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  • This is a great show. One of the best reality shows I've ever seen. Those interested in fashion, makeup and pop-culture will find it instantly interesting, but beyond the obvious, you'll find a show that makes you think about life, about parenting, about friendship and about love. It is truly wonderful to see these amazingly talented people that went through hard times, but are still able to find joy and beauty in life.

    They say Drag is the art of illusion. And isn't illusion a fantastic subject? Films like "Pan's Labyrinth" and "You Will meet a tall dark stranger" make me think so. For me, this kind of art can be appreciated on many levels, and watching this show, just makes me like I could feel/be fabulous too.

    (I'm married, with three kids, just saying!)
  • dsprcBz17 May 2011
    I am addicted to this show – stumbled upon it on VH1 with the Jocks in Frocks episode, was totally entertained by it, then looked it up on the internet and started watching all episodes, (ALL episodes, extras included) of Season 3, 2 and 1 on the Logo site, and I'm straight as a flagpole.

    Can they put this on DVD please ? – The Logo site keeps buffering with the same damn commercials (I like the Orbitz commercial tho w/Carmen, Manila and Shangela, tho). They must include the Untucked episodes on the DVD.

    It's funny how so many people take this reality show contest sooo seriously – I mean the winner is crowned to a live audience of 3 people, and the host of the Grand Finale in the Untucked episode is eating fried chicken out of a bucket (that's why I love this show) It's so campy and yet so glamorous.

    I'm so addicted – I can name every queen of every season, and since I'm sick and can't do anything but stare in front of a computer, I'll critique them all

    (Season 1 – The Originators) Bebe Zahara Benet – If Snatch Game were in Season 1, she'd nail Oprah / Nina Flowers – The fiercest androgynous look ever / Rebecca Glasscock - The 1st pretty girl of RPDR / Shannel - The prettiest "real" eyes / Ongina - The prettiest bald queen / Jade - At times, prettier than Rebecca / Akashia - Worst runway walk ever / Tammie Brown - Kinda spooky look / Victoria "Pork Chop" Parker - First big girl to go, will make the trivia list

    (Season 2) Tyra Sanchez – Straight women would've gone for him, he's a pretty boy / Raven - A macho pretty boy / Jujubee - She's Got Personality, lots of it / Tatianna - Prettier than Rebecca / Pandorra Box - Looks more like Kathy Griffin than Kathy Griffin / Jessica Wild - Miss Popularity / Sahara Davenport - Miss Ballet Moves / Morgan McMichaels - Miss Rebel / Sonique - Miss Acrobat / Mystique Summers Madison - Miss Splits / Nicole Paige Brooks - Reminded me of Julia Roberts, yes Julia Roberts / Shangela - (Seasons 2 & 3) I like and dislike her cause she's got lots of talent but her character on the show reminded me of someone really "shady"

    (Season 3 – I like this season best thus far, simply because of the variety of contestants)

    Raja – The fiercest ever runway walk / Manila Luzon - A glamorous camp queen / Alexis Mateo - Competitive, deserved top 3 / Yara Sofia – Wish she were in top 3, likable personality, but what's up with the freaky contact lenses / Carmen Carrera – The pretty girl of season 3, pulls off the female illusion the best / Delta Work - The prettiest of the big girls / Mariah Paris Balenciaga – Perhaps the most beautiful of all 3 seasons queens / Stacy Layne Bryant Matthews, etc. etc. - Already looks like a woman / Indiah Ferrah - She's got $600 boobs and she's gonna wear them / Mimi Imfurst – Aptly named / Phoenix - 2 episodes is not enough to pass judgment / Venus D-Lite - Madonna lives

    The Judges: who cares? The Pitt Crew: Nice touch, Ru.

    I hope Season 4 is just as enjoyable as Season 3. Can't wait for the next generation of Hoogers.
  • quintero9329 March 2014
    This show is truly ground breaking. This show allows all of America to see a bit of what gay culture is. Not to mention that its funny and the competition is fierce. IT makes people look at how talented and funny drag queens are. Drag is truly an art and it takes skill experience and talent. This show has guest judges apart from the standard judges which are Rupaul, Michelle Visage, and Santino Rice. The guest judges have included actors,singers and TV personalities. The challenges are design to test the queens and to allow them to show America why it is they should win. Acting, singing, rapping, comedy, dancing, impersonation, have all been bases for challenges. Anyone who is obsessed with pop culture should watch this show.
  • I just watched the 1st season of Repual's Drag Race and because of the positive energy this show implements; I attend to watch more Repaul's seasons. First of all, for those who compare this show to American Next Top Model and other shows of the same genre; you are wrong in so many levels since the core, for starters, of both shows are totally different. Rupaul's show focus on testing drag's surviving skills in the preforming business. Papering self make-up & hair, sewing unique outfits, dancing & lip-syncing, are some of the jobs assigned for the contestants in Rupaul's Drag Race because these queens are exposed to them every time they want to channel their drag persona on stage and more importantly, to themselves. In terms of human quality and productivity, Rupaul's Drag Race has a lot to offer. Being drag is not easy or safe even in our time. Drag Queens and cross-dressers has had it the hardest among the gay community considering that the majority of drag queens are gay. They put literally themselves out there for the world to judge and there are some, even among gay guys, who try to segregate themselves from them and feel repulsed by them so a drag lady has to be really courageous and develops an unbeatable character to feel strong & stable against all criticism about her life. This is another value that the show is trying to bring through the course of the race. In terms of other reality TV shows, I feel that Rupaul's Drag Race is the most genuine of them all although, ironically, the concept of the show is based on men dressing as women which is should not be up-normal anymore. Rupaul is trying to deliver a positive message in his show about loving oneself which is lacking in many competition shows. I have seen a dance competition show where the majority of the contestants below 20 and the judges are emitting real sociopath behavior when it comes to evaluating the young contestants outcome, all for the sake of the shock value to improve the network ratings. Others might find problem with the tune of the show and how it represent drag in stereotypical image which is incorrect. Drag queens are flamboyant by nature and these individuals have to channel their femininity while they are in the dress and make-up so the only question is if the viewer is comfortable about which 45 min of drag and what does it represent or if the viewer really know the difference between drag queens, transvestites, transsexuals, gays, etc. As the first show of its kind, I find that the creators and the producers of the show have done a great job and if there is a little bit of shallowness, it should be with tolerable amount especially comparing to other reality shows and computation shows which are now quantity with no quality.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    So many things to love about RuPaul's Drag Race. It gives a platform (heel?) for these gorgeous talented performers to strut their stuff (perhaps a bit too literally for poor Jade). It debunks a bunch of drag-queen myths (no, they don't live in drag all of the time). RuPaul, appearing in both male (dorky and adorable) and full-on drag magnificence is a perfect blend of snarky and kind; guest judge Santino Rice from Project Runway is delightfully perceptive and just bitchy enough. I fell in love with a number of amazing queens: sweet Nina Flowers, who rocks the glam/androgynous look better than Ziggy Stardust ever could; Ongina, the feisty, funny, gender-bending fashionista who reduces everyone to tears (no spoiler here); Bebe Sahara Benet, CAMEROOOOOOOOONNNN!

    I'm deducting one star because the contestants that were eliminated early were pretty weak, and because I think there could have been a smidge more drama (Rebecca, you bore me so). Looks like that's been rectified in Season 2 - meow!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The funniest guilty pleasure, full of my favorite things: fashion, drama, and competition. The only thing I really hate is how the drag queens have a better body then I'll ever would. Boo!

    The girls from season 1 is very different from that of season 2. However, both are just as entertaining. My favorite competitors actually happen to be the runner up in both seasons. They are very creative and diverse. However, I did love the winner from season one…

    Without giving too much away, if you like good old reality competitive TV show, with interesting and creative people, this is the show for you!

    In all, it's like a drag version of Project Runway mixed with America's Next Top Model. Which are two of the few reality shows that I watch. Plus, I've always loved RuPaul.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Being a TV reality show freak as I am and a lover of everything that's original, outstanding and colorful, I got interested in this title as soon as I heard about it. It's basically America's Next Top Model: Drag Edition with some borrowed elements from Project Runway. And it's fun to watch: the 9 contestants are flamboyant and have a great sense of humor (one of them has a nickname "Pork chop"), the style is very similar to the shows mentioned so you don't feel like you're watching a completely redesigned program. The things that are said are sometimes outrageous ("if I was a girl, I'd be a stripper or slept with lots of guys and be pregnant with lots of kids"), always a little bit shocking, and the stakes are high. There will be a lot of flirting and intimate relations ion the show I bet, but it won't be called gay sex, it will be called lesbian sex; add some famous faces to the mix and voila! You got yourself a nice blend for a perfect night with a TV.
  • I'm sorry but it is a crime against humanity that this show is not allowed to be rated 11/10, I know that's an impossible score to give but it is equally impossible to think of how any TV show could be rated anywhere close to how fabulous this TV show is. It has created A WORLD. There is now a Drag Con, there are COUNTLESS web shows, Rucap shows and music that has come from this show.

    It is better than The Godfather, Pulp Fiction, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones combined times one hundred by a LONG SHOT.

    I don't think the English language has the requisite language to even remotely describe how insanely transcendent this programme is. If there is a God then this is the only TV show (s)he deigns to watch.

    You will never watch anything that will ever live up to this show. It is EVERYTHING. If you disagree, call the "NURSE" and "SHUT YOUR UGLY BOAT MOUTH" because "I SAID I FELT". You may read this review and think "GOOD GOD GIRL GET A GRIP" but "DONUT COME FOR ME" because this show makes me "FLOOD MY BASEMENT".

    "This show is PERFECT, it's BEAUTIFUL, it's the best show on Television, You're amazing, Everything about you is PERFECT. Did you produce this show yourself? The audience EATS IT UP EVERY SINGLE TIME an episode comes out. This show could release it's worst episode and the audience would still be like "RuPaul's Drag Race" your programme is BEAUTIFUL."

    "HALLELOO", "YES GAWD". "OKURRRR". *Tongue Pop*
  • hjalsayegh8 February 2016
    The checklist for this show reads like this :-

    • Reality TV - Drama - men in drag - cheese extra thick - beauty pageant

    I'll be honest and say this show has everything I DESPISE all crammed together! I watched it by accident one day (season three mid episode) and I thought it was a normal beauty pageant show... then the camera went back stage and my mind took a minute to process... wait what? WHAT?!?!

    So what's the verdict? I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! not only is everything done tastefully and with a lot of dignity attached to it, it also manages to do that with a lot of fun and not taking itself too seriously.

    The show Humanizes the people on it so you don't see a "drag queen" you see the contestants. (Raven you will always be my fav!) at their best and not so best. each bigger then life and an entertainer at heart.

    Rupaul keeps it interesting with lots of fun little twists and event and the clothes (and the shoes, oh god the shoes!!!) are always beautiful.

    I love that the show celebrates different body types, they're not all skinny and tall blondes, curvy girls have a real shot here and some you'll fall in love with.

    Right now this show is by far the best American reality TV show there is. which queen will you root for this season?
  • mastersahk25 September 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    the world is filled with reality TV shows, big brother, survivor, celebrity apprentice etc. many reality TV shows are a major part of pop culture, and now there is Rupaul's Drag Race. Rupaul's drag race is the euphony of a fantastic has a great representation of the excitement of the LGBT community and it really shows the vulnerable side of the LGBT community as well. the show features many exciting and original challenges that involve design, music, acting and so much more. each season is completely different from the last which is what makes the viewer come back for more. the personalities of each contestant really make the viewer feel connected to the show. there has never been a show like this in the history of television, and it's time that there should be more. with the show's host Rupaul, he is seen as almost a mother figure the contestants which is a difference to where on other reality shows the host can be depicted as a ignorant and selfish person. even though the show is targeted to the LGBT community, I recommend it for all viewers. in reality TV, we have finally stacked gold with Rupaul's Drag Race.
  • It isn't just a fake modelling show. It's so much more. It talks about their struggles and experiences as well as modeling the runway expressing who they are and spreading the message that it's okay to be different
  • I have seen every episode to date and just cannot get enough, obsessed is an understatement. Color, comedy, drama, entertainment, and all kinds of feels... This show has it all! Rupaul is legendary.
  • I find RuPaul Drag Race to be hypocritical. You might think that it promote gay rights but the editing and drama it showed contradicts that.

    Many incidents of bullying could either have been stopped or the contestants disqualified but of course, why would they want their ratings to go down?

    The judges sit on their table as if they're better than others. They should be happy that the contestants were there to give them a show. No contestant, no show. No show, no money for the staff on RuPaul.

    If the show couldn't stand on its own without the drama, then it is not a real competition show about talent.
  • Love the show so much. I'm addicted. Colorfull, sparkly, funny and beautiful Drags.
  • I was introduced to RuPaul's Drag Race late last year and have gone through about 6 seasons in a short space of time (plus series spin offs and spin off films!). It's so addictive, hilarious, bitchy and utterly fabulous. It's such a celebration of diversity, LGBTQ+ communities and just being fabulous in general. The catchphrases used are so catchy ("Okuuuur!") that you will find them creeping into your everyday language. An utter joy to watch and it makes me so happy that we are in a time where this show exists.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It is entertaining especially if you love quarrels. Men have diary room sessions in non drag style where they review their associations with co-contestants and their performances ,then quarrel bitterly with co-contestants especially when in drag. They basically compete in drag, and quarrel about drag performances and attitudes. A few episodes are enough. You will be entertained bur only air-headed people and perverts will stay devoted.
  • bigeogle11 August 2018
    What does it say about me that I might be interested in people that have so very little going on in their life? I mean, we all have hobbies, but at some point we need to outgrow playing with our dollies and learn how to do anything productive or worthwhile.

    The only thing worse than a person who lives for being judged as the most sassy or whatever, is the person who tunes into this absurd fantasy life instead of dealing with my own issues.

    This show makes me feel so ashamed for not having anything like a life.
  • This shos is amazing. It contains glamour, breathtaking outfits, talented people, humour and a lot of drama and shade.

    I started watching it because a friend recommended it to me and at first I was hesitant. I wasn't necessarily into drag but I watched it anyways, and let me tell you, that was a very good decision.

    I fell in love with the drag but there is so much more to this show than drag. The people have outstanding personalities, it is so funny and it keeps surprising you.

    Even if you are not a fan of drag, I recommend this show.
  • wesleykenthargreaves17 September 2018
    It all round spreads the message that it's okay to be different as well as containing amazing TV and amazing looks and containing amazing people
  • Of course, it has it lows, but the impact of the show and the drama and the fun and the diversity of drag makes this show enjoyable and entertaining. Best seasons being 5 and 6 with the most talented queens from all 10 seasons. It does its job at being entertaining but does it make its job at teaching the younger generations about the LGBTQ+ history?
  • mariondowning-427-4693445 October 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    Really laughably bad. I thought this was a "p-take" of America's Next Top Model, but these people really take themselves seriously. Tyra Banks wannabe RuPaul hams it up putting on the "You are not America's next top model" bit- except he really believes he is being himself. As mentioned, this show is lame and the way the contestants act like stereotypical "drama queen drag queens" shows they are just putting it on for the camera and lowering the bar for real people who are transgender and lowering the public's opinion of them (society learns from the media about people they don't know about). Plus the way the "straight" male and genetically female straight judges talk in sexual ways about men dressed as women makes a viewer want to throw something at their TV. Not much is real at all about the show. Find something real to watch.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First seasons i was like really addicted to it, I really enjoyed the drama and the competition, but from season 5 forward the competition started to be about who's the most sassy than who's more talent. They started to really push the fights between them, all stars 3 and 4 shows clearly they started to go in a wrong way, they all talk about respect, and how they wish to be included in the society as equal but they cant even respect themselves, they talk all kinds of stuff behind their back, make friendships looks like a joke. And season 11 made me wanna stopped watching, coz all they can talk about in every joke they make is about politics, they simply can't leave it alone! Like i said used to love it, but now NOT SO MUCH, dont even want to finish the season 11!
  • klaud_nyne9 February 2019
    I started with season 10 and now I only have a couple more to watch, got my best friends, my brother and my mum all watching it too! SO funny
  • RuPauls Drag Race is a complete and true reality show that is just pure entertainment for everyone whose open minded! It's rare that the language is extreme unless you are watching this very late at night! If it's on during earlier hours than normal, most language is bleeped out! If you are offended by the show, change the damn channel! Anyone who isn't familiar with what this show is about by now has been living under a rock! I think it's interesting that some of these men can transform themselves into essentially a woman that is very hard for even the manliest of men to tell that they are actually men! It's a diverse show in an age where diversity is being questioned by politicians and people who say their Christian! Judgement is a sin as well! If it offends you or your values, then you have issues of your own you mneed to work out! I know many straight couples that watch this show and they love it just as much as my husband and myself love this show!

    As a gay man, I don't exactly understand why these men like to dress up as women, but it's not my place for me to judge them either! If you think it's sinful, then quit playing God and let him sort us out! It's not anyone's place to pass judgement on others. I've personally have never had the desire to wear Women's clothing or wear makeup, heels or wigs, but I think it's their own decision to do so. They apparently make a good living from this and at least they are working a ligitimate job in the entertainment industry! Diversity is the most important part of being an individual, an artist, and most importantly, yourself! The past two years have been a really bad time for diverse people, but the fact that RuPauls Drag Race has been such an incredible show as well as winning many Emmy Awards tells me that more people are more accepting of these incredibly talented individuals. Hatred towards people who don't fit the Right Wing mold of hypocrisy are obviously far more outnumbered by the people who see that diversity is a gift and it shouldn't be hidden from the world, but shared with the world! We need to be ourselves and not be forced to conform to what authority figures think we should be able to do with our own lives!

    There are many things about life that I don't understand, like transgender people, bisexual people and gay people! I'm a proud gay man and I didn't choose to be, it's what I was created to be! So I have no right to question anyone else who is dealing with the above issues as they were obviously created the way they were intended to be as well! Being gay definitely is not something a person would ever choose as it makes your life extremely difficult, you can't just change certain embedded things about yourself! No Psychiatrist, or treatments, or medication will change your true identity! I know from experience as I tried for years to not be gay. I tried to date women but it was awkward and it felt uncomfortable. I could have been married and only ruined another persons life as deep down I knew the truth! Trying to hide my identity led to drug abuse, depression, and drinking to much! When I finally let everything go, I was extremely happy! My real friends are still my friends and my family knew anyway! It's hard to come out and be yourself, but it makes your life better than you would ever expect! I think this is exactly why RuPauls Drag Race is an incredible reality show! What you see is who these people truly are , desverse individuals! They are living the life that they we're given to them from conception! RuPauls Drag Race is the best and most interesting reality show that is on television currently! It's not staged and it's not going to be for everyone, but it's worth watching before you rule it out for obvious reasons!
  • trueblood-6913615 January 2019
    RuPauls drag race really made drag more mainstream and even with that, it's still a really good show with gag worthy moments and iconic lewks to go down in herstory
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