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  • lor_5 November 2020
    Stacey Saran made two car-wash videos for Bluebird Films, neither one worth its salt. Having reviewed "Lesbian Car Wash", an all-girl (22 actresses) I now address this stinker.

    Evidently improvised, it consists of six dull vignettes, of gals charging $10 for a car wash, with sex thrown in. The drivers are first confused, since we're in England, but paying in pounds is no problem.

    It' just gonzo sex, with Paige Ashley delivering some "Cool Hand Luke" pressed against the windshield sexiness before servicing her customer Jamie Barry. Fan favorite Emma Butt shows her bountiful posterior but appears here with fairly natural looking breasts -before she went ga-ga with augmentation surgery. Fetish fans might dig her trendy leg warmers.