Pat patterson was the first gay north american (intercontinental) champion

In 1979 Pat Patterson was the first WWF north american heavyweight wrestling champion in 1985 the World Wrestling federation renamed the Title the Intercontinental Championchip

In 1999 chyna defeated Jeff Jarrett and became the only woman to hold the WWF intercontinental championchip at that time

Scott hall (razor ramon). Rob van damm. Jeff hardy. Daniel bryan. Christian. Sami Zayn and Triple H (Paul levesque) have all won intercontinental Championchip ladder matches

In 2020 The Miz broke Chris Jericho's record for the most combined intercontinental Championchip reins

The Honky Tonk man (Wayne Farris) holds the record for the longest intercontinental Championchip reins in WWE at 450 days

The Godfather. Ken shamrock. D'lo Brown. Val Venis. Drew McIntyre. Billy Gunn. Test. Albert. Rick Rude. Jeff Jarrett. William Regal. Rick Martel. Roddy Piper. The Mountie. Road Dogg Jessie James. Kurt Angle. Owen hart. Lance Storm. Rikshi. Marc Mero. Davey Boy Smith. Kevin Nash. Marty Jannetty. Kerry von Erich. Carlito. Shelton Benjamin. Eddie Guerrero. Randy Savage. Ahmed Johnson. Dean Douglas. Ezekiel Jackson. Dolph Ziggler. Zac Ryder. Umaga. Santino marella. John Bradshaw layfeld where all Voted the Worst Intercontinental Champions of all time