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  • My boyfriend met Lew at Lunestra restaurant, in Portland, and we watched the show. At first I thought it was really weird and obnoxious, but after watching it for a while it started to grow on me. We started laughing hilariously and went back a couple times to watch it again!! It's really different and Lew is crazy. His cast is a bunch of nuts. Seriously!! They are off the wall. I am a fan now and will tell all my friends that they gotta watch. There's lots of celebrities on some of the shows and each episode is different. It's sort of weird because some of the episodes are completely comedy and then some are actually serious. We watched one episode where this best selling author was bringing charges against George W. Bush for war time crimes. I had not heard that story ANYWHERE before!! We were tripped out! Watch it!
  • Living in Santa Barbara, I have had the unique opportunity of seeing Lew and crew from day one. The show has come so far from it's meager beginnings on cable access. I have marveled at what the show started out as, and what it has become. It has literally transformed and evolved, one episode at a time. The actors are very entertaining. Lew is a prolific speaker and turns a funny news story into a hilarious double take. The editing style is cutting edge, even though it has a definite grass roots, "cultish" or Cult Like quality. It reminds me of SNL, Madd TV, Jon Stewart and the Chappelle show, in their earlier days. The show has nothing but endless potential if the crew stays on track. Lew can probably improve in some areas of his delivery, but nothing major that a guy of his talent couldn't tune up. The music soundtracks are excellent, the show moves along pretty fast, they are fearless when covering touchy topics on politics and such. My highest praise of the show, is it's original, all out, dedication to a green screen environment. It's brilliant and it really looks like nothing else that is on TV. This makes up for some of the weaker areas, in this reviewers opinion.
  • Man, I went to high school with Lew. He was crazy then, and he's crazy now! You guys are going to hell for this show! LOL Actually, Lew was a Youth Pastor at my mom's church and quite a preacher back in the day, so it is no real surprise that he does so well on TV. I catch the show when I can, and I just shake my head in disbelief. The show is quite simple; Lew reads a ridiculous, but true story, about something that is unbelievable and then his cast of actors re-enact the story, putting their own spin on it, kinda' like the way Lew's ADHD mind would see it, or perceive it. A stroke of brilliance. The show has grown up a bit in the last five or six episodes. Only those who watch would understand the transformation that has occurred, for the better. They are starting to cover issues and showcase real interviews about things that people are not talking about. I liked the comedy stuff, but quite honestly, it may have been a little over the top. Some of it, anyway. Sorry Lew. I liked the older stuff, but LOVE the newer stuff.
  • grisselb27 February 2010
    I wasn't expecting it to be so funny! I am definitely a committed fan. Keep it up guys! Don't stop what you're doing, it's too good! I keep telling my friends about it. Everyone needs to watch this. Lew and the crew are awesome. The show is so different and refreshing. And it's cool when they have the serious moments cause too. Watch the "Brutal Legend" episode! Add Lew on Facebook too! He always gets back to you and he's the sweetest guy. It makes it even better to watch the show. It should really be on local channels so that everyone could get a chance to see it. I don't want to give anything away but seriously, watch it! You will not regret it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show is so high-energy it's amazing. I almost get a buzz just from watching it. ADHD is the right name for it. A lot of things they do stick with me for a long time. I could tell you about this one... oh, wait, that would probably be a spoiler. Never mind. LOL. The cast is very funny, and they have cute bits they do that seem to continue from one show to another. I first watched this with a friend, and then I found myself coming back to it. They've had a lot of good social commentary, too. I also like that they occasionally will run a public service announcement, and invariably it's something I have never seen anywhere else. A lot of fun, I'd recommend this show to others.
  • julieh33325 February 2010
    This is a must see for everyone! A good friend of mine is a huge fan and told me that I had to see it. So the next time that I had a chance I sat down and I am really glad I did. I really enjoyed watching and couldn't stop laughing. Sometimes the show is a little weird but that is the beauty of it. I like that it has a serious side to it as well. It is great to find a show that is so well rounded with everything and the celebrities were great too. I love Lew and will continue to follow him wherever he goes! I LOVE THIS SHOW! Please take the time to view it and you wont be sorry! Tell your friends about it too and they will love you forever!
  • Out on the East Coast and can say it was a lot of fun! Very well received and all in all a great show!!!

    The first thing that viewers (here on the East) thought of when watching the show was it was a bit dodgy, a bit over the top or "annoying". This notion was short lived and by the end of the first episode people were entertained, and asking for more! They wanted more Marklin Mash!

    Moving forward in the world of film and entertainment I'll be working more as security, having a few clients already out in Boston. I would love to work with/for Lew given the chance should he attain that status...

    Best of luck Lew and crew!!!! You guys are made for the industry!
  • I was sitting in my hotel room in New York City flipping the channels and stumbled upon ADHDtv on the TV Guide Channel whilst trying to see what was on the channels. At first, I thought, what in God's name is this nonsense rattling my TV set, but then as I began to watch, it grew on me, and I found myself laughing hysterically. I waited to see if it would come back on and it did not so I looked it up on the net and found tons of stuff. I had no idea that the show even existed! Brilliant!! It's like a combination of news and crazy actors who impersonate the people who are in the news. They relive the event and it looks like they are all high on mushrooms or some sort of the like! Some of the stories are so dodgy that you have to laugh at the stories themselves. It's hard to believe that the stories are true! It's like 30 minutes of Darwin Awards. Lew Marklin is absurd and obnoxious, raising hell about everything under the sun and David Spades (I think that's the name) is completely off the charts funny. Between those two I almost wet the bed laughing. Love it!