Anton: Sometimes it feels like there is a veil between you and death, but that veil disappears when you lose someone you loved or someone who was close to you, and you see death clearly, for a second, but later the veil returns, and you carry on living. Then things will be alright again.

Christian: If you hit them hard enough the first time they won't dare to hit you again.

[last lines]

Christian: Can't wait until you back at school.

Elias: Me too.

Christian: [after testing some explosives] Fuck! That was sick! Imagine if we use one of the big ones. His car will be blown to pieces.

Elias: Whose car?

Christian: That asshole, Lars.

Elias: You want to blow up his car?

Christian: Sure.

Elias: Someone will find out. A car is really expensive.

Christian: Your dad will be pleased.

Elias: I'm not so sure.

Christian: Doesn't matter. No one will find out. Are you in or out?

Elias: I'm not sure...

Christian: If you're not in, I would like my knife back right now.

Elias: I've been sleeping for days but I'm still tired.