• Continuity

    After the main fight, when Waller shows up, she is holding her phone with the kill app horizontally. In the next shot, she holds it vertically. Then again horizontally in the next shot, although she does not move.

  • Factual errors

    Enchantress fires a bolt of plasma at a surveillance satellite in low Earth orbit, which peculiarly seems to stand still waiting to be destroyed. It should be hurtling by at nearly 8 km/s (28 thousand kilometers per hour); or if supposed to be in a geostationary orbit, then it should be 36 thousand kilometers higher up.

  • Plot holes

    Despite the fact that they were the only members wearing full restraints during the crash of the Suicide Squad's helicopter, the flight crew itself does NOT survive the crash. And this is made even more incongruous by the fact that the helicopter crashes and then rolls in a manner where its cargo area, and not flight deck, took the brunt of the impact.

  • Plot holes

    When Deadshot has to kill a mob informant he shoots his gun which purposefully ricochets off a metal plate to kill the informant as he is walking in the hallway. As the mobster goes down there is a guard walking directly behind him. The guard would have been killed first.

  • Revealing mistakes

    After Diablo is knocked away by Incubus (just before taking his demonic form) the scythe tattoo on his forehead has switched from facing his right to his left, meaning the image was mirrored.