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  • Shay Mosley has wreaked what used to be my fav crime show.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What were they thinking? A model rocket and a deadman switch plus a concrete truck dropping wet concrete from above while the bad guys fumble around unaware? The whole episode was slapped together with stupid / implausible plot points and unbelievable situations. Add that to the over use, poor writing, and bad acting on Nia Long's character, Assistant Director Shay Mosley, and you've got the worst and most unwatchable episode ever. Everyone loves Heddy, and I want her back too, but I want the old writing style and brains back more than anything! Guess someone's trying to kill the gravy train with these actors and writers...
  • jnoosa31 October 2017
    this season sadly is just awful with two new characters nia long and some one else that add nothing to the show, I say bad acting and scripts, story lines very sad , Hetty a main character though always seems to have minimal presence in the show now zero presence and cant see the show rebounding
  • As opposed to other reviewers who are sadly so limited they can only conceive of Linda Hunt as an object of derision, I tune in specifically to see her. The show is adequate. I've always liked LL Cool J and it's nice to see Chris O'Donnell again. (The nerds suck, especially when you consider Abby from the original show.) But it's the presence of Linda Hunt that elevates this show. She's a rich, interesting actor and her character here has a great backstory.

    Sure this team could be managed by yet another grizzled actor playing a tough as nails former Navy Seal type, whose life has been touched by tragedy because his wife died of breast cancer or his little girl choked on a marble. I'd rather have Linda Hunt because she is a true original. I've seen enough shallow cookie cutter actors with impossibly white teeth and ripped abs. Now I want to watch stories about people who are unique and unusual and earthy and human.
  • milan5210 January 2018
    It's time to bring Heddy back. Nia Long isn't a bad actress but she doesn't fit in this role. We watch this show every week even though it doesn't have much depth but we do find it entertaining. Lates since Nia Long has been their leader, I don't like this show at all. Fix the cast and get back to what made this fun to watch. Find another job for Nia to do where she does fit. Until then, we will probably watch another show instead.
  • This is my second episode without Linda Hunt. What happened? This show has lost its sparkle. Is Linda Hunt returning from Vietnam? If yes.... When? Please bring her back. The 2 episodes in this new season were so boring and old. Without Linda Hunt, this show is just like all the rest of the shows on TV. Just another shoot out show. Even the supposedly humorous lines did not work. One more episode without Linda Hunt, this show is history. The 2 new characters did not fit in - at all.
  • I watched the crossover (call it the NCIS:LA premiere) last season between the two NCIS casts and really enjoyed it. Chris O'Donnell has grown up and yet, there is still that juvenile offender on the loose quality to him. Teaming him up with LL Cool J was a stroke of genius. They play off of each other so well. Pulling in Oscar winner Linda Hunt to play Hetty was a masterstroke. This show is well cast and the writing is solid. I have to disagree with other reviewers about Adam Jamal Craig and Daniela Ruah. I think they put in very solid performances as supporting team members. And Barrett Foa is perfect as the somewhat geeky technical assistance. All in all, a fun show to watch. I look forward to it marking as many seasons as it's forerunner, NCIS.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Without her we wouldn't care for Callen or Hanna as it's her feelings about them that motivate us. It's her support of Deeks that reluctantly made us wait and see with him. It's her knowledge of Callen and her willingness to go after his enemies that carried us through procedural plot. Anyone sent to take her place is seen as our enemy and we long to see them eliminated. We wait for the little sounds bits from this diminutive character squirreling them away like precious nuts. Actually the two information analysts add to Hetty's character in a remarkable way. I was a little shocked when they added Nell as I thought Eric did a fine job without her but Hetty really made the addition work.

    A funny thing happened along our journey with Hetty…Callen and Hanna won us over. Normally with chemistry we're worried more between a woman and a man but it's also important between partners, or rather actors portraying partners. Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J have chemistry. It was a great starting point because until we got to know more about this duo it's really all we had to go on. As we watched we found their characters balanced each other out nicely as well.

    Callen is really the central character, before or after Hetty, depending how you look at it, whoever you love more. He doesn't know much about who he or his parents are, what his first name is beyond G or why people tend to try to kill him. O'Donnell plays the chameleon well even though he never really changes. I thinks this is so because it's about embodying the type of man you would imagine a chameleon would be rather than actively being a quick-change artist. His character arc was incorporated from the beginning, and you can tell, as it is worked very fluidly into the regular cases. I believe this is key to the popularity of the show as anything that shakes up the typical procedural format is looked upon favorably by television audiences.

    Hanna is a straight shooter, a perfect foil for the silent Callen, and a strong, moral character in his own right. You can believe his background as a former U.S. Navy SEAL and yet delight in the fact his story arcs tend to be about doing the right thing. It adds a lot of depth that it's his ability to speak an Arabic dialect and his affiliation as a Muslim that leads him to these story lines. By taking this character another direction, having him have a rather typical background, as compared to Callen, we can explore how his skills take him places you wouldn't expect. O'Donnell and LL Cool J take turns as to whose story arc will take precedent and I really like the unexpectedness of this. You as a viewer aren't always sure where the story will take you as far as the personal stories are concerned.

    At first, Kensi Blye was just the token female for me. She was hot, badass and skillful with guns…what's not to like? It wasn't until one of her fellow secondary characters was killed that she really came into her own. Her development really kept you watching during the first couple years of the show as you could see her character come into her personality. I especially enjoyed her recent character arc while she dealt with her father's past and his death, working on her trust issues. Many times it's not until you are much older that you really see your parents for what they were/are. In my opinion it was smart to link her to the Hawaii Five-O crossover as of all the characters we knew the least about her and it immediately added depth to her character. Especially as Terry O'Quinn was the connection point, as her father being a friend of his makes total sense. Daniela Ruah does Kensi justice in all the right places.

    I have to admit I hated Marty Deeks, though I wasn't sad to see the back of Nate Getz either. Eric Christian Olsen gradually won me over as his partnership with Kensi developed in tandem to the flourishing of her character. Deeks' personality is such that he's a great foil for the distrustful Kensi, he can wear her down and teach her intimacy. Do I want Deeks and Kensi to get together…no, to be honest. As soon as they do I feel like it's the death keel of the show. They like each other, they even love each other as partners do, but as of now I like that they are motivated for each others' well being and otherwise keeping it on a professional level. Now Deeks is simply part of 'Kensi and Deeks the partnership' and I no longer wish for his sudden irreversible death.

    The producers and writers are making good choices for this show as far as killing off characters, eliminating dead weight and developing the areas of back story and character that we love or have come to love. The one flaw of the show rears it's ugly head quite often when I'm watching this show…it's a procedural with all the procedural faults. Yes, NCIS: LA has the characters to back the story up. The audience enjoys watching them no matter the current difficulties, whether it's just a threat to national security or literally saving the world. It's also repetitive and non-threatening…since when has Hetty, Callen, Hanna, Kensi or Deeks not come through? And that's a problem.

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  • I really love this show but not so much since Mosley has been on board. Mosely's character is irritating & I can't stand the way she talks down to the other characters, especially in the season ending episode where she threatened everyone into compromising themselves for her own purpose & causing the entire team to fight! I've DVR'ed the new season & haven't watched it yet because I love NCIS LA but really don't want to see her character! Gawd I really hope they get rid of her character!! Love go back to what worked & leave her in charge & alone to run things!! Geez! I don't mind the Hidoko character though...IF she's still alive!
  • I used to enjoy this show but since the introduction of Mosley it has gone downhill rapidly. Her acting is wooden and she appears to be copying Linda Hunt's character. I do not know Nia Long as a actress, she is probably a good actress but find her acting here very wooden and fake. The writers are also trying to find something for her character to do so she seems to pop in the most strangest of places with the weakest of reasons to be there???? Grainger was not in every episode and when he did appear it was for a legitimate reason.

    I do believe this series has lost its way..... you need to go back to the drawing board.
  • luke_rock10 February 2010
    It took a while to get me interested in this series. Having been a long-time NCIS fan, I felt obligated to give it a fair shake. After the first few episodes, I felt bored and wondering if I should keep watching. Maybe it was because I was preoccupied when NCIS: LA would air. However, after settling down and focusing on the episodes, mainly the one where Dom gets kidnapped, I felt like they've hit their stride. There's no doubt this is a completely different show than the original NCIS. That's what makes it tolerable. They're not trying to copycat the other like the CSIs did in my opinion. They've got humor. They've got crimes they're trying to solve. They've slowly gotten some chemistry. Keep in mind, Shane Brennan is running both shows and he has yet to disappoint me on the original. They're in good hands and hopefully, they'll get even better. The first NCIS had a few bumps in the road during the first season and hit their stride in Season 2.
  • Too much Hollywood glitz and razzle dazzle and not enough work done to show military personnel portrayed realistically. I was, frankly, insulted by two young U. S. Marine Corps officers portrayed in an episode I saw today. Both were first lieutenants, both wore U. S. Army nametags, and neither of them had his insignia of rank (a silver bar on either side of the collar of his tan short sleeve shirt) properly positioned on the collar. It looked like someone put them on at an angle that looked "cool" to them, rather than parallel to the leading downward edge of each side of the collar. Both had issues with ribbons displayed over the left pocket of the shirt, one of them showing a Good Conduct Medal which is only awarded to enlisted personnel, not commissioned officers. I'm with a number of other reviewers who feel like the character of "Hetty" or "Henrietta Lange" portrayed by Linda Hunt really makes the show watchable. The characters just aren't convincing as realistic agents of the NCIS I was familiar with during the six years of active duty I gave in the United States Marine Corps. They really need to hire a consultant about military dress who knows what is correct, and what is NOT correct.
  • With all apologies to Nia Long, get rid of Mosley!
  • pbotting19 November 2017
    This show has always been subtle with it's left-wing leaning. However, this season is smacking us in the face with it. A real shame. Don't they get that they risk alienating at least half of the audience when playing politics. We'll have to see if CBS shows 'equality' with some leftist bashing. Skeptical.
  • barbcorallo20 January 2019
    I enjoy this program very much. But. I miss Hetty ! Will she be coming back? I think your show is now missing some of the quality that the Hetty character added.
  • Shame liked it till now. Finding new series to watch instead.
  • This show was never great, but it used to be good. I understand that the death of Miguel José Ferrer must have been difficult for the people involved in the show, but that was January of 2017. Now it's October of 2018--Pull up! Pull up! It really seems to be about to crash and burn right off the air.

    For the past year, they seem obsessed with internecine interagency battles, plus Heddy is often absent, and all these other senior officials cycling through every episode. It's just a mess.

    Why not just get back to it's rather straightforward formulaic stories and goofy banter? What's the point of all this other stuff???
  • For a spin-off the series started reasonably good and got better while it went along. But as with most series that go over the 5th season, because of lack of inspiration, the relationships became more important. So from an action series it slowly becomes a soap.

    And then the characters/actors ... Also in this the series started quite well but especially since series 9 some terrible changes/additions have been made.

    Basically they should stop with all 3 series of NCIS. The original is going from badf to worse, NCIS LA is going in the same direction, while NCIS Orleans has been bad from the start. Create something new mr. Bellisario, these have been dragged out too long and it´s getting painful to watch.
  • I sometimes "test" TV-show concepts for fun and this has got to be one of the stupidest shows ever now.

    They arrive at a crime scene all the characters have dialogue by standing in a circle saying one line each clockwise. They get back to office using large holographic mega TV-displays with drag and drop functions never seen in reality. The "plots" evolve either by them getting access to info in their mega-computer or by letting the computer nerd genius in the series provide them a new clue.

    This is show might be the prime example (at least from what I have seen) of lazy screen writing on mainstream network TV crime shows today.

    The of these writers are to be politically correct and that's it. They don't care if they ruin the show in the process.

    Do not, I repeat do not waste your time with this anymore!
  • This show has recently overtook the original NCIS as being my favourite show. NCIS:LA may be wacky, ridiculous, and completely the opposite of how a federal agency would operate, but we get to see Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J run round shooting people. It is unbelievably entertaining and fun to watch. However, there is more than just the casual element. Each season has a good back story. There's also the occasional twist. NCIS is slowly getting boring, or rather rapidly I should say. However, NCIS:LA is getting better and better with each season. I'm looking forward to Season 6!

    Happy viewing!
  • lesather6 October 2009
    I have to agree with people who question what this show has to do with the "Navy" part of NCIS (for that matter, what does this show have to do with the "Investigation" part). There has been a lot of running around, car chases, explosion and shoot outs in the first few episodes, but very little good writing or interesting characters. Instead of promising an "NCIS" spin-off, they should have called it a modern version of "The MOD Squad" because that is what comes to my mind.

    I think the biggest tell is that Donald Bellisario's name is nowhere to be found on this show (his son David is the Producer). I've always enjoyed the programs created and written by Donald Bellisario and if this is an example of David's future, he lacks his father's gift.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'm glad to see the other comments here – because according to all the magazines and websites, NCIS: LA is supposedly the hottest show this season. After having seen three episodes, I think the only reason I would continue to watch it is to ridicule the poor acting and horrible writing – a la, Mystery Science Theater.

    I've been watching NCIS from day one and absolutely love the characters and their relationships and the writing. I can relate to these characters because they remind me of my brothers, my former roommates – they have believable interactions and they have characteristics that make me want to care about them. Even Abby (who is a bit over the top as far as dress code in a work place) is someone you would trust. The other characters are believable as military/law enforcement – by their dress and behavior. NCIS story lines have a mystery about them, a plot, and we see a lot of problem solving, evidence gathering and Ducky explanations during the show.

    I know that NCIS: LA is trying to be its own show, but seriously, then please do not associate it with NCIS! Because all it is, as others have said, is just a Hollywood macho man police show. LL and Chris are like walking ads for Abercrombie and Fitch, nothing more. There is no investigation, and other than a few vague references - no military connection. There is no strong main character (like Gibbs). Hetty will *never* be that, and in fact her motherly clucking around is annoying, and I will never be convinced she was ever some secret agent with an incredibly mysterious past. LL and Chris seem to be sharing the lead role, but neither one of them really do much, but well…what do they do?

    The profiler/psychologist guy is simply irritating. He tries too hard to be a psychological know-it-all, to show off his Doctorate, even though he points out things that are common sense. Then there are the two others – the young agent Dom, who is a total wuss and looks ready to cry at any minute. He fails to 'predict' that a suspect was going to get killed – blames himself, gets all balled up about it internally, then psych-man runs to his emotional rescue – but then its OK, because by the days end young agent is all better now. Sorry, unbelievable story line. Then there is the girl who was brought in because she was hot – she adds nothing more - why else would the team spend more time prepping her boobs before she posed as a super hacker…instead of actually telling her what she would say/do as a hacker?

    Don't get me started on the unrealistic office and the gigantic overused touch screen they use – we get it, they are hip, and techno-savvy and in LA. But this show doesn't actually DO anything.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is the very hyped spin-off to NCIS. It was good. More hits than misses. LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell play their parts like veterans.

    Character wise you'll notice differences and similarities between this and NCIS obviously. There's a computer guru like Abby. There's a psychologist in the show where as in NCIS there isn't one. The main chief, Hetty, is an old woman who seems to treat her agents like their kids. In the first episode when Agent Callen (O'Donnell) arrives for his day back to work, Hetty makes sure he has everything he needs including a new wardrobe!!! She is definitely unlike Gibbs in many ways. Gibbs would never pamper his agents to that level. Gibbs is more direct and impatient. Hetty seems a bit more understanding. Hanna and Callen have a buddy buddy relationship in the tradition of Dinozzo and McGee. I found O'Donnell and LL's chemistry to be right on the money. Perfect casting here. They are creating a spin-off show with a couple of the same formulas from the original with an LA feeling. So far I think they've succeeded.

    You'll also notice differences in the way of how the organization deals with cases. For the bulk of the pilot it was Callen and Hanna doing the bulk of the muscle for their investigation. Maybe this will change over time.

    Story-wise the show seems to have a couple of stories to pursue. Callen still hasn't gotten his moment of justice for the people that shot him. In the the pilot is about a Navy Officer whose gunned down by people who are working for the drug cartel. There are a couple of twists to make the outcome not seem so obvious. OK sure it's a story that probably has been repeated many times but then again NCIS has plenty of routine stories that have been done to death.

    "Identity" introduces the main characters of the show. They establish O'Donnell and LL as the main stars. We get a taste of the supporting characters but not enough obviously to let us know what makes them act the way they do. We also get a few characters making cameos for the show like Director Vance.

    Overall, this so far is a nice spin-off. "Identity" was entertaining. There's a lot of possibilities here. As long as the show has character development and make stories interesting this could end up like NCIS having a long run.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    While this show isn't exactly like the original NCIS, I still absolutely love it. There is still that dynamic of banter. Instead of Tony/Kate(or Ziva)/ McGee, it's now Sam/Callen. While I do think this might have been better set in San Diego, I still like the premise.

    The investigation is quite different, but expected. They are not part of a MCRT, like the original NCIS, but rather OSP. They are undercover agents, more CIA then FBI, if you will. Their technique will be different. They don't wear badges, or ID themselves, because OSP 'doesn't exist'. This is referenced many times, especially when a story of their case comes on the news on TV, and Callen mentions that they never get credit, it's always the FBI or LAPD, and Hetti tells him that they can't get credit, because they don't exist.

    I love that there is a hidden past for Callen, much in the way that Gibbs's bast was hidden for the first three years. And having Director Vance and Abby make short crossovers is excellent. While JAG ended just a few years after NCIS started, I would love to see more crossovers with the OSP and the MCRT.

    For the people that have commented that this show is not a Bellisario production, perhaps you should realize that the original NCIS has dumped him as well. He is now simply a creator, but NOT an executive producer (and hasn't been for a few years).
  • What happened to Macy? She was an interesting and strong character, certainly posed a mental challenge to Gibbs. Did I miss an explanation of what happened to her? In the season preview, my impression was she was the boss. The episodes so far, she is not even mentioned. Did she leave after Calen got shot? I would love if someone has some insight into this one.

    I think this spin-off has some potential. The original is such a great show, one I wait every week for. I hope the can develop the characters of the LA team and put them in some of the more interesting situations the DC team finds themselves in.
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