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  • Time Again follows that familiar formula of an event happening and a person having multiple chances to go back in time and fix it. Let's call it the Groundhog Day genre.

    Here a girl mourns the death of her sister during a heist gone bad and gets a chance using a magical coin to go back and make the wrong things right.

    I actually like this formula despite the fact it's been done to death but this is positively generic and couldn't play it any safer.

    The thing which bugged me the most is that nothing is explained, maybe that was intentional but I hated it. Who is the mysterious bearer of the coins? Does it even matter? Time Again isn't bad, it's just not good either.

    The Good:

    Decent premise (Even if it's not original)

    The Bad:

    Clichéd,generic & predictable

    Things I Learnt From This Movie:

    A police officer just shooting at random people/vehicles before identifying them as threats is standard protocol

    Electrocution causes you to become cross eyed

    Several pounds of Semtex will only blow up a 2ft squared area
  • Satrvlr8 February 2013
    I think this film needs an Oscar for the fake reviews on IMDb and message board. The gap between the real quality of the movie (very horrible) and the praise it gets on IMDb is abysmal !

    So for the sake of innocent reader, let me clarify some things: It's the worst acting, directing I have ever seen in ages. The storyline is silly as well as the Scenario and character. I'm sure that a guy with an iPhone can achieve better production value than this cheesy movie. I've been using IMDb for years and it's gotten progressively worse lately. The rating system here can be manipulated and anyone with a new account can get on the front page is fundamentally flawed.

    Avoid this movie at all costs Don't waste a cent on it.
  • Stars:Gigi Perreau Robert Pike Daniel 'Time Again' kind of has a cable movie vibe, There seems like a stopping of tension/violence/pacing .

    Really like the chemistry of actresses playing the sisters in main plot and the cop character adds a lot to story telling.

    Mentioned that this movie almost succeeds on many levels and yet holds back on details,That telling a science fiction plot needs.

    The gun/shooting effects are great and seem real and add so much to making film cross over to action/adventure to science fiction.

    To have character actors like GiGi and Robert to fill in some lines to the young leads makes so much sense for this film to entertain as it does.
  • It starts out with bad, cheap titles and everything else follows suit. Bad acting, bad writing, bad directing (was there any directing or were they just winging it?), bad camerawork, even bad cameras ( or at least poorly maintained). I'm a big fan of time travel movies, but this one was pretty hokey and extremely low quality.