Justin Russo: Mom and Dad don't know each other and they don't know us!

Max Russo: So is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Alex Russo: The kid's got a point.

Justin Russo: This is a very *very* bad thing!

Alex Russo: Um, right, okay, um, but I, I don't know what to do. Um, Justin, help me, what spell do I use?

Justin Russo: Why would I help you?

Alex Russo: ...because you're my brother. Look, I'm, I'm sorry you didn't...

Justin Russo: I'm your brother?

Alex Russo: No, no, no Justin, please, please, you can't leave me here, please remember!

[Starts to cry]

Alex Russo: I'm Alex, I'm your little sister! I taunt you and I tease you and I make your life miserable, but you love me anyway.

[Justin looks at her strangely]

Alex Russo: You're everything that I ever wanted to be. I'm jealous of how, how smart you are and how kind and how nice. Please don't leave me here!

Justin Russo: I'll never leave you. I don't know who you are, but... I believe you.

[They hug]

Alex Russo: ...Justin took it out of the lair without permission. My respect for you is increasing!

Justin Russo: I didn't take it. Dad gave it to me.

Alex Russo: And it's shrinking again.

Jerry Russo: Ready... Set... MAGIC!

Alex Russo: [Justin starts running. Alex pauses slightly] Oh, right. We're starting.

Alex Russo: [about the forbidden spell book] Dad, how could you give this to Justin? It's forbidden. You said that we weren't allowed to touch it. You said that we weren't ready.

Justin Russo: I think by "we", he meant "you".

Justin Russo: Magic was used to protect the bag, reverse the spell, release the... hag.

Alex Russo: Okay. Fine. I went through your stupid bag... hag?

Harper: [excited] Are you guys gonna wear matching outfits?

[Alex gives her a look]

Harper: ... 'Cause that would be bad.

Harper: Can we slow this thing down?

Alex Russo: Yeaaah, no. When they put the tables in they must have taken the controls up. Don't worry, it's enchanted, it knows where it's going.

Alex Russo: Oh wait! My bad, I had the map upside down!


Alex Russo: [after almost being smashed by two criss-crossing trains] Seriously, who designed this subway?

Harper: [Justin saved Alex and Harper from being killed in the runaway train turned diner room with a spell] Justin, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Alex Russo: Harper, don't thank him. He just did it so he can run off and tell on me.

Justin Russo: Okay, normally, yeah, I would do that.

[aside to Harper]

Justin Russo: It's pretty funny when she gets all...

[Harper laughs]

Justin Russo: But I'm not about to go tell Mom and Dad something that's gonna ruin their vacation one night before it happens. For once, I'm not gonna let you destroy something important to me.

Alex Russo: Then we're good, 'cause they're not gonna hear it from me.

Justin Russo: And do you know why they're not gonna hear it from me?

Alex Russo: Didn't we just have this conversation?

Justin Russo: Because I just did my first spell using a full powered Wizard wand. And if I must say...

Alex Russo: He must...

Justin Russo: It went perfectly!

[looks at diner car]

Justin Russo: Oh.

[Spots something on the diner wall and blows it off - two seconds later the whole wall comes crashing down around them]

Justin Russo: ... Almost perfect.

Jerry Russo: Alex, if one day possibly you pass and/or show up to an exam, you can use the spell book and the family wand, too. It's just they're extremely powerful, and it takes a certain level of responsibility.

Alex Russo: But I'm responsible enough! I can be trusted! I think this is completely unfair to me and Max. Right, Max?

[sees Max with Justin's enchanted messenger bag over his head and body]

Alex Russo: Dude! Max!

[pulls bag off Max]

Alex Russo: Dude, you are so not helping right now!

Max Russo: And I am so getting one of those!

Alex Russo: [to her mom] I hate you! I wish you and Dad had never even met!

Jerry Russo: A full wizard there can be but one. all power to a daughter or son. to an ancient battle transport us three where one will emerge in victory

Alex Russo: No, it's much more than that.


Alex Russo: I want everything to be exactly the way it was.

Theresa Russo: But you're still grounded.

Alex Russo: Yes, I know, I can't wait to be grounded! Ground me, take away my magic, I don't care!

Justin Russo: [shouts] Hey Alex!

Alex Russo: [shouts back, overjoyed, and runs off] JUSTIN! MAX!

Theresa Russo: You MISS your BROTHERS?

Justin Russo: Next time this comes around, I'm not taking it easy...

Alex Russo: Oh, whatever!

Max Russo: Hey, I'm right here!

Alex Russo: Yes you are, and I love you for that!

[They hug]

Harper: For the record, I just want to say, I think this is a really, really bad idea!

Alex Russo: Only if by bad you mean genius. I love loopholes!

Alex Russo: These forbidden spells are so super user friendly.

Theresa Russo: Finish packing.

Alex Russo: [uses wand to pack] Done.

[Theresa gives her a look, so Alex uses wand to unpack]

Alex Russo: Undone. See what I just did there? It's called "lightening the mood"...

Justin Russo: Sticky note to self: "Do not forget to bring Sticky notes." Ahh!

Theresa Russo: You know its where your father and I first met each other...

Alex Russo: She's going to tell it!

Justin Russo: Mom, please don't tell it.

Theresa Russo: Did I ever tell you that story?

Max Russo: Aaand, she's telling it.

Theresa Russo: I just got my heart ripped out by this boy that I didn't even know I knew, let alone loved!

Justin Russo: Dude, this is gonna be the best vacation ever.

Max Russo: Are there gonna be volcanoes?

Justin Russo: No.

Max Russo: Then how great can it be?

Alex Russo: I know you have the wand.

Justin Russo: What? No, no, no. I don't have the wand. I don't know why you would think I have the wand. I wouldn't take the wand from Mom and Dad because that would be... You went through my stuff again.

Alex Russo: Didn't have to. There's no way you could stay on that windsurfer.

Justin Russo: Well, the wind was blowing really hard. What was I... You? No, no, no. That's impossible. You can't do weather spells unless you have a wand. Or you use... You have the spell book. You're not even gonna try to deny it?

Alex Russo: Why? Okay, so here's the fun blackmailing part. Let me use the wand or I'll tell Dad you really did take it without permission this time.

Justin Russo: Fine. Then I'll tell Dad you took the book.

Alex Russo: So? I'm not the good one. Please. I found this amazing agreement spell that'll make Mom and Dad agree to anything for six hours, but I don't have enough power on my own. I need the wand.

Justin Russo: So just tell me. I already have the power.

Alex Russo: Fine. You sneak out of dinner, do a forbidden spell and risk eternal grounding.

Justin Russo: Right, you do the spell, I'll go keep Mom and Dad busy.

Harper: Why would you use something called a forbidden spell? It's forbidden, and I know it, because it's right there in the title!

Alex Russo: It's not really a big deal when you have the right wand.

Harper: Well, do you?

Alex Russo: No. Apparently, it's too powerful and I'm not responsible enough and I can't be trusted, whatever that means.

Harper: Okay. Waeeeelll... bye!

Alex Russo: Javier, why don't you go find someone else who doesn't have their mom watching out for them? Yeah, kay bye!

Max Russo: [packing his suitcase] Ah, who needs underwear?