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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Even though I do enjoy the show, I do find that it spends so much time on overarching plots involving Dwayne Pride bringing down corrupt people in positions of power that it really doesn't tackle the procedural aspects of the job. Relatively little attention is paid to standard cases, and the overarching plotlines take away much from the show as they grow overused and annoying.

    That said, I still enjoy the show otherwise. I was so glad they got rid of Sonja Percy as she was toxic and infuriating in her hypocrisy and general arrogance. It came as no surprise that the character simply walked out on the team she personally identified as a family, it fit the negative nature of her character overall. For awhile, Grigorio was presenting similar problems as she demonstrated little respect for boundaries and being frequently judgmental. She's come around. Khoury has been a marvelous character from the moment she appeared, while Carter has taken some getting used to but demonstrated some redeeming qualities.

    Pride constantly being thrust into storylines involving him taking down corrupt people in positions of authorities has grown very stale, and logically nonsensical as his reputation gradually stopped preceding him and warning others off of trying to outdo him.

    LaSalle's departure was hardest, but it did pave the way for deeper exploration of other characters who were getting little screen time in order to resolve the Cade LaSalle storyline.

    So I often find myself wondering whether the writers have any other tricks up their sleeves or they just recycle the same storyline with swapped out elements like a handy mad lib puzzle.

    That said, those episodes in between which don't focus on an overarching plot and concern themselves with standard cases and character exploration are often rich and worth watching because they lack the distractions that other otherwise present.

    I still do recommend actually watching the show, it's worth it even after all that I said.
  • This episode and the few before it that address issues of police brutality have clearly triggered some of Donald Trump's cultists (see other reviews). The episodes are worth watching for that reason alone.
  • jdgtc116 December 2020
    Yet another episode, that in trying to be woke, spreads every cliché and false narrative perpetuated against police.

    Brutality, corruption, gang mentality, racist training, and no knock warrants. It's hard to see how they could pack any more vitriol in to one episode. (Except for those federal navy cops, saving the day)

    This show is a police procedural. From the reviews, it seems to be losing its audience, daily.

    Perhaps the show runners, should remember that they produce fictional entertainment.