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  • lor_19 October 2018
    Made to introduce a new contract girl (and a complete flop) with trademarked name Angelina Armani, this typically low-effort Robby D. feature for Digital Playground manages to louse up a simple premise: a bored young lady who wants to become a hit lady, as in Hired Killer.

    Robby has zero action scenes and violence (the title hit takes place completely off screen with no impact), merely delivering his usual quota of XXX sex scenes. Not only is Armani a plain, uninteresting performer, but Robby has the temerity to present her in a scene with Alexis Texas (where Armani briefly sucks a cock before yielding center stage to Alexis to do the actual humping) that only underscores that AA is a carbon copy (lookalike) imitation of that top star.

    It would be hard to imagine an action movie or thriller as uneventful as this one, though a decade later Adam & Eve managed to come up with one in the horrid "Agent 69". Pornographers have often strived for cross-over audiences by peppering a sex film with sci-fi or action elements, but this ironically titled stinker shows that a bit of talent and effort is required, wholly absent this time out.

    Oddest element is that all five studs in the cast have offbeat haircuts: three with shaved heads and the other two with leftover shoulder length hair (Jerry and Evan Stone) that had long since gone out of style.