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  • Firstly, this movie can't be made today. Coz PETA won't allow it. The poor animals' must have been tortured horribly. There is a fight with a lion and within minutes we have a fight with a tiger. Now I want to know which Indian forest has both these animal. The movie also promotes many myths like the snake drinking milk. The poor strict non-veg animal won't know how to begin drinking milk.

    Then this group of guys from the city disturb a snake who then takes a human form and eliminate them one by one.

    No. It's not a copy of Nagin. It borrowed the theme and added tonnes of emotions and religious overdose. The idea is do what you want but pray and all will be forgiven.

    This climax is as ridiculous as any. The hero is bitten by a snake and then the wife comes and prays to all the gods. The vengeful snake returns to sucks out the poison and our hero lives.

    This movie has a hit number of its day, Amma oka bomma

    But watch the movie coz its full time pass.