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  • Another movie from the very talented director Tony Savant, and again he doesn't disappoint. The movie has a lot of different shapes and colors and wonderful depth from all the characters beautifully guided by Mr. Savant. The actors are superb, and never go over the top. Holly Gagnier and Eric Edwards show off their skills as actors and the rest of the cast highlights the movie in a way that it makes you feel as if you were really watching from this small town hospital. Jeremy Maupin is the cinematographer and after watching such films as "Buddy, The Byrds & The Bees, and Stanley and Simon" I must say bravo. He can make a short independent film seem like a high budget studio picture. I have a feeling this movie will make its way through the film festival circuit with a lot of praise. And as for the crew and cast... I await their next challenges and hope that it will be on a bigger scale in a big screen theater near me and you.