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  • eatcrowepls4 August 2018
    I liked this show a lot, I thought the acting was much better than on most kids shows and the writing unlike most kids shows did not make we cringe or want to vomit :)
  • The show was created by the same woman as Naturally Sadie so I was hoping it would be at least entertaining if not actually clever most of the time. So far I have been disappointed however. The writing is dull and insipid. I fear it may be because the stock TV writers are mostly not Indians and thus are struggling to come up with thematic material. On second thought even generic episodes have been lacklustre. The acting also seems poor although one does have to make allowances for the inexperience of the actors. Marline Yan shines though. A natural talent to be sure. Still I do rate it 7/10 because I'm happy to see something about Indians.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This ridiculous show should have been banned for its false stereotypes and disgusting depiction of Indians. There were some funny parts, but when introducing a certain minority culture for the first time, it's imperative to be very careful about how things are shown, and not get carried away just to make something funny, because it's not a typical sitcom like the others, but is seeking to portray a certain culture specifically. It makes real Indians feel embarrassed and non-Indians get false messages. The show where the white boy calls Indie and her family 'backwards immigrants' who 'raise chickens' was SHOCKING, and I cannot believe how explicit and vulgar that was. The dirty accents of the parents are such fake exaggerations of real Indians' accents, which are of course different from North American accents, but not so disgusting.

    Aside for the rubbish stereotypes, the actress herself, 'Indie', is a terrible choice. Her clothing is extremely strange and seriously, they should have chosen someone whose lip colour did not match their face. She is not actually Indian at all - she is Guyanese. To represent an Indian with a Guyanese makes no sense, just because their skin colours are somewhat similar. It's like making a Chinese show with a Japanese. This girl acts like she's embarrassed of her culture and the show makes it seem as if 'Indian culture' makes it hard for an 'Indian' to live in a North American society, which is completely false. She wants to reject important parts of her culture because she's ashamed of them. What a pointless, rubbish show, if it cannot show a culture positively. Only some parts were good, such as when the family put emphasis on the children getting As and this was not depicted in a dirty way, such as by showing them as 'nerds' or some utter rubbish.

  • First let me say that I saw the episode about "managing moms" at writing conference at Ryerson University.

    I couldn't believe how BAD it was. The acting was terrible and waaay to over the top but that is not necessarily all the fault of the actors as the writing was not believable at all. This is not the first time i've seen such horrendous dialogue but it is the first time where the acting made it worse then it already was.

    My buddy who graduated the A/V program at Ryerson made a comment that it was so mechanical that it had no life whatsoever (or something to that effect). I should probably mention that I did laugh (or smile) at some clever jokes but that does not save the production on the whole.

    What was sad was the panel presenting it seemed to be "gushing" over it and that it it was such a great idea that it just had to be produced, The producer/writer/director was saying how he tried to produce it ten years ago and it kept getting rejected. Maybe he should have taken the hint.

    I do apologize for being so harsh but I felt it needed to be spoken. But since it is for the kids it is really their views that count, not mine.
  • Bhomiq11 June 2020
    I remember watching this when I was younger and absolutely loved it. The other shows that ran at the time weren't as good so I'm surprised there aren't any more How to be Indie lovers. I've been rewatching it recently and I forgot how great it was. The script is funny and over the top (in a good way) but I also just love the friendship between Marlon, Abi and Indie. Friendship goals right there. I guess I like this show more than the average person because I can relate to it, being an Indian myself. I love the fact it portrays the Indian culture cos a lot of shows (especially nowadays) lack that diversity and focus; I've always wanted to see a show that features characters/main characters of different backgrounds and this is probably the only show (the only good show) that has an Indian female lead! It's too bad it didn't get picked up for a third season, I would have loved to see more. The good shows never get to see the light unfortunately.
  • I don't get it but I'm not supposed to get or like shows made for kids. I know the kids liked this one when it was on (2011 or so) and they missed it when it was gone. Haven't seen it rerun at all so I'm assuming it'll be hard to track down. Just checked and it's not available on YouTube or anything. Recommended though if you have kids or up to young teens.