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  • "Meow" as the name indicates soubin always afraid of cats because of an accident happened in his life.

    It is a family movie which clearly tells impotance of every members in a family. The movie include comedy scenes, Emotional scenes etc. It also shows the helpfull mentality of old friends.. Overall watchable...
  • Don't expect a fresh story/idea from lal jose then we can't enjoy the movie . Cinematography and songs were good. It made movie engaging and some comedies are really interesting. It's a cliched movie but it has its good moments too.

    Climax is bit awkward Better when compared to other lal jose movies released recently.
  • The story has neither a head nor a tail...hard to believe that no one in the team found this idea to be stupid during the making. And the ending is just so weird. The only thing about the movie I kind of liked was the music.

    The 7+ rating is seriously a joke!!

    Lal Jose needs to spend some time thinking and deliberating before churning out flop after flop!
  • nirmalcherian8 February 2022
    Kept watching the movie till the climax thinking that something worthwhile will happen but it didn't. Poor acting, poor comedy and so boring. Pointless movie.
  • Cringe movie...Bad one from lal jose....the ratings doesn't do justice...Total waste of time...Bad performance from good actors... DISAPPOINTED is the word...
  • Not much twists, no over expectation scenes.. the movie just goes and we should also go with the movie.. it is the story of Dasthu alone and his struggles to meet the ends for the family, others don't have much role.. it is such an emotional ride at the end.. music is the best part and Annapurna song takes you there.. also small message to anti-social elements to keep their business to themselves instead of rubbing on others..
  • A must watch,feel good movie.. family based movie..just going through nice and heart touching moments of life...not a big story line but it's worth watching..
  • The storytelling was really entertaining with many unique characters gently introduced without confusing us. We were presented with Dasthaker who was empty on the inside and thought he'll gain confidence by subscribing to religious norms and society's expectations.

    Soubin Shahir (playing Dasthaker) was the flight's captain. He guided the story effectively and welcomed us into his world. We saw his fears, strengths, weaknesses, struggles, insecurities, and desires. He was comic in every way and serious when it needed to be

    As much as we looooove Soubin Shahir, it was a little repetitive to see him in almost every frame, plus at times, the story seemed to be evolving very slowwwwly.
  • Haven't seen this much terrible movie recent times. Very much bored while watching. I don't know why Lal jose made this movie. This movie will surely degrade his achievements till now.
  • manuk-jayadev20 February 2022
    Except few comedies and dialogues nothing else . Waste of time. Lal Jose lost interest or passion in movies it seems . He should take a break. Why they wasted some money in making it abroad . Don't know why they made such a movie.
  • Without leaving a doubt you could call this movie a CRINGE.

    Kudos to Iqbal and Laljose in degrading the women to lower esteem by making them "a MACHINE delivering BABIES" and caging them inside the house after marriage just to look after the babies and house chores and thereby caring her husband till their last breath.

    That's it.

    I've never seen a movie this cringe recently.

    Verdict: Save the time by doing something productive instead of wasting time.
  • Everything about this movie is bad except for a song and few frames. The comedies and emotional elements didn't really workout and felt like a poorly made tv serial. Predictable and cliche story. Poor performance from the lead actors and they had no chemistry at all. It's a good sleeping pill tho. By the way Kudos Mr Lal jose.. you made another flop.
  • tsapoorv27 February 2022
    The protagonist is struggling with raising three children in the UAE. Adding to the woe, his wife also left him for a small issue. He has panic attacks due to the stress also. How he manages all these are in the rest of the story. Some tolerance issues also beautifully interwoven into the story.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Typical Lal Jose movie without any logic of actual meow, soubin done behalf of dileep that's all. Only few actors that we knows. Harisree Yousuf done very well and different.
  • deepudp16 April 2022
    No no.. not like this We expect a lot more from Lal jose-saubin-mamta combo.

    We know their caliber.

    Somehow, things didn't take off for them in this movie.

    The story did have something, but the execution didn't pay off. Even the joke scenes seemed manufactured.
  • uniquesri13 February 2022
    A beautiful movie. Individual faith and people who exploit in the garb of faith, both beautifully portrayed. Family, goodness of a person, strength of wife all beautifully portrayed in this movie. I wish there were more movies like this. Excellent work by the makers.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The acting cinematography, characters and portrayal of life in UAE were all great. However, it felt like a loose connection of subplots alone (husband-wife quarrels, child-father bonding, religious orthodoxy, learning to live responsibly, exploitation of illegal migrants in gulf, siblings exploiting mahr, business-ethics and relationships, irrational fear due to trauma: of cats in this case, etc.) without a major plot to drive it all.

    It may be fun to watch with kids, perhaps, but there's the lack of a strong plot makes it difficult to watch. So much lost potential!
  • Excellent start, excellent set of scenes, keeps us 'not-bored', but when I saw the ending, I was like - 1) is that all?

    2) If this is what was intended then why to have unnecessary distractions like immigration issue, financial problems for the protagonist, his college reunion, health related panic attacks etc etc?

    IMHO - the scenes were interesting, but as a movie, it is just average...
  • Movie is overrated. It doesn't have a story and even though they're trying to make us laugh throughout the movie it only worked a few times. Mamtha's acting was also below average she usually does better overall it's a boring movie don't watch.
  • Very good movie which did accomplished what it intended to convey. Worth watching and enjoying. Good acting, jokes and songs . Everyone will like it. Not just a one time watchable, it will be an evergreen movie and relevant at all times.
  • mathewkurien7 February 2022
    The script was really bad however this movie was saved by the cast, director and music. The end result is that it felt like a gooseberry - Hard to stomach but sweet afterwards. While watching it I felt it was bad. But after a few days you realise it was a pretty nice feel good movie. The script was horrendous and stretched out. It had no aim. However it was saved by the cinematography and direction that teleported us to this location and made us feel sympathy for Soubin's character. Mamata looked beautiful in this role. The child actors were also fantastic. As a situational feel good film it was wonderful. But as a story film it was unbearable. It's strange to say these things together. In the end after a few days I feel it was not bad afterall because that character and location was able to leave an impression on your life.
  • shifatshifatkhan19 February 2022
    If anyone wants peace of mind, The name of this movie is"MEOW" Request to watch. As well as a movie like watching people from the full family together. Moreover, comedy, drama, honesty,kindly, Anger arrogance small naughtiness, family crisis.... I the great minds piece movie...
  • Expected a better movie from Lal Jose. Characters didn't have depth including the hero. Songs were average. The women characters didn't have any role. Even the cat didn't have anything to do in the movie. Very insensitive to mental illness.