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  • The cinematography was the best part of this film...The lighting and photography was brilliant! Also, some of the angles had a very frightening and mysterious feel to it. The direction and story was also unique.Yes, this was overall a well made film but it could have been so much more! A few unnecessary scenes slowed the pace down a bit. The director attempted some cliché gags to frighten the audience. Sometimes it gave me the "been there done that" feel. The acting in the film was OK. Emraan in my opinion, was the best. Adhyayan Suman and Kangana Ranaut were OK. One thing I don't understand is, what was the need of the random English dialogues? That made things a bit less believable. The film was also a bit melodramatic...But it was a good movie overall.
  • One of the best Indian horror movie ever made . Mohit Suri is very talented director of Bollywood.
  • I have personally failed to come across good Indian horror/thriller movies. But, Raaz seems to put in a good word for itself. It loses a point for Suman's role and acting. Otherwise, well worth watching. Firstly, it presents issues that our society REALLY faces. And secondly, it takes a look at the REAL evil and not just the regular outlook at good versus evil that we're used to seeing.

    The movie starts off putting forth a lot of questions that were well answered as you watch the movie. The topics raised throughout the movie keep you guessing till the very end. I won't say more about the movie and ruin the suspense for you.

    A good watch overall. Well recommended for the specific corrupt group of Indian population (the netas, and on and on). ;)
  • The first half of this movie was acceptable. Credit goes to Emraan Hashmi. The second half was abysmal to say the least. The theatre was packed. If it wasn't for Emraan Hashmi's brilliant performance & entry, I would certainly have left the theatre during the interval. The beginning of the film was somewhat bizarre. I kept on watching expecting explanations for what I just witnessed. As the plot unfolds, you realise that this movie is balderdash. The script was absolutely weak. This is a horror film and I was laughing. That isn't a good sign. Kangana Ranaut's acting skills were good. Adhyayan Suman is abominable as Kangana Ranaut's boyfriend/lover. He should quit acting altogether or at least improve his acting knowledge by joining 'ACTOR PREPARES'. His dancing was beyond ridiculous. The climax of this film was hilarious, especially Jackie Shroff's entry. This film is one to avoid at all costs. Only go to watch this film to witness Emraan Hashmi's revitalising performance. He's the anchor that saves this film from drowning.

    Bonne chance.
  • Raaz - The Mystery Continues' is not exactly a sequel of 'Raaz'. It actually explores the evil within the human psyche and is a fresh story. The word is that Director got inspired by Indian mythology, where good and evil are interwoven in human nature. He has cited the example of the great saint Kabir, who had said that the greatest evils are inside.

    Its a story about fight between good and bad deeds. Movie has a pace,viewers will not get bored at all. Story has got strong twists and binds the viewers till end.

    Kangana puts in a great performance, one, I admit, I didn't know she was capable of. Her scenes when she gets possessed, as well as when she walks the ramp, are brilliant.

    Emraan does complete justice to his character. Adhyayan comes across as a raw actor, who needs to work on his acting. But he compensates with a convincing act in the second half of the film.

    The music and background score is very good, and makes an impact.

    One wishes that more attention could have been given to the story, and the faltering climax.

    Overall,a Cool Horror film.
  • Well, you are bound to raise the expectations bar high if you tag it as a sequel to one of the highest grosser of 2002. While the former was a rip-off of an Hollywood movie, the writing/ story in the sequel seems to be an original piece of work - barring the few scenes which are heavily borrowed from famous horror movies.

    Emraan Hashmi:: Reprises his "Awaarapan" role. Look is copied from "Iron Man". But safely to say, he is confident.

    Kangana:: This lass is getting better as each movie passes by. One gets to feel, she has yet again done a bit of Fashion in here too. And yes, her choice of costumes is indeed commendable.

    Adhyayan Suman:: Confident for a new-comer and perhaps can polish his skills as he goes along.

    Jackie Shroff:: Was good for his part however better writing was warranted to make his track integrate seamlessly with the plot.

    When the Raaz unfurls, you feel a bit letdown. So is the father-son relationship which is quite Bollywoodish. I never the got the logic of linking this movie to Raaz - could have been a stand-alone in its own right.

    Happened to watch back-to-back with "1920" and felt the latter a few notches above.
  • the director presents a thriller that will make you watch every scene cautiously. forgetting the first 15 minutes. then the movie gets the treatment it has to. it covers in all aspects. a good suspense till the end that will make the watchers crazy. rock solid songs and good background score that thrills and makes you sweat for fear. a good suspense and crisp storyline. i like a movie when it covers all the elements like story , action , romance , comedy , revenge , tragedy , emotion. the movie covers story well. it holds romance in the first half. revenge is the crux and suspense . tragedy and emotion is not applicable for this movie. comedy is way too far for a thriller. since it covered most of the elements in the right way. this movie is a good flick .
  • The movie deals with issues of the "evil within" the human psyche and how it manifests itself. It is based on the myths and superstitions that are still widely existent in the contemporary Indian society. The film attempts to challenge one's beliefs about paranormal phenomena. It is about anticipation of fear and the fright residing within ones' self. Emraan Hashmi plays a painter, named Prithvi, who has an extraordinary gift. His paintings tell Kangana Ranaut's character's future. It is a bit similar to The Omen but not a complete inspiration.

    I really like scary horror movies which is what Raaz- the Mystery Continues is. It was really interesting and entertaining throughout and you just don't know that what is going to happen next. Bollywood has always been weak in the horror genre but they are showing some progress now. Emraan Hashmi and Kangana Ranaut both acted really well and I prefer eerie & frighting scenes in a horror movie rather than violence & gore because the main aim of horror genre is to scare which is what the film had.

    The music of Emraan Hashmi's films are always good and the music of the first Raaz was amazing so it was important that the music is good for this movie and it was not as good as the first but the song Maahi is really haunting.

    There is one thing I don't understand about the title that why is called "Raaz- the Mystery Continues"? Because it is not a sequel to the 2002 movie Raaz which was a Hollywood version of What Lies Beneath. They simply could've called it Raaz - the Mystery or Secret.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Raaz 2 had almost the perfect mixture of horror and story.the story was good and kangana was the leader of the pack well supported by emran and the not so newbie adhyayan suman .there was absolutely no connection with the previous RAAZ.the film lacked the horror quotient a bit.though i feel the reason of all the terrifying things was pretty ridiculous but still the entry of emraan's father was a nice surprise i am sorry but cant reveal the actor who played his father as that would be a spoiler.the music was nice and soothing especially the song 'MAAHI" sung by toshi and sharib and the song "SONIYO". The climax of the movie could have been better as after working so hard on the movie it does not justify the story it could have been much better and polished.The moovie had so many copied scenes from Hollywood flicks i think they should have copied their climax as well.anyways it is a good start for scarry fims in India. and I would like applause the director for trying really hard and getting us close to a horror film which justifies the story but falters in the end which is not convincing. i would give this Mohit Suri film 7 out of 10
  • In a brilliantly executed shot, Kangana casually looks for some pills in her cloak, while her image in the mirror is standing still.

    Raaz-The Mystery Continues is filled with several such spooky moments – some work, some don't. Bhatt camps' sequel to the surprise 2001 hit Raaz has no relation whatsoever to the Bipasha Basu-Dino Morea flick. Except that both films are essentially murder mysteries with some edge-of-the-seat moments.

    Much like comedy, watching a horror flick also requires some suspension of disbelief. RTMC is a clever blend of superstition, mythology with social maladies and religious politics. The plot flows like a thriller - filled with enough twists and turns to keep you engaged. The makers have clearly kept a mass audience in mind. Because without getting too melodramatic, the narrative packs in a number of crowd pleasing, emotional sequences. This emotional link is handled competently in the climax which may not be as scary as expected but certainly not funny either.

    There's also a split second full-bodied nude shot of Kangana when she is thrown out of the bath tub. But it is executed with utmost aesthetic value.

    If you are a horror-suspense-thriller lover...just go for it...
  • Pratik11226 January 2009
    I was looking forward to this one and more as I enjoyed the previous, which like this one, was a Mahesh Bhatt film. While this one is directed by Mohit Suri, the previous one was directed by Vikram Bhatt and starred Bipasha Basu, Dino Morea and Ashutosh Rana.

    A successful model, who is married to a man who makes reality programmes, is stalked by an artist and soon things start happening.

    Emran Hashmi's acting was perhaps at its best in this and Adhyayan Suman, son of TV presenter and actor, Shekhar Suman, is also good. Jackie Shroff, who makes an special appearance, is also good as his character pushes the story. But I felt that Kangna Ranaut could have improved on her character a bit more as I found her a bit unconvincing in some scenes but in some she was good - but she needed to be consistent as her male colleagues.

    The first half was good but the second half could have improvised but nevertheless it is still a good film, one that is worth watching but not with children.
  • I really like this movie. It's a perfect thriller by my definition. It's scary, especially the first view, but not nonsense scary. The story makes a lot of sense and it also delivers a message, a lesson about humanity as well.

    I think all the actors did a great job. I became a fan of Kangana with this movie. She's definitely the heart of the film.

    I usually don't re-watch thrillers, with the exception of Chandramukhi. But I have watched this film at least five or six times since now! This movie was definitely a pleasant surprise. I'm glad I took a chance with it. I hadn't seen the original Raaz, but I'll definitely be looking forward to the next one.
  • Raaz TMC may not be as spine chilling as the original Raaz(2002), but it sure delivers! Kangana Raunat as Nanditha gives out her best performance till date. If she was all about attitude in her previous release 'Fashion'(2008), here she is an emotional, loving and expressive lady. Unlike most of the bollywood lead ladies she does know how to act. Her portrayal of the lady who has to deal with the supernatural was the most defining aspect of the movie.

    Adhyayan Suman( son of Shekhar Suman) as Yash(Nanditha's lover boy) does well for a person doing his second film only. And the less that is said about Emraan Hashmi, the better. His role of the painter, who can paint the future(an idea lifted straight from Heroes, but presented in a different manner) was pivotal to the plot and was surprisingly less inclined towards the womanizer roles that he usually does. Jackie Sheroff was highly underused and dwelling into his character will reveal the plot, so less said , the better.

    Just like the previous edition, the songs of Raaz 2 are good n hummable. The storyline also offers some respite, from the clichéd family dramas n love stories. Mohit Suri, the director has done a commendable job, but he has left a few loose ends as well, like for eg: What exactly is the role of the supernatural in painter's ability to paint the future??.

    In a nutshell, I would say this is one movie that you can enjoy, if u in a mood for some Kangana Raunat special with a horror angle to it!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As an Indian horror this is a good one. I must admit that the plot was excellent. The writer is either very very creative or at least creative to take from different other writings. For instance, taking Isaac Mendez from "Heroes" (an artist who can draw the future) or the main character from the movie "Stigmata" where the possessed girl was first attacked in the bath tub where her wrist was cut and later she runs to a corner of abandoned buildings and stands above a car and writes on the car with a broken glass and then glasses shatters from the windows and she screams toward the priest or from the "The Ring" movie where a girl was killed in a well and seeks revenge and so on..the bits and pieces match with lots of movies but I should give credit to the writer as he managed not to copy straight forward.

    Now the storyline: one priest suicides in front of a white man who is one of the managing directors of a US company in a village called Kalindi and he also suicides later. one model Nandita has a boyfriend Yash and they were doing well until one day Nandita is followed by an artist, Prithbi.Later Nandita goes through lots of unexplained horror things in her life and Prithbi helps her reveal the secret which led them to Kalindi and there they finally find the secrets and manage to let the spirit take his revenge and reaches people the message he wanted to convey and died for.
  • Thank god its not pathetic as "1920", which was more like spoof of some English horror movies. I would like to call Raaz-2 as one good supernatural thriller after years in Hindi (mind it i have called it as a thriller instead of horror). While making horror movies the most difficult part is to uncover the secret in the end and still keeping the fear alive for audience. Raaz-2 actually comes well till the point where it uncovers the mystery but after the mystery is unfolded, the last 15 mins goes like picnic for audience i.e. without any fear. To me a good horror movie is one which delivers fear till its last scene and gets over with an unended fear in your heart, i think raaz-2 falls a little short to deliver that, which fortunately looked good in Raaz (2002), as it was also a happy ending too.

    Music, camera, Special Effects, are good and above of all the story is fresh. Which is the biggest plus point for the movie, Because least expected from a horror movie is a story which is already known to audience. Some sequences used by director are type-casted and are being copied from some English movies like Ring-1 & Ring-2. To me director looks like a big fan of J-Horrors :), hence Raaz-2 can be said as a Hindi version of some J-Horror.

    Kangana did a great job and Emraan & Adhyayan Suman also suits well in their respective roles. I would say in overall its a good attempt from the Raaz team who finally delivered a Hindi movie with good story and a positive message in the end. I would rate it as 7 out of 10, worth a watch.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A supermodel in an on again/off again relationship. A distressed painter in search of his masterpiece. Questioning the validity of the occult. Add excellent actors who have done a marvelous job in portraying their roles, a director who has with great success managed to capture the moods of this magnificent story, and there you have managed to sum up this movie.

    I found this movie to be worth every single penny spent on it. The story was not your typical Bollywood horror story where you're being haunted for no apparent reason. In fact this movie broke a lot of those common stereotypes like every story being a love story in the end, or the fact that the surprise character is disco-veteran Mithun.

    Emraan Hashmi, who has acquired a leaner look before this movie has once again delivered a flawless performance. He is portraying the character of Prithvi, an artist who has a troubled relationship with his father and is striving to find his masterpiece. One day he finally gets this image of woman who he has never met, and suddenly finds out she is supermodel Nandita Chopra. Prithvi does every now and then get these images in his mind that he paint involving Nandita, and finds out that his prophecies indeed are coming true. Upon further research Prithvi finds out there is a link to these prophecies concerning Nandita actually have a link to some mysterious suicides.

    Kangana Ranaut plays the character of Nandita Chopra, a supermodel who is just getting back together with the love of her life Yash. She is finally settling in with her new life when all of the sudden she experiences odd things happening with her. She neglects it all in order for her boyfriend's career until she one day decides to go with Prithvi to the town of Kalindi to save her life.

    Adhyayan Suman is Yash, an anchor of a TV show which works to get rid of all superstition among the public. Yash has just found back together with his girlfriend when all of the sudden people are accusing her to be involved with the occult. Yash gives Nandita an option, either stay back with him and get help or go with Prithvi.

    The story was very original, and actually held a bigger morale than just any ordinary horror movie. The movie is NOT a copy of whatever, even though it has borrowed the element of the well from the Ring. Other than that it's just your ordinary horror effects, not unlike any other movie you will see in this category. The use of music to capture the mood was absolute genius. I am glad to finally announce that we are catching up to Hollywood when it gets to the horror genre.

    I have to give it to the team for doing such a great job, though Kangana would not have been my ideal choice for someone I would want to hear scream, but she makes up for it through her facial expressions that never fail. Adhyayan did an amazing job as a newcomer, though I think he needs to be working a little with his choreography. Emraan Hashmi is always proving that there is room for improvement, and this time he has outdone himself in such a serious role.

    Overall, a good movie, good acting, eerie mood, perfect. There are scenes that definitely got me jumping.
  • ridzadi5 February 2009
    Yes sir!

    They've done it again. This movie is so freakin hilarious! Trust me, there was not one time I felt I was watching a horror movie.

    The ghost is good with computers and always shows up "dreadful info" on the screen when no one is watching. Typical bollywood style drama also is portrayed towards the ending of the movie.

    A few scenes have been ripped off from Hollywood movies, but very untidily. There are some scenes which make you curious as to why that happened? but in the end, there is no answer. So I assume it was there just to drag the movie.

    Personally, RAAZ 1 was amazing and RAAZ 2 is total opposite - crap!
  • All i want to say is the mystery continues wont disappoint but it could have been better.The story is about Nandita who experiences supernatural experiences but doesn't know why its happening to her.A painter experiences visions about her which are a sign that nandita is in danger.He has a gift in which he can see peoples future. When he sees Nandita in a mall he tells her about his paintings and his visions but she doesn't believe him until he saves her from danger. Nandita wants to know the truth why the experiences are happening to her.Asking prithvi for her help she goes on a trip to know the mystery about the things happening to her. Must mention the song maahi which is a chart buster and u know it when you r in single screens.The special effects have been well worked on in this movie and can say by far the best try to make things happening in the flick.The background music of the movie is good.

    Now the performances in the movie by Emraan and Kangana are really good. adhayan suman is unconvincing and needs to improve.

    The movie could have been much better without songs between kangana and adhayan suman.Emraan character could have been well worked on as the character was strong but could have been developed and made much interesting ,the story writer could have added a lot more punches for this character as he has very little to do in front of kangana.But considering his performance emraan rakes up some good points in whatever he has to do.

    The climax of the movie could have been better as after working so hard on the movie it does not justify the story it could have been much better and in a more polished way.

    I would rate the movie as 7/10 and applause the director for trying really hard and getting us close to a horror film which justifies the story but falters in the end which is not convincing.
  • Though most of the elements are taken from the movie "Grudge", still this Movie is good to see. Though it starts a bit dull, after the entry of Emraan, the story picks some pace and then there are great twists and turns and some funny events which you all will know after watching the movie. Emraan and Kangana acted quite well, and Kangana's new look is something special in this movie. This is not a very scary type but still it holds the suspense till the very end. Worst part of the movie was the actor named "Adhyayan Suman". His acting was not so good, and dance was horribly bad. Then even the story, action scenes and the story twist keeps the audience glued to their seats. This is a good welcome to year 2009 by Bollywood.
  • This sequel to "Raaz" is finally worth watching for Kangana's portrait of traumatized womanhood. An act she has mastered. Mohit has gone right in the casting as well. Emraan is just perfect for the part and his expressions speak a lot. It is not the same Emraan you have been seeing till now. Kangana enacts her part well and succeeds in getting your sympathy.

    The film is a definite must watch, it delivers more than it promises. it is that one good horror film, that Hindi horror film fans have been deprived for a long time .

    There are sufficient twists and turns plotted at just the right juncture to give you shocks. The suspense too is well maintained right till the climax. Generally Bollywood horror films tend to have lengthy and at times unconvincing flashbacks to support the happenings but thankfully in here the flashback is not only slickly shot but is also right in length and very convincing. The camera-work by Ravi Walia deserves special mention especially for night shots which are aplenty in the film. He has succeeded in creating the right eerie atmosphere. The song are well placed too and thankfully few.
  • Movie does not appear to be a horror or thriller because of its predictability. At least not for horror movie afficiandoes. Half way through I already was able to get a hint of what the end would be like.

    Without spoiling too much for those who are still waiting to watch this movie. What? Am I kidding? Its been 6 months since it came out but anyways I think nothing makes it worth watching than Kagna alone. My only complain is that she looks too cute to look scary even in a ghostly appearance. That apart she does a good job at genuinely putting life into a character that builds on you. I like a horror movie which ends with a lot of tension and shock leaving behind the viewer with a climax that sticks in their mind for a long long time. But unfortunately the whole thing dissolves in the end particularly because the concern for Kangna's character gets removed by the end.

    In fact other than watching her and commenting on her dresses in some not so "demanding" scenes all we were doing was laughing away at some of the "scary" scenes. The graphics have been done well for a bollywood movie... but its too late for them.

    OK so my final say is watch it for Kangna otherwise skip it.
  • The movie has an enticing beginning on a dark night with a gruesome surprise that cuts rapidly to join the bustling present of the heroine's unsuspecting and usual complicated life in Mumbai. 'Nandita' (Kangna Ranaut) is an established model in love with a reality news show anchor 'Yash' (Adhyayan Suman). The movie opens with the two uniting where they left off and both characters on a professional upswing. Suddenly, a brooding and determined painter, 'Pritvi' (Emraan Hashmi), emerges from the shadows to follow Nandita around. In their first meeting in an elevator he gives her a succinct summary of why he has been drawn into her life against his wishes. Prithvi counsels her that he thought that he had painted his masterpiece - the face of a woman who he thought didn't exist when suddenly he realizes that she exists and has a life of her own. To further complicate matters he can see her dangerous future unfold. The movie now erupts into a sharp ride of Prithvi trying to save the hapless Nandita from near certain death as well as disbelief from her doting boyfriend - Yash, a firm non-believer of the paranormal. Emraan is actually quite balanced in his performance and seems completely sincere and free of any melodrama. Kangna is well cast in the character though her dialog delivery lacks punch and is often limp. Wardrobe and styling are mostly good. Nandita (Kangna) must journey to the source of her troubles with the help of the mysterious painter - Pritvi, who seems to rescue her each time from certain death. Adhyayan could be better in his debut, with his dance steps seeming ill choreographed, his protestations of love seeming a little too maudlin and only his performance in the climax showing any real spark. The movie certainly had the audience riveted and on the edge of their seats, however, could have done without at least one song and a stronger portrayal of the boyfriend in Adhyayan. Worth special mention are the scenes where Nandita has her first tryst with the strange force that nearly kills her in her bath and a dream flash that has Prithvi incorrectly imagining her being mowed down by a truck, realizing the error and then actually seeing her at the exact same place. Towards the climax is an interesting special appearance and a lamentable explanation of Prithvi and Nandita's connection to each other. All in all, this will certainly spook you if you watch this at night and go home alone to your apartment! The scenes of self torture and the attempts to depict Indian occult practices are scary though brief.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Raaz TMC is the finest film of it's category made in Indian film industry.It is not that scary like its prequel.But it is more and more appealing.This film's theme is against the superstition.The story starts with life of a supermodel played by Kangna who is in love with a famous TV show host played by débutant Adhyayan Suman.Emran Hashmi is playing the role of an artist who can see the future of the supermodel.He wants to warn her about it.Films goes on.Script is very good.Cinematography is mind blowing.First half of the film is a bit boring.But at climax the total scenario changes which leaves a strong impression on your mind.The characters are played very convincingly. The theme of the film is really good.You can find some social message in it obviously.In short,Raaz The mystery a full entertaining film with a gripping script and a good story and fantastic performances.The music is also very good which makes another strong point of the film.I have deducted one mark only for the dragging first half.Otherwise it is all good. This is a good sign for Indian film industry to try this new subject.Horror is a neglected topic in India.So now it is really appreciating movie.I hope this type of movies will be seen again in Indian platform.
  • Yash (Adhyayan) and Nandita (Kangana) is a couple deeply in love. While Yash is heads a successful reality show on TV called Andhavishwas which exposes superstitious beliefs in India, Nandita is a successful model. One evening Nandita realizes that a stranger (Emraan) is following her. The stranger then manages to encounter her in her building lift. He introduces himself as Prithvi and shows her the paintings he has drawn of her. What has him intrigued is that though he had never seen her before, he has drawn her many portraits including one which shows her lying in a pool of blood. He tries to caution her about something evil about to happen to her soon but she ignores him. But from then on, strange things start happening her as if she has been possessed by an evil spirit. What twists and turns follow next form the rest of the film.

    Full marks to Mohit Suri for making that one kick-ass horror thriller which can easily put on par with Hollywood's best in terms of plot, setting, technique and acting. Though the initial few minutes appear dragging with a slow pace, the film takes your grip, once Kangana gets possessed. There are sufficient twists and turns plotted at just the right juncture to give you shocks. The suspense too is well maintained right till the climax. Generally Bollywood horror films tend to have lengthy and at times unconvincing flashbacks to support the happenings but thankfully in here the flashback is not only slickly shot but is also right in length and very convincing. The camera-work by Ravi Walia deserves special mention especially for night shots which are aplenty in the film. He has succeeded in creating the right eerie atmosphere. The song are well placed too, especially the song Mahi by Toshi is the main attraction.

    Mohit has gone right in the casting as well. Emraan is just perfect for the part and his expressions speak a lot. It is not the same Emraan you have been seeing till now. Kangana enacts her part well and succeeds in getting your sympathy. Adhyayan shows remarkable improvement as an actor from his debut film.

    The film is a definite must watch, it delivers more than it promises. Not only it is way far better than the first Raaz, it is that one good horror film, that Hindi horror film fans have been deprived for a long time now since Bhoot. Go for it and be prepared to be spooked.
  • Mohit Suri had clearly not made this film for those who watch Hollywood horror flicks. And for those who haven't. this film will take you through all of the ones you have missed.

    With strong, and in some places, completely identical, references from movies like the Ring, The Grudge and The Haunting are uncanny. Right from the production design to the cinematography, it seems like all the filmmakers have done is create a montage of the best scenes from these horror films. And tell me that Hashmi's character doesn't remind you of Heroes? Where, finally, there is some original story from the filmmaker's side, the film loses plot and the audience wishes it would just go back to being a montage.

    For those who have seen Raaz (1) and want to go back for a scare, you might be disappointed. The movie tries too hard to scare, and even then, it fails.

    The acting was bad. Except Emraan Hashmi, no one is worth a mention. If I have given the movie a 3 star rating, it is only for its production design, which has successfully recreated the designs from its English counterparts.

    Overall, this movie is worth a watch if you have nothing better to do. However, those who aren't fans of horror and haven't seen much of The Ring, Grudge and its likes, you will enjoy it much more than I did.
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