Simon Belmont: I will show you the might of House Belmont.

Simon Belmont: Witness the Power of the Belmont clan.

Trevor Belmont: Come then, to battle.

Trevor Belmont: I will not allow anyone to befall the Belmont name.

Grant DaNasty: So, you ready to see my specialty?

Maria: I may be cute as a button, but I'm tough as nails.

Simon Belmont: He who wields this whip, is not easily defeated.

Trevor Belmont: [Against Sypha] You don't know me yet, this makes testing you easy.

Aeon: [Stage 1 Intro] Right on time. Welcome to the time rift. Here is where you will find what you desire. But there are a series of trials you must pass. Ready to begin the first trial?

Count Dracula: Come, the true lord of darkness is upon you.

Alucard: I shall do as I must to those who stand in my way.

Count Dracula: [Facing Simon Belmont] Simon Belmont!

Count Dracula: [facing Trevor Belmont] Trevor Belmont!

Count Dracula: How tiresome. What an utter waste of time.

Simon Belmont: [Performing is hyper move] Know the might of legend.

Maria: [stares at Sypha's breasts] They're huge...

Sypha Belandes: Will you stop? These things only get in the way.

Maria: How can you say that? Those are a sacred gift!