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  • Rocco Siffredi has given some fine performances over the years, but acting was not his chosen course of destiny. Watching this typical Evil Angel release of his shows the path he chose.

    It's the usual high-energy gonzo porn: sex workers paid to work up a sweat performing sex that merits that age-old video disclaimer displayed for the gentle viewer, viz., sex acts here may be dangerous or harmful to your health.

    Rocco appears very briefly in a cameo greeting a redhead, right before the video heads south with an endless BDSM orgy -the corny type with female sex slave hamming for the camera, and studs like Omar Gallanti forcing deep throat and anal sex on some unfortunate Euro babes. It goes on endlessly for 45 minutes or more, as tedious as any unedited session from

    The actresses here (or call them models, as industry prefers nowadays) are interchangeable and not very pretty, so we watch the familiar studs like Gallanti, Leslie Taylor, Keni Styles and Zenza Raggi abuse them. Porn not for the ages, but for the landfill (which now, in the world of streaming, is even less relevant).