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  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Jo Koy: Don't Make Him Angry" is a comedy special from 2009, so only two more years and this will have its 10th anniversary. The director is the highly prolific Troy Miller and the script, i.e. the comedy, is written by Jo Koy himself, an American comedian, who was in his 30s when this was recorded. It runs for slightly under 45 minutes and is basically a stand-up comedy show. This has gotten some attention recently again because Koy (who is actually as bad as a fish) released another comedy special not too long ago in 2017. Anyway, as for the contents in here I was not impressed really. The comedy here is not enough in quality and quantity sadly, even if you have to honor Koy for trying his best with body language and delivery. Maybe the material just wasn't good enough overall, but he is also the writer, so you have to blame him too for that. With the title of my review I am referring to that fact actually. Maybe had he been angry, he may have left his comfort zone and actually delivered fresh creative material. I do not recommend this little show. I think it was more his mixed ethnicity and somewhat memorable physical appearance that made and kept him famous, at least back then. Thumbs down from me and as Koy is still really active to this day, I hope he managed to improve in the last eight years.