But her psychiatrist Victoria is full of pain and agony too.Both women share painful memories with each other and this results in a strange and sinister connection."Sessions of the Mind" easily transcends the genre.It's a visual poetry of the highest order.The film is filled with surreal images and dream sequences in which it is very difficult to distinguish between illusion and reality.I can't say that I fully understood "Sessions of the Mind".The final part of "Jemima" trilogy demands many repeated viewings.Some poetically realized images are truly powerful and striking.10 out of 10.A profound journey into human psyche!