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  • plimotijeune2 November 2009
    I saw this movie at the Landmark Theater last July in Cambridge Massachusetts. The introduction of the film was fantastic with the train ride from New York to Boston with Toutou played by Dahiana Torres with a Blues music playing in the background as the opening credits are rolling onto the screen. Right after the first five minutes of the movie one can tell about the artistic vision and quality of the film. Papa Sam played by Mansur shows great skill and talent after bragging so much from winning two million dollars for Massachusetts States lottery I started to feel annoyed by his character, then later on appreciate the setting. The way the story unfold this setting was necessary and a master part of the set. Madam Sam played by Katherine Woods was the best performance of the film. Her interaction with Papa Sam has great chemistry and helps make the story so believable. From the start I felt when Toutou arrived in the house she was up into something. When Don Pepe followed her to Boston I was wondering how did he know where the family lives? Then the relationship between Toutou and Johnny was a wonderful turn in the story that create a subplot which later on become so dramatic and create tension all the way toward the end of the movie. I've never seen such a great twist at the end of such a low budget independent film like this one. Congratulations to all the performers great acting I'm looking forward to see you on the Red Carpet in the future at the Academy Awards. Love your movie.
  • GaPeach442 November 2009
    I saw the Movie three times while visiting. Each time I saw there was always a part that I missed, due to me listening to the "Blues" playing in the background. I have seen the Blues Actor(S.Billups) perform off stage and he is "awsome". I also think the Director (P.Jerome) did a wonderful job using a diverse group of Actors. I am truly looking forward to seeing his next project. "Don Pepe" was hysterical! I hope to see D. Torres in future films.She was great!! I have visited Boston several times via New York and Atlanta, so it was fun to name some of the places that the filming took place. The distinguished gentleman with white hair that played "Philip" should be in the Movies he was "Hot"
  • This past summer I went to the Kendall Square Cinema with some fellow actors where we saw the screening premier of Walls Have Ears. When we left the cinema, we couldn't stop talking the about the young couple in the film. Their names are as follows: Toutou, played by Dahiana Torres and Johnny, played by Scott Neufville. They had developed such a strong bond in the film that it left us breathless and wanting more at the end. Overall, we really enjoyed the movie and the surprising twist at the end of the film. We also appreciated the contribution of the other actors, as well. Everyone did a splendid job! Keep up the good work, Patrick.
  • sunil_pilot17 November 2009
    I saw this movie during Boston Film Festival and later again at a movie theater. First of all, the onsite shooting in and around the city of Boston makes the move come alive right from the beginning. Movie has a catchy and dramatic story line involving love, betrayal, sex, money, crime and suspense. Screenplay is flowing smoothly throughout and there are also a few but memorable dialogues. The main character brings a strong and a little bit dark personality. Makes you think whom to trust and whom not to. Walls have Ears maintains a very interesting pace throughout to hold attention and brings an unpredictable end which kept me thinking for an alternate ending.
  • I've seen better home movies.

    When bad films are made, it might be because they lacked a little something here or there...storyline, script writing, acting, production quality, etc.

    This film lacked *everywhere*. I saw it at the landmark last week and was certain it was some kind of social experiment they were performing to see how p'ed off people would get at spending $9 for something like this.

    ...and there is no $%#! way this thing cost $450k to make.

    I would say to potential viewers...go watch something else. And I would say to the filmmakers...learn from your mistakes before you try again.
  • "Walls Have Ears" had better hope its audience doesn't.

    This is the most poorly made film I have ever seen projected in a movie theater. Who do the filmmakers know at Landmark's Kendall Cinema in Cambridge, MA that this nightmare could be shown at Boston's finest cinema?

    This film should be titled, "How Not to Make a Movie." I will see anything, then leave with some appreciation for most every film, but this is a travesty, and insults everyone who has ever seen any moving picture.

    Dialogue, sound editing, lighting, shot composition, scene purpose, and on, and on, and on,... were all as if the director had never taken a film class, read a book on film-making, or even watched a film.

    This is the first time I have ever wanted my money back. Landmark Theatres will be receiving a letter from me shortly.

    Shame on you, Patrick Jerome. You have wasted your viewers' time while stealing their money.