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  • A bunch of horrible actresses with loads of poor quality plastic surgery spend 80 minutes prancing around acting stupid. There's almost no plot, the writing is horrific, the camera work is even worse, and the girls aren't even much to look at thanks to the cheap 16mm film and terrible lighting. I can't even imagine why someone would use film in 2011, or bother making a cheap skin flick when broadband internet and HD porn already existed.

    If you need a low budget skin flick with lousy acting, go find the twelve Andy Sidaris Lethal Ladies films. Those are at least fun to watch and you can actually see beautiful women. Bikini Detectives is just a waste of time.
  • thestaindcreed18 November 2019
    As far as Saturday night B-movies go, this one was pretty much perfect! Beautiful girls who can't seem to keep their tops on in ridiculous, campy situations woven together on a thin premise of a storyline with very fun results. I think if you aren't enjoying this movie you're really expecting too much. It really is a fun, mindless watch with some good silliness and beautiful women. This says it was released in 2011, but given the hair, clothes, vehicles, and production value, I'm guessing it was made in the 90's