Quotes (6)

[first lines]

Miral: My name is Miral Hasna. I was Born in 1973. But my story really begins in 1947 with Hind Husseini.

Eddie: I always thought it was great the way your family returned the Christmas tree to the ground.

Hind Husseini: We always did. After all, what was the use in celebrating Christmas if we let it die?

Eddie: You never married...

Hind Husseini: No. But I have two thousand daughters.

Hani: What they really want is all of Palestine. And without Palestinians. That is why we must resist. Until they understand there is no future for them without one for us.

Fatima: Am I a terrorist?

Nadia: How can you kill someone you don't even know?

Fatima: Military occupation is a monster that kills your soul. I see them as soldiers.

Hani: [referring to conflict] Miral, this road is too bloody. It has no exit.

[last lines]

Taxi Driver: Where to?

Miral: Airport.