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  • The plot was extremely predictable and the dialog was weak, however Alicia Vikander's physical performance was amazing and there were a few standout moments of cinematography.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Angelina Jolie brought the highly popular video game to the big screen. Her versions were campy, cheesy and ridiculous - but they were a far cry better than this new version of Tomb Raider.

    This Tomb Raider had two very good games (recently updated) to use as resource material and it looks like the only thing that they used was the idea of the island, the ship crashing on the rocks and the look of Lara Croft. The screenwriters ignored all the great characters that were in the game that would have brought this to life, they ignored the fact that a ship needs a crew (ridiculous point number one: one person manning an entire ship), they ignored the entire Trinity aspect of the game, they ignored all the good puzzle solving techniques, they ignored the fact that Lara was wealthy and trained herself in martial arts and weapons.

    This movie starts out with Lara sparring and she is awful at fighting. Why? Why would you make her awful at fighting when that is the entire basis of the Tomb Raider series - that she can fight and is a strong woman who can defend herself. They have three teenage boys basically frighten her off - so she is afraid of three teenagers, but minutes later is hitting everyone (trained mercs) with a bow.

    The father/daughter subplot was useless and not needed in this film. It was an aspect that drug the film down. And of course, the usual find daddy alive all these years and only to have a negative outcome.

    The script was horrible. The writing was so juvenile and nothing was explained or written well. The direction was terrible. The acting was dreadful. The only positive was that Vikander looked the part - that was the only positive.

    Don't believe the hype that the "paid critics" were given money to falsely promote this film. You would be better served playing Tomb Raider and Rise of the Tomb Raider - you would be more entertained watching the cut scenes from those two games on your computer than watching this boring garbage.
  • Ironically in 'Tomb Raider' they got the hard part right and messed up the easy part. The hard part in my opinion was correctly casting 'Lara Croft'. To follow in the shoes of a peak-of-her-powers Angelina Jolie is no easy feat. They pulled that off though by finding Alicia Vikander who was excellent in this film. The part they messed up though, and why this is such a bland experience, was they just didn't give her anything interesting to do.

    The film starts off fun. The character introductions are clever, interesting and get you amped for what is to come. Then when the actual adventure begins the entire film stalls and never manages to start up again. The location was mildly interesting, but for almost the entire film to be set on the one island just felt lazy and uncreative - especially with a runtime near 2 hours. Also the villain was about as dull as they come.

    Vikander is what saves this from being a total misfire though. She has the look, the charisma and the sexiness to pull off the character with ease. There was a bit of controversy with the films poster and her abnormally long neck in it. I couldn't help but notice that she does have a very long neck in reality, but the poster was still taking things a bit far clearly. I certainly couldn't recommend this as a film to rush out and see because it is so uninspiring and middle of the road. It's not terrible, it just never dares to be great.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As someone who spends much of their free time surfing through Netflix originals, my standards are about as low as standards get. However, this movie surpassed nearly all of them - in the worst way.

    First, characters: Lara is an infallible God who is apparently immune to physical injury and flawless in every way. Lara is the opposite of relatable - she can leap over 30 foot gaps and climb up slippery rock faces with an open stab wound. She can swim against impassible currents but struggles to do a pull up at several points in the movie. Her skill with a bow rivals every man with a machine gun that she encounters. Every side character in the movie only serves to move Lara forward in her mission.

    Most of the characters were completely flat and did not change from the beginning of the movie to the end. Lara was always adventurous and brave. The villain was always hellbent on destruction and gaining control of the disease.

    Then, script: The script was heinous. One of the lines was something like, "the tomb isn't meant to keep us out, but to keep us in." Several people in the theater laughed in response, but I doubt that was the intended reaction.

    The plot was stereotypical, boring, and we've all seen it before. Miss this movie and buy yourself a nice dinner. Trust me.
  • Not sure what everyone was expecting or why even compare this to the first film or even the game. This was more of a prequel to the first film and it was really well done! Alicia Vikander was great in her role. A well deserved 8/10 from me.
  • Amazing start, good action, deep enough character development. After 30 minutes the production becomes completely predictable and starts following the cliche guidelines of an low budget movie designed to "kill time" for the average house wife.

    Despite Alicia Vikander's great performance going further the story becomes extremely boring, I assume sensed by the director, who decided to flood all milestones in it with too much drama and extremely irritating 80s-cheap-movie dramatic music.

    On top of everything else, the film deviates from the game story completely.

    Well, it is not a total wreck but if you have played the game and enjoyed it even a little, you do not need to suffer this glorified hiccup of a production.
  • jonathan-63119 December 2018
    Just watched it on streaming and compared with so many other action movies it definitely holds own.

    I've played the tomb raider games for years and I don't see any problem with the way this movie portrayed a young Lara Croft.

    I've seen reviews on here saying poor CGI, poor fighting etc.. What were those people watching? The oceans have been rendered probably with more skill than I have seen in any movie.

    The tomb sequence wasn't exceedingly drawn out as in the games so for me that was a bonus.

    I liked it, but then what do I know. My favourite movie is Joe vs the Volcano and I also loved John Carter....
  • It's an okay action movie if you want to pass a couple of hours. But it's not great and it's not worth a second viewing.

    I went in open minded and wanted to like this, but ultimately I was disappointed in Vikander's casting, as she is lacking in both stature and personality. She is weak and wooden and dull as Lara Croft, and unfortunately can't hold a candle to Jolie, who was magnificent, exciting, charming, captivating and perfect in the role.

    The storyline is also lacking - a spoiled crybaby daughter looks for her Dad. Yawn.

    This film steals lots of ideas and scenes straight from the game, but doesn't add anything new to them. You might as well just play the game, as playing it is more fun than watching this.
  • I watched the movie last night and really liked it. I've never played any of the tomb raider games so I just look at it as any other action movie and think this was a very okay movie. I watched a long time ago Angelina Jolie as Tomb Raider and never liked it because they just go overboard with the whole female big ass and big boobs.

    This movie shows a whole other side of Lara Croft and I personally like it much better. It's not set up like your typical one man hero movie and I hope we see more of her in future Tomb Raider movies!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Going into this movie, I had very high hopes - I loved the previous movies (for all their flaws and silliness), and have played and enjoyed almost all of the games, including the reboot this movie is based on. What this movie feels like, is pandering to the "Lara Croft" name, it adds nothing new, in terms of the Tomb Raider Mythology or any action movie in general. The script is generic, boring and predictable. The entire cinema actually scoffed at a line close to the end, during a scene which was supposed to be dramatic, but came off as fake and unusual.

    The characters' motivations were never fully explained, including Lu Ren, who flips between "this trip is suicide there is nothing that can make me go" to risking his boat and his life for £1000 within a 30 second scene. The characters themselves seemed entirely one dimensional, there is a scene early on with Lara sharing eye contact with a female which hints at an affection as it lingers for slightly too long, which would have been a really interesting thread for a 21st century twist on her sexuality, but that character is never seen or mentioned again in the film.

    The "mythology" side of the story I enjoyed, while it was more grounded than the previous movies or games, this wasn't a bad thing.

    Alicia Vikander looks the part, certainly, Daniel Wu is passable, and Walton Goggins, for his credit, is fine. All of which are compliments, because the script is written in such a way that no characters are really able to show depth or development. I think my biggest issue with this film is how stupid almost every single character is. Without going into spoilers, there are moments particularly in the final third which baffled me. Why, when trying to kill someone, would you not use a gun? Why, turn back on yourself? Why? Why? Why?

    The CGI is average, passable in the darker scenes but jarring in the daylight. Action set pieces are few and far between and the plot starts well, but by half way through drags and could do with being 20 minutes shorter at least.
  • I don't get the 1-star reviews. This is definitely not the worst movie of the century. I can't say it has a great storyline, but at least it has some storyline, unlike most Hollywood action movies these days. The things I liked: 1. The special effects. They looked real and Lara didn't look like some plastic figure jumping and tumbling around and whatnot. She looked like Alicia Vikander, an actual person that has stuff happen to her. Apparently Alicia did some stunts herself so maybe they didn't have to use so much CGI. And she looks very athletic so that adds to the overal feel of Lara being a spunky little adventuress. 2. Alicia as Lara. There's been a lot of talk about her practically nonexistent breasts, and 'of course' the real Lara is quite busty, but I find this talk ridiculous. Alicia looks stunning and sporty, and she oozes Lara Croft from every pore. Her acting was great too, it was very intense and realistic - the emotions and the sounds she made during the fight made it seem like it was all happening for real. You don't usually see it in movies.

    I wish there was more game-like stuff in the movie, like in the first Tomb Raider movies. I loved Angelina Jolie's Lara doing her training at the manor, for example, and there was more cool ancient stuff going on. In this movie you see more of the kind of stuff you get from the game it was based on. The earlier games were more about riddles, the new ones are about running and fighting, which I personally don't like. But the movie is entertaining, and I like how it was directed. It seems kinda raw, which the game is as well. This is Lara's initiation. This is what you want to see if you ever imagined yourself being Lara. I hope there will be a sequel. I loved the games and as a huge fan I think this movie is pretty well made.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First of all, Alicia is outstanding. She could perfectly fits the game plot....could.

    Changes in the original game plot begins when there are two people in the boat, instead of the original number in game. This was not a problem, until Lara reaches the island.

    The game ending shows Mathias as the evil character. Why the movie brought him as the killer of Lara's father right in the beginning? When you think that it couldn't get worse, Lara finds his dad. What is his role in the island(???????)? From this to the end, it's a completely disrespectful plot for all the gamers who played the game.

    If the changes were even good....Samantha Nishimura was literally excluded from this movie while she co-stars the game. Lara's friends were essential to build her personality during the game, and also it was excluded.

    Also, Lara unique scene reaching a tower to send a SOS signal was excluded. It had such photography potential......what to say about the island? It is so amazing when its atmosphere gets scary when Lara and her friends try to get out of the island.

    Maybe next time it would be better to put a gamer closer to the movie project.....

    My recommendation is: if you liked the movie, go and play the game right away....see what it could be.
  • Tomb Raider is the latest video game adaptation by Roar Uthaug, a nameless director. Rarely is a video game movie good, in fact, its never good. Its no surprise here. This is your typical action movie with your typical dialogue and typical everything. It's very cliched and flawed. The direction and script are awful. I was never entertained during the movie. There is no attempt to make an interesting character out of Lara. She never learns anything, she never has any arcs nor any development. There is no style in this movie, it's so factory based, its disgusting. There's nothing special about the camerawork, the editing, nothing is even remarkably good. Its just below average. The editing is ok. The color grading is actually pretty gross looking. Its so frustrating that you have a beautiful jungle and it looks disgusting since the color grading is all gray and ugly. There are some nice shots of the beach and of a camera following Lara running. But that's it. Everything else is either boring, average, or, painfully cringe inducing. The dialogue in this film is atrocious. Most of the dialogue is cliched and conventional, and some of them are so cringe. The ending tries to make an "intriguing" twist, but it just falls flat completely. It comes out of nowhere and in retrospect, it does not make sense at all. The acting is also really bad. Alicia VIkander does a terrible job, and her shouts in the movie are so laughable. It's sad that this movie actually takes itself seriously. Don't see it. 3/10
  • nekojiang16 March 2018
    Best game I played and worst movie I watched. queen's army, her ability just been cut in the movies. the story is totally empty.
  • Cedric_Catsuits21 June 2020
    We waited too long for another TR movie. This one isn't very good, but I have to score it high just for being. Plus, Alicia Vikander is simply the most gorgeous creature on the planet. I love the Tomb Raider games and I love being entertained. Beautiful, charismatic, sexy women in adventurous situations entertain me. Enough said.
  • dave-mcclain16 March 2018
    "Tomb Raider" (PG-13, 1:58) is a reboot of the erstwhile Angelina Jolie franchise (with 2001 and 2003 "Lara Croft Tomb Raider" films). All the movies are based on the British "Tomb Raider" action-adventure video game series, which came on the scene in 1996. Like the games, the movies have used various combinations of "Tomb Raider" and "Lara Croft" (the franchises' central character) in their titles. Naming tweaks aside, the question is if the 2018 changes in casting & approach pay off for Movie Fans.

    While Jolie's casting and portrayal matched the look and attitude of the video game heroine, Oscar winner Alicia Vikander brings a leaner and less mean Lara Croft to the big screen. Jolie brought the bad-ass female archaeologist/adventurer to life with a lot of swagger, but Vikander's Croft is more physically and emotionally vulnerable, full of fight, but yet to realize her potential, intellectually or in practice. The quality both characterizations share is intelligence and guts, but 2018's "Tomb Raider" is an origin story.

    Seven years after the disappearance of her father, wealthy businessman and adventurer Lord Richard Croft (Dominic West), Lara is a woman with no plan. Obviously intelligent, she's content trying to be a mixed martial artist and working as a bicycle messenger. She wouldn't have to work at all, if she would just sign the documents declaring her father legally dead so she can inherit his company and his fortune, but she's having a very hard time letting go of the hope that her father, whom she idolizes, is still alive.

    When company officer (and Lara's former legal guardian), Ana Miller (Oscar nominee Kristin Scott Thomas), finally convinces Lara to swing by the office and sign those papers, Lara receives a Japanese puzzle box that her father left her. Solving the puzzle leads Lara to the discovery of what her father was really working on when he disappeared - trying to find the tomb of a legendary Japanese queen who supposedly possessed the power of life and death. Still hoping to find her father alive (or at least learn what happened to him), the clues lead Lara to Japan where she hires a reluctant but down-on-his-luck boat captain (Daniel Wu) to take her into the Devil's Sea to a remote island which is notoriously difficult to reach. Upon reaching the island, Lara discovers the ruthless Mathias Vogel (Emmy nominee Walter Goggins) leading an expedition to find the tomb for a mysterious international organization.

    Vikander's "Tomb Raider" (directed by Roar Uthaug) is a joyless, by-the-numbers actioner. In spite of Vikander's considerable talent and gravitas, she feels miscast as the tough and determined young adventurer. With the understanding that this is a Lara Croft origin story, it just becomes mind-numbing to see her beaten up throughout the movie, while none of the actors' performances rise about the level of serviceable. The script (by Evan Daugherty and Geneva Robertson-Dworet) features unnecessary dialog, characters whose motivations make little sense and a story which is mostly very predictable. Disappointing. "C"
  • Given the poor ratings I had low expectations for this movie but it was surprisingly very entertaining. I wouldn't compare it to the Original movies with Angelina Jolie as it was just a different movie experience. I am still a fan of Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft but the Alicia Vikander version works too.
  • I'll keep this very simple, slapping the name Tomb Raider does not give permission to make a crappy movie and expect people to pay for it. This movie had plenty of plot holes, the chosen Lara Croft was not the best choice and the CG in this trashy movie is cheap.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Tomb Raider has got to be one of the most boring and by-the-numbers action/adventure films I have ever seen a long while. I don't think I came this close to falling asleep during a movie since The Last Witch Hunter.

    The main actress was good but not great, I'll admit, but everyone else was serviceable at best and nothing to write home about. Except Nick Frost as the Pawn shop clerk. He was pretty cool.

    However, the characters were utterly uninteresting and boring. Lara is every boring missing-parent protagonist rolled into one bland package. When I first heard that the mother died, I nearly facepalmed, in utter disbelief that it is 2018 and we are still putting the bare minimum effort into our video game adaptations. Both the Father and villain feel like they just took character templates from better movies and made no effort to flesh them out or make them unique.

    The story was, you guessed it, a bore. Everything up until they reach the island felt like generic filler that was lifted from better movies and really should have been cut down. It did not help make me any more invested in this character. The rest of the movie plays out like a EXTREMELY watered down and childishly predictable Indiana Jones side quest with none of the charm, wit, or intrigue.

    The action was unremarkable. Not good, but not bad either. Nothing memorable or noteworthy. Ditto for the soundtrack.

    The only aspect of this film that even remotely caught my interest was the revelation that Himiko's "death powers" was actually a very fatal disease for which she was a carrier, and that she actually sacrificed herself to protect her people (contrary to the myth where she was an evil witch who was entombed by her own generals). Plot points involving the supernatural having rational explanations in grounded-in-reality films do interest me. This feels like the only element in the movie that had any effort or thought put into it.

    But upon learning that this was NOT the case in the video game this movie was based on, but rather from an entirely separate franchise altogether, I could not help but laugh at the irony. I guess the actual concept from the video game was too "original and risky" for these filmmakers?

    All and all, Tomb Raider was a boring and cliche-ridden chore of a film that plays it completely safe and makes no effort to set itself apart from any number of adventure films and video game adaptions. It's literally a bunch of cookie-cutter template characters taking part in a cookie-cutter template adventure without an original bone in its limp body. I have never played the game that this film is based on, but if it really is as bad as this film, then it will probably stay that way.

  • Amritz10118 October 2018
    Overall this is your average action movie.

    But, Alicia Vikander on the other hand is an amazing action star; what a revelation! I love it when Hollywood casts an actor like Alicia in an action role who has the physique/physicality, can believably pull off the action role and perform parts or most of the stunts like running/fighting which results in seamless action scenes between star and stunt double so there's no need for shaky cam or SFX (unlike scarlet johanssen's lame natasha romanoff/BW). Also some of the action sequences are very much like in the video game.
  • I was really surprised watching this film, knowing that some critics and viewers had given it really harsh reviews. No the film is not perfect but neither were the Angelina Jolie's films at all. They were quite cheesy actually although I enjoyed them enough because I like Jolie. This film's storyline is at least a bit more realistic and has coherence. And Alicia Vikander makes an excellent Lara Croft. I know people complained that there was not enough "tomb raiding" but this is an origin story, so I'm not sure what they were expecting. I think there are a lot of fanboys out there giving this film a harsh review because either Lara isn't sexy enough or they dont believe a "regular" girl could be tough enough to kick some ass. The film is great and I really hope they make another one.
  • This review is based on someone who has played the game version, with that said, I can guarantee that the game fans would be very much feel disappointed with the movie content which is very lacking and unfaithful to what was given in the game.

    The way I see it, this is a generic case of companies butchering a popular franchise title and milk out more money out of it. That is probably why they hire a no-name director, not top-rated actors, and even ignore the award-winning scenario from the game, so they can cut the cost. This movie's advantage relies solely on the popular franchise name of 'Tomb Raider'.

    Why is this movie unfaithful? For example, there is nothing mystical or supernatural in the movie version, which means there is no majestic climax scene with thunderous clouds and quakes of Lara against powerful and evil remnants. I will not tell you how it turned out in the movie, but I can assure you that it is utterly disappointing.

    Lara's crew are completely different. They use chinese actors so they can market the movie to china more easily. How the adventure starts, progresses, and ends in the 'cursed' island are also completely different. Everything seems like done in order to cut cost and be able to market the movie more widely, hence more profit.

    Overall: If you have played the game, this movie is like a slap to the face for you and I give it a 3 or 4 stars rating. If you have not played the game, this movie may be somewhat mediocre-ish and okay for you so I would give it at most 6 stars rating.

    P.S. There is a hint for a sequel, but I surely hope they do not butcher this good title further.
  • dontdoit-7092215 November 2019
    The story has some action, an exotic locale and the chick is thin. According to IMDB she is only a B Cup, but I will take it. The corporate ending reminded me of Batman Begins.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The pros: effects and action scenes are beautifully done. Mainly focuses on rebooted game but has elements of older games.

    The cons: The character development in this movie is a rich girl finally signing a paper to get her inheritance. The first 20 minutes of the movie is spent doing random stuff in London. Daniel Wu's character is useless and added nothing. The main mystery borrows from the most recent Tomb Raider but simplifies it and makes it boring. Lots of logical fallacies. Puzzle scene had potential but wasn't well done.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'm sort of wandering how old a movie has to be when they decide that it is time for a remake. Well, I'm actually thinking that it is getting less and less the further we progress because I'm sure that the Angeline Jolie Tomb Raiders were only out a few years ago. In fact, when I first saw the advertisements for this instalment a part of me thought that it was just Angelina reprising her role, only to be rather baffled when I discovered that Lara Croft was actually being played by a completely different actress. In fact, it became quite clear when I watched the preview a second time (as I wasn't really paying attention the first time I saw it) that I realised it was a reboot. Honestly, I'm not all that sure why it is I go and watch these movies because as it turned out this one was pretty bad. Well, not really, but I certainly wasn't able to get into it. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there that really enjoy these films, but all I can say is that it is basically unoriginal. Okay, it is a reboot, and reboots are never original, but then again they never end up being all that successful either, especially when the original was so much better. Actually, I sometimes wonder why Hollywood insists on rebooting and remaking successful films when it is quite clear that it rarely, if ever, works. Okay, it has been a while since I've seen the original Lara Croft film, and it also seems that I never got around to writing a review for it either, so it makes it difficult to compare. However, here we start off with Lara as a bicycle courier in London, and she seems to forever be getting herself into trouble. Well, once again it is the story of the abandoned child since her father went off on an adventure seven years ago and is now presumed dead. So, Lara decides that she might as well sign the papers, only to discover a piece to a puzzle that sends her on a round the world adventure. As I said, it is difficult to compare the two films since in this one it seems as if she is a bit of a newbie when it comes to adventuring, and it is the hunting down her father plotline (which a part of me believes that was the original film as well). In a way, I thought that maybe she would have been a bit more skilful, though I guess that would make it a little unrealistic as it is also supposed to be a coming of age type of film, and in another sense a passing on the baton. There were a few interesting plot points as well, namely because it deals with a legendary Japanese queen known as the Death Queen, and we are all led to believe that she is an evil sorceress who was banished to an island and imprisoned in a tomb because she was, well, so evil. However, the hint is dropped that legends aren't always what they seem to be, though that does not necessarily mean that they are completely false. In fact the truth behind the legend may be much more fantastic. Still, this is probably not a film that I would be going out of my way to recommend. It was okay, but in the end nothing that really stands out. I guess it is probably more like one of those mindless films that you watch when you really don't want to think, and have basically watched all of the Indiana Jones films to death, but still want something that is of the same style. Sure, Indiana Jones is just way too hard to beat, sometimes it is good to have something that is a little different (though you generally know what is going to happen at the end). I should mention that they have left the film open to a sequel.
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