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  • It is February 1999 and another series of brutal murders, similar to those that took place four years previously, has begun. Each time a woman in a kimono is reported near the scene leading Mikiya to fear that Shiki is in some way involved. The only other clue is that the victims had been linked to a new drug cocktail. As Mikiya investigates he crosses paths with dangerous individuals. As the truth about the killing becomes apparent it seems that this will be the most dangerous story for both Mikiya and Shiki.

    This, the seventh 'Garden of Sinners' films is one of the best. It introduces the killings in a way that strongly suggests that Shiki is behind them without entirely eliminating the possibility of somebody else being involved. Mikiya's concern that Shiki, a person he has grown to care for, might be involved is brilliantly portrayed. As the truth becomes apparent the sense of danger increases dramatically as we approach the finale. This is surprisingly bloody and features elements that are more than a little disturbing. As anybody who has watched the previous instalments will expect the animation is top notch with detailed artwork, impressive movement and a fantastic use of light and dark. Overall I thought this was a great conclusion to original 'Garden of Sinners' film series.

    These comments are based on watching the film in Japanese with English subtitles.