Film was shot on location at Mount Spokane High School in Mead, Washington. The majority of the cast attended there including writer/director Brian McCauley Johnson and director of cinematography Timothy A. Burton.

Film was shot over the course of an entire summer. This would explain some of the continuity inconsistencies.

Director of photography Timothy A. Burton had a cameo as the lazy Janitor.

Secretary was played by Gaylene A. Johnson, mother of writer/director Brian McCauley Johnson, while the Coach was played by Mark C. Johnson, his father.

Part of the soundtrack was composed by Robert Millsap who played Mr. Parrish.

Film originally began as a short until Timothy A. Burton convinced the director to write it as a feature.

Film was shot on the Canon XL-2.

Most of the characters were created based on inside jokes or life experiences.

Earlier version of the film was attempted but the faculty at the high school complained about the crew, forcing them to shoot over the summer.

Film premiered at Spokane Falls Community College and raised enough money to begin pre-production on "Blue Balloons."

The character of Mr. Parrish was created from a very exaggerated version of an actual teacher.

Most of Robert Millsap's lines were improvised.

Budget went primarily to buying snacks and Whoppers for the crew during shooting days.

A majority of the talent just happened to be at the school during one or more of the shooting dates.

Producers weren't set on casting Kristopher Higgins until they watched his audition tape again. They immediately called him offering him the part of Mark.

Every single person attached to the film, with the exception of Kristopher Higgins, attended or worked at the high school where the film was shot.

Dolly and jib were both constructed by Robert Millsap.

The film got considerable coverage throughout Spokane, Washington including news coverage, numerous newspaper articles and widespread premiere promotion/coverage.

Boy lost in the courtyard is Brian McCauley Johnson's best friend, Andrew Goudreau.

Music was all composed for the film itself.

Scripts were printed by Zach Meade at Post-Net during his time of employment.

Film was made possible by Deputy Bob Sola who took the filmmakers under his wing during their time at the High School.

School classroom is the same classroom used in "Blue Balloons".

Timothy A. Burton's part as The Janitor was added last minute to get him a cameo.

The production was popular among the student body but detested by the lot of the faculty.

Premiere gathered nearly 300 people from around Spokane, most of which had something to do with the final product.

DVD cover and posters were made by Shamrock Graphics which went out of business shortly after.