This Ain't the Partridge Family XXX (2009)

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Keith is going through a dry spell. He's unable to get a date, unwilling to play music and uninspired to write any songs. But Danny has found a cure on the back of Teen Pop Magazine: a ... See full summary »


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11 November 2009 | Wolfgang_Rodenbach
Will Ryder brings his Seventies stuff to Hustler
Will Ryder has been picking up adult entertainment awards left and right for his two Not the Bradys XXX pictures as well as those based on Bewitched and The Cosby Show. In between he struck a deal with Larry Flynt to act as his distributer and brought his attention to early seventies detail to this installment of the Hustlers knock off 'This Ain't' series. Under his direction, we notice a lot of girls wearing the same white go-go boots that were seen in all three of the aforementioned films (there's a flashback to the sixties in the Cosby spoof) as well as the same bright blue old fashioned telephone and wall decorations. Even more telling is the fake 'Teen Pop Magazine' prop that was important to the plot in the second Bradys film is equally important in this story. So while this singing family shares all the same names as those in the Partridge Family, apparently they ain't.

It is from the aforementioned magazine that Danny (played by Sinclair) orders a special love elixir for his brother Keith (Nick Manning) who hasn't been feeling like his usual heartthrob self. And when Keith is striking out with girls, he can't concentrate on his music. As soon as the elixir arrives, everybody but Keith starts experimenting with it. Danny and Chris (Scott Lyons, who must be a good pal of the director as he pops up in every one of these so called Sitcums) are suddenly adored by groupies, Laurie (Tori Black) dumps a grocery boy for a millionaire playboy (not Bruce Wayne), their mom Shirly (Payton Leigh) consoles the grocery boy while youngest daughter Tracy (Faye Reagan) seduces a pizza delivery boy. Even Ruben the manager (James Bartholet) gets some, though this happens off screen.

As evident by the last paragraph, there doesn't seem to have been spend a lot of time on writing the screenplay. To make up for this, Ryder and his team have taken their usual care to ensure the look of the original series is duplicated almost perfectly. The groovy tour bus is seen parked outside and the cast even gets to mime along to two new but retro 'Partridge' songs (written and performed by Ryder with help from some or his more musical friends) during the second of these numbers, the entire family even wears their trademark matching stage outfits (apparently they didn't do so earlier in order to keep them clean).

There is a disclaimer at the very start saying that this is a parody (as if anyone would confuse it for the real thing). But in actual fact Big Willy's films are more like loving homages to the original series. Whereas the non porn Brady Bunch movie (1995) managed to be as much of a send up of the seventies series as well as a recreation, Ryder's films never make fun of the source material at all. The only change is that a lot of the cast members are slightly older than the original actors (read: of legal age) so they could add in a lot of sex. But I guess that the meaning of the word parody has changed over the years. Nowadays people on Youtube seem to think it enough to repeat a few lines from a film or TV series to call it a spoof. But I digress.

Will Ryder had managed to attract quite a large audience with his films, including some people who normally wouldn't be caught dead watching porn. His devotion to the source material and the relatively high production values are immediately evident when comparing this one to Hustler's previous effort 'This Ain't the Munsters'. And he'll probably be at it for some time to come, as there are more than enough other classic TV shows ready for Pornification.

7 out of 10

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