Neal Caffrey: There's always another way.

[repeated line]

Fiona Glenanne: ["Characters Welcome" crossover ad with "Burn Notice": Fiona Glenanne takes a gun out of her purse to get her ringing cellphone at a restaurant where she's having lunch with Michael Westen] Ah, damn, I missed it.

Peter Burke: You have a permit for that weapon?

Fiona Glenanne: [covers the gun with a napkin] What weapon?

Peter Burke: The one right there.

Michael Westen: That's a napkin.

Peter Burke: I can literally see it.

Fiona Glenanne: Oh, that's my cellphone.

Peter Burke: Well, then what is that?

Fiona Glenanne: My other cellphone.

Michael Westen: She's a big talker.

Fiona Glenanne: Let's just pretend this never...

[a grenade rolls out of her purse]

Fiona Glenanne: ... happened.

Peter Burke: Is that a grenade?

Fiona Glenanne: What grenade?