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  • OK, I'm a married guy, which means some times I get certain dramas "strongly recommended" to me by my better half. This is how I got into watching Korean dramas, even though I have to use the subtitles it's usually well worth the time and effort.

    Most Korean dramas are original screenplays. But in the case of Boys Before Flowers, it's actually the 3rd live-action version of the story after the Taiwanese "Meteor Garden I & II", and "Hana Yori Dango" from Japan. If you count the original anime, then its a 4th outing on the small screen.

    I think being the latest to be filmed allowed the production crew to take the best from its predecessors and also add in some uniqueness of its own. The story takes you to some exotic locales, including New Caledonia in the South Pacific. The scenes were breath taking, but they also add richness to the story not seen in the previous BOF dramas. And who could resist seeing an auto race between some very hot Lotus sport cars? OK, a guys' point of view, maybe. =) But I think beneath all the flashy, super-wealthy extravagance lies a very classic fairy tale archetype. The Cinderella's transformation for the ball, rescue of the damsel in distress, and a knight on his fiery steed; all these are concepts that makes the story very accessible to the western audience. In fact, even with the subtitles turned off, I bet you would still laugh and cry and cheer along as you watch the series.

    I will also like to applaud the performances of the very young cast. Most of the kids are in their late teens to early twenties. So they're appropriately aged for their roles. All were very convincing whether portraying the ridiculously wealthy, or the hard working middle class. The parents were also well casted with veteran actors. Jun Pyo's mother deserves a special mention, playing the very believable lone 'villain' role of the story.

    After thoroughly enjoying this drama, I actually went back to seek out the sister-series "Meteor Garden" and "Hana Yori Dango". Both were very enjoyable as well. The MG crew had the monumental task of transforming the Manga story into the first live-action drama. HYD on the other hand, had a few more years to fine tune the screenplay, and I have a feeling they had a bigger budget as well. All three are great dramas on their own terms, and for their time periods. So, it might not be very meaningful to compare them side by side. Having said that, BOF (Korean) had the advantage being the last to be made, and it shows in the scope of the production.

    If you can find the series, enjoy….
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show completely took over my life this week. I had dreams all about this show! It took me forever to fall asleep every night, since I was anxious about Jan Di and Goo Joon Pyo staying together, Yi Jung's anguishing pain, and the love of my life, Ji Hoo, finding happiness. And don't even get me STARTED on the twits of women! (the mother, Jae Kyung,and Eun Jae) I could go on forever about them and their conniving, manipulating ways...... My only disappointments were 1.) Woo Bin had a shockingly small part, 2.) That those stupid women never got slapped! and 3.) All through the series, I could never decide who I wanted Jan Di to end up with, and I still DON'T KNOW!!!! I mean, I LOVE Joon Pyo, but do you GET any better that beautiful, amazing man Ji Hoo??? Honestly, if you have school, work, or any kind of life, I would warn you away, since you won't be able to turn it off! As for me, I'm hooked, and you can't get me off Korean Drama. Now excuse me, while I stare at Ji Hoo....SIGHS!
  • I love this series!!! i was a little worried at first because I had seen the Japanese version(Hana Yori Dango) and I thought it would not be as good but I was wrong. I think I love this version more than the Japanese. Jandi and Goo Jun Pyo crack me up they are so funny. I love the drama and the comedy this series show. And I am so hook to the music they play in the series. I know them by heart now and I don't even speak Korean. LOl Though occasionally that Paradise song annoys me. I also have a habit of getting upset at Goo Jun Pyo cause he can be really dumb. In the beginning of their series the rich kids treat Jandi very poorly. I have never seen anyone be bullied like that before!
  • haana869 April 2009
    This is one of my favorite dramas. The usual poor simple girl who has to work hard with family struggles but still triumphs persevering with a smile and has a extremely rich famous (F4 = Flower Four(four guy)) guys falls in love with her. Only this time it's two extremely rich amazing guys that you don't know who you want her to end up with. The sweet gentle guy who knows immediately when she is in trouble and knows where to find her or the obnoxious short tempered childish but faithful and loyal guy. Full of funny moments, romantic, morals and great entertainment. Great friends, and the worst mother I have ever seen. Each character evolves and you end up falling in love with them or pitying them. It was entertaining to the very end.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I generally rate the things I adore a ten and this is no exception ADORE IT. I found it by accident and watched a few minutes and was hooked and have spent two night crying the night away.

    I adore Jandi and her handsome loves Goo Joon Pyo and Yoon Ji Hoo. I was totally in Ji Hoo's corner at first but then just fell in love with Joon Pyo.

    So now I'm hoping for Jandi and Joon Pyo to make it. But I'm still torn.

    This gives lovely insights into Korean society, which I am totally falling in love with also.
  • This is my second Korean drama that I watched after they began being made available on Netflix streaming video service. I don't speak Korean or any any connection to the country, but with the English-language subtitles on Netflix it's no problem.

    I absolutely love this series! It's an old story, poor but spunky heart-of-gold girl gets taken in by rich patron (in this case, Korea's most prestigious private high school for scions of wealthy and powerful families) and has two rich men fighting over her, but it's told in a modern way with glamorous sets, location shots, and fashion. I love that the show is romantic but clean (no foul language or raunchy sex scenes) and that there's story and character development.

    The interesting thing about the two Korean dramas I've now seen is that it's the men/boys who are presented as the sex symbols. They walk into a room looking like they've just stepped out of a photo shoot for Men's Vogue or GQ magazine; their hair is so perfectly colored and coiffed, long and luxurious. They sneer better than Basil Rathbone and their arrogance makes Mr. Darcy (of Pride and Prejudice fame) seem humble by comparison. The women, on the other hand, are plainer and more ditzy, and very much at the mercy of the whims of the powerful men in their lives.

    On reviewer on Netflix said this show had turned her into a couch potato. Likewise.
  • I think that with Korean Drama it's all about timing. If it is your first one, then it will always be dear to your heart. Therefore I can understand why this drama is so loved and one of the most popular korean dramas. However, watching it ten years later, I do fail to see what other saw. The story is okay, too close to a manga story but with the korean notes all over it. However, everything that kept happening were ridiculous. I can't even imagine what the production of it costed, as they went to countless trips, even had a horse race, a car race, sports cars and castles for houses. But it wasn't the riches that spoiled the plot. The amount of cliche twists was unbelievable and I was left wondering if they really used that trop, as most of the events happening were idiotic. Though, there were some parts of the story that I liked. I especially enjoyed the side pair story, as they were cute, and also the start of the drama was really strong. Now, for the characters; most of them were okay, although the leading lady got a bit annoying eventually with all the screaming and falling while walking. But, the highlight of all was her family. They were basically potrait like caricatures, always pushing the girl to do things she didn't want just to obtain money. The F4 were adorable, so I can't really say much about them (though at first they were really dislikable). Overall, a lengthy drama, with ridiculous plot, some annoying characters and a good cast : 4 out of 10.
  • crossbow010626 February 2011
    This is a uniformly good to great drama about a young girl, Geum Jan Di (an excellent Hye-sun Koo) who gets accepted into the most elite school in Korea after saving a person there from jumping off a building. That person had been targeted by the Flowers 4, the quartet of hearthrobs who practically run the school. Geum Jan Di gets particularly under the skin of Goo Joon Pyo (Min-ho Lee) after she refuses to back down to him. He tries to make her life miserable, but she never backs down from him. Eventually, he is enamored with her. Another major character is the sensitive Yoon Ji Hoo (Hyun-joong Kim), who becomes more of a friend to Geum Jan Di. Over the course of 25 episodes, you watch as Geum Jan Di tries to maintain her independent spirit. Goo Joon Pyo is a rich guy and she is a "commoner". How can love prevail? The whole drama is filled with all sorts of emotions, happiness, sadness, anger, frustration etc, but the glue is the great work by Hye-sun Koo. She conveys everything in her sweet smile, her anger etc and her pretty dark eyes. You want her to be happy and thats what really makes this drama, you're rooting for her. There are other characters including Geum Jan Di's best friend Ga-eul, who is very sweet, but the best parts of this drama is when Geum Jan Di is being her wonderful ingratiating self. Guys will love her, girls will love the 4 guys. Very highly recommended, you'll love it.
  • I know I am a bit late with this but I just finished watching Boys Before Flowers and Meteor Garden and I loved, loved, loved both of them. I do like the Korean version better and I have a new found appreciation for Korean men if they all look like that - especially that Lee Min Ho. Anyway, so begins my new obsession with Korean TV - I am watching City Hunter now which is equally as good and a couple of other shows as well. Yes they can be cheesy but that is the draw and it seems like all the women have had some sort of nose job (which is really sad because they are pretty to begin with) but overall i have been thoroughly entertained this last month.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is an amazing drama that everyone around the world should be watching, not only Asians and especially not only Korean people. If it has your language subtitles, then it's a must.

    1. The title: Boys Before Flowers, Boys Over Flowers. Who wouldn't want to watch such an amazing romantic drama with such an attractive name? It's sweet, bitter and unique.

    2. The F4 cast: F4 stands for Flower Boys, and they just give the perfect praise to their names. You would be drooling when they appear!

    3. Love and laughs: The perfect combination is up for grabs in this 25 episode series. From personal experience I tell you that you would not like to finish the drama anytime soon.

    4. Rich princes and poor damsels: A Cinderella-story come true as unrequited love is explained, and lived, within JanDi's life.

    5. Loyalty within love: Every girl watching this drama, from 6-year-old children to a hard-working mother, would enjoy seeing how love unfolds through this story. JunPyo is so loyal to Jandi, it's maddeningly, sickeningly jealousy you would feel for something alike. And what about JiHoo? He is the perfect example of a prince charming. You just watch and compare how these two butt heads with each other for love. They are so different, you can compare them both for your like.

    6. Rich, awe-gaping scenarios: The scenes are all filmed brilliantly with pleasant lighting and scenarios that are awe-inspiring. The houses, the school, the ISLANDS! are so stunning.

    7. The Soundtrack: Even though you may get tired from some of these repeating over and over throughout the 25 episodes, most of them are quite lovely and pleasant to hear. Say, I love 'Because I'm Stupid'!

    8. Ga Eul and Yi Yeong: They are definitely NOT the intended main plot, but guess what, they should be! The chemistry between the two is so intense, you would be praying for the next scene with both of them. How would this love end up...?

    9. Villains, Fr-enemies and Drama: Asian dramas always have a very theatrical story to unfold. From backstabbing to lying to manipulative ways, you will always find some bump in the road in this love story. The manipulative mother, the crazy fiancée, the psycho fr-enemy and the rich villain would all keep you stuck to the screen.

    10. Wardrobe: If you are looking forward to that window-shopping trip, forget it. This drama has every piece of clothing that goes perfectly with another. You would love the ideas here.

    These are your 10 reasons. But believe me, there are so many more. An unmissable romantic comedy with a twinge of drama that every girl is looking for! I would watch it a thousand times!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'm very late to discover the kdrama sensation that is BOF. I started watching it only 3 weeks ago! I love the series even though it's super cliche however I feel really unsatisfied with the last half and ending of the series.

    First off, I disliked Jun Pyo- leader of F4 for the first 4 episodes. I watched Playful Kiss first so I thought Ji hoo was the main character but boy I totally did 360 with JP! I loved the character and especially around the time they had their date at Namsam Tower.

    From then on, it was Team JP and I was extremely annoyed at any scenes where Ji hoo just kept popping up. Like when she was swimming.

    So I have a short list of things that bothered me, here we go! I know it's Kdrama and that's it based of manga.

    Jan-di was such a weak character! I think she went overboard with the dorky-ness. She was always shouting, derp looks, drunk walking and eating like a hog! What did Jun Pyo see in her anyway? Was it that spin kick? lol

    Ji hoo strategy of "helping" JP and Jan-di confess their feelings? Really? If he was "playing" all along, what about what Jan di feelings? Did he mislead her? Why was it so hard for Jan-Di to let JP or JH know her feelings? I felt both guys tried their hardest but she was so non responsive!

    Macau- So they didn't communicate after 6 months and when we sees her, he tries to push her away? Reasons? The show never gave a reason, like was he given an ultimatum?

    Why do these kids all have poor communications skills?

    Why did JP go along with the whole wedding until the very end? Urgh

    What purpose to did JP father play? I thought he would play a more important role since Jan-di was looking after him! Like the key to taking down Madame Kang.

    Madame Kang- The money bribe, I'm sure she had something to do with the laundry going under, the kidnapping, the demolition of Jandi's apartment! There's was never any confrontation or justice served!!

    Amnesia and another girl introduced in the last 2 episodes? Really were going there?

    Who the hells goes away for 4 years? Did they communicate?

    Why does Jin hoo pop up everywhere and objecting to all the sweet moments! Urgh an unanswered proposal, seriously such an unfilling scene!

    There was simply no chemistry between Jan-di and JP!

    Overall I enjoyed BOF for some strange reasons! love the F4 friendship, fashion, travel and most importantly the cute curly haired Lee Min Ho!
  • This serial started out nicely but it became so cliché and predictable that its fame shocks me. There is nothing really going on other than a rich bad boy falling for a clumsy dorky but fiercely loyal girl. Jandi was really nice initially and different from the typical damsels in distress but sje soon turns passive and dependant like all other female characters. Other than her,no character was even good to begin with. There are barely any scenes where we witness phenomenal acting or brilliant scriptwriting.its overrated in my opinion
  • This is personal opinion.

    I am sad to say that this is the worst k-drama I have ever seen. I have never been so frustrated with the characters, specially the main male and female lead. I did not care for someone who abuses other people, gets away with punching random people, and still gets the girl.

    I was much more interested in the side characters than I was on the main lead story. I loved the honest playboy, the story should have been about him and the girl's friend.

    The soundtrack is pretty horrible, and I am a fan of k-pop and know they can produce better music (Full House)

    I really don't understand the hype for this series.

    I absolutely hated the parents, the bullies, specially the girl who spoke in English... Way too hammy for me in a bad way.

    I don't think anything justifies Goo Jun Pyo. Worst male lead ever. Nothing wrong with the actor, but they just glamorized him wrong. Yes, some good scenes, and dawww moments, only to be crushed later.

    The female lead can be annoying too, specially when JunPyo was actively seeking her (The trip to he island and preparing meals, seeing his heart)

    Gahhh <_< I hated the Jihoo triangle too >.>
  • j-480733 June 2018
    This show almost gave me a headache and I had to stop watching it 'cause I didn't know whether I wanted the main girl to be with the main guy or the support character lol.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Boys Over Flowers (2009, Korean Version) centers around a rich boy, Jun Pyo, who falls for poor girl, Jan Di, with plenty of obstacles in their path to love. Jun Pyo is the leader of the F4 (Flower Four), 4 rich close friends that are widely popular in the richest high school in Korea.

    What I liked about the Boys Over Flowers:

    a) this was first kdrama I ever watched and it will always have a special place in my heart. I was dismayed after the 1st episode with the overacting of Jan Di's family but was hooked by episode 2.

    b) F4 friendship worked and I loved how they became protective and caring of Jan Di. I watched the Japanese version after I watched the Korean version. Comparisons between the two versions are inevitable.

    The F4 Japanese actors are better than the F4 Korean actors with the exception of the lead male actor where I preferred Lee Min-ho. However, the Korean F4 members have intangibles that captivated me.

    F4 lead Jun Pyo was charming, caring, and loyal under the sneering veneer. Lee Min- ho, in his first male lead part, carried the show and has only improved in subsequent roles (Personal Taste, City Hunter).

    Ji Hoo (Kim Hyun Joong) was only initially a viable rival for Jan Di's love until she decides Jun Pyo is the one for her. His acting skills were limited but to his credit he stayed in that range and portrayed a sincere friend to both Jun Pyo and Jan Di.

    Yi Jung (Kim Bum), pottery master, was adorable and had good chemistry Ga Eul (Jan Di's best friend played by Kim So Eun). His acting skills were immature but his smile took that character far. In comparison, the Japanese character Soujiro was more mature, a truth teller, but completely shied away from romance.

    Finally Woo Bin (Kim Joon) completely lost the storyline lottery but had charm and chemistry with the others. In comparison, the Japanese character Akira had heart and was the glue of F4.

    c) female lead Koo Hye Sun as Jan Di had undeniable chemistry with Lee Min-ho and thankfully toned down the physical acting and amped up the emotional acting as the series progressed. Her character was reticent to commit to love but once she did, her continuous sacrifices for love mattered. In comparison the Japanese character Makino was spunkier and more open about her feelings. When Jan Di believed so strongly that Jun Pyo would remember their love that she almost drowned, it was compelling.

    d) the storyline is expansive (16 episodes, season 1) versus the Japanese version (9 episodes, season 1) but it works where they deviate. I preferred season 1 ending airport scene in the Japanese version (episode 9 Hana Yori Dango) and the season 2 ending beach scene in the Korean version (episode 25). The Japanese movie, an extended epilogue, Hana Yori Dango Returns, ties everything into a nice bow, where I wanted more of an epilogue in the Korean final episode 25.

    e) evil mom was formidable (aka President Kang played by Lee Hye-young) and could make any character shrink back with a single raised eyebrow.

    What I did not like about the show

    a) Jan Di's family made me cringe, the over acting was palpable.

    b) how many times did they play the theme song Almost Paradise? When they played that song during a fight scene, it was laughable.

    While the Japanese version, Hana Yori Dango, was better made, better acted, and more concise than the Korean version, Boys Over Flowers has intangibles which makes me prefer it.
  • thidang-5178218 March 2016
    Horrible drama with so much repetition. There are so many better Korean dramas out there. The characters are cliché. The poor girl and rich boy concept has been used in way too many dramas and this definitely was not the first out there. The actors aren't that great. I don't understand the hype. The story line could've like ended on episode 4, but they decided to extend it by just going in a circle and recycling ideas way too many times. The only characters worth watching wasn't even the main characters. The love triangle has also been overused throughout this drama. There's almost always a love triangle. The only reason most people even like this drama is because it has Lee Min Ho and it's on Netflix. Nothing spectacular overall its just boring and cliché.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Geum Jan Di is a poor but strong willed girl who gets the opportunity of a lifetime to be enrolled into the elite Shin Hwa high school. There she encounters the legendary F4, the four sons of the top Korean families. All rich, handsome, and arrogant, the leader Goo Joon Pyo has a particular nasty side. Geum Jan Di can't stand the injustice and the rivalry begins. The outcome blossoms into respect, understanding, and yes . . . love. Unfortunately (for them) or fortunately (for us) a love triangle develops and you can't help but fall under the spell of Boys Over Flowers.

    I have found that Korean Dramas have little foul language and sex scenes so this is completely appropriate for teens. I don't speak Korean but follow the subtitles. It's really not that bad!

    Summary of Characters: Geum Jan Di - played by Koo Hye-Sun. In the beginning her character's physical portrayal came out way too cartoonish at times for my taste. Luckily, a few episodes in she stops. Koo Hye-Sun really does a great job of making you root for Geum Jan Di. She has a lot of obstacles but tries to smile and get through the rough spots.

    Goo Joon Pyo - played by Lee Min-Ho. Completely arrogant and childish, yet he pulls at your heart. He goes through rough spots in his life too. Lee Min-Ho does a great job in this role, I haven't seen him do anything poorly.

    Yoon Ji Hoo - played by Kim Hyun-Joong. Ahhhh perfection! OK, I fell for this guy hook, line, and sinker. Strong silent type that is caring and affectionate. Did I mention a smile that warms your insides?

    So Yi Jung - played by Kim Bum. Pottery making ladies man! If you don't break into a smile when Kim Bum does his one-sided smirk into a full blown smile, something is wrong with you! Totally adorable!

    Song Woo Bin - played by Kim Joon. Underworld connections ladies man! I really wanted to see more of this character developed. He blurts out English phrases and has a tough guy image. He is a caring, loyal, and protective guy to his friends.

    I love this show! It takes you on a full range of emotions. Great job showing that all people have issues, rich or poor. Everyone needs love whether it be through romance or friendship. Definitely suggest this as a must see drama!
  • This is the worst version I have seen by. Lots of over acting. The main cast looks like they are in their 30's not believable as students at all
  • calinaviola12 August 2018
    It was really boring, i kept forwarding the chapters, acting was crappy, story was weak, overall nonsense, and what was up with all those long speachless scenes with annoying music? Overall I wouldn't waste my time with this one, they are far better ones out there like Coffee Prince, Secret Garden and Healer!!
  • I'm shocked on how much i love the series, it is sad and happy, romantic and cruel and most of all what all women dream for. There is some shocking acting in parts but overall this is 10 out 10. How will it end? Only 10 episodes left cant wait to finish this binge watching.
  • So, I gave it an 8 out of 10, but lets not forget the genre - it is not meant to be philosophical and arty! It is a high-school drama, but with very sweet and funny moments! I love the cartoon network style sounds they add from time to time! The title* in English is Boys before Flowers which sounds senseless and dumb to me - the ignorant European... So it made me pass by this TV series until a friend recommended it. And now I am totally addicted!

    *It turns out that this Korean title comes from a previous Japanese version which sounds something like: "Hana yori Dango" which is a word play from the saying: "Dumplings before Flowers" (which sounds the same - "Hana yori Dango"). The meaning of the saying is- when you prefer the material pleasures like dumplings instead of the abstract beauty of flowering cherry trees... If you want even more background info on that - check out the Japanese tradition Hanami...
  • Maybe because it's a 2005 drama, i couldn't bear the cringe worthy romance. Nothing interesting and donno why it's rated so high.
  • I loved this series and I wanted to watch more , even thinking to live in Korea
  • This story is over the top dramatic but I find myself watching each episodes. I remember it was aired back when I was in elementary and I just re-watched it now. It's just kind of frustrating how complicated the situation was but that just made the story plot unique I guess. Thumbs up
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This was the second Korean drama i watched, and i was really not prepared for the violent and over the top start. I was tempted to stop watching it before i even finished the first episode. I felt like this was never gonna work. It was too ridiculous. There's no way this could turn into a cute romance drama. Thankfully, i pushed through and slowly found out that i was wrong. Because it really does get better.

    The main character, Jan Di, was sadly a character that i really struggled to like. Her personality was all over the place. It was hard to predict or understand her actions. She also came off as very cold most of the time, showing almost no affection to her love interests. Which obviously made it difficult to care about her.

    Joon Pyo, who started off as a spoiled brat i thought i would hate, ended up being the one i loved the most in the entire show. He was hilarious, emotional, had great character development, and had heartbreaking troubles that made you just want to hug him.

    Ji Hoo was one of the main reasons i wanted to watch this show after seeing him in Playful kiss. But well, Joon Pyo stole the show instead. Ji Hoo was interesting, yet a bit too dull. I didn't really like that he was a part of the love triangle. Everything about him was just too sad. I wish he would've gotten some proper happiness, but it never happened.

    There's not much to say about the other two f4 members. I liked Yi Jung's love story with Jan Di's friend, even though i would've preferred if it had just been about a player getting used to having a relationship, instead of dragging up an old love of his. There's basically nothing to say about Woo bin. Sadly there's was only a very small look at his life. Shame they didn't get into it more.

    All in all, i really enjoyed it, despite it being a bit over the top at times and too much plot crammed into 25 episodes. Half of it would've been intense enough. But once you get into it, you're in for a wild ride. Though, if you're looking for a show with romance overload and a typical cute awkward girl following their crush like a puppy, then maybe look elsewhere. Because in this show, it's mostly the men who takes care of that part.
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