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  • It's the strangest thing. Not that I have been reading Marvel comics since 1967, inspired by those classic crappy 1966 cartoons. And not the fact that I have grin up and now growing old with these fictitious people. But the fact that I find these cartoons very entertaining. Call me a silver-age stooge, but these upbeat capers are a lot better than the general "dark themed, gloom and doom" that seem to dominate most of the genre. It's like the Sponge Bob of heroes. I have lived with these characters most of my life and enjoy this silly Hulk much more than the Ang Lee version. I've seen character updates and revisions until the characters match their origins in name alone. That's it; more Stan Lee than Ang Lee, more Kirby and less Miller. I'm waiting for the DVD sets for my grandchildren.
  • Let me start by saying that I really, really wanted to like this show. I'm in my early mid-twenties, and I've been a lifelong comic book fan since my mother gave me my first one as a child. Batman: The Animated Series and The X-Men were some of my favorite cartoons when I was a kid. I think it's great when comics are adapted into cartoons that kids can get into.

    Up to now, I had only heard decent things about this show, and that may have been because of the source. I didn't go out of my way to check this show out, but it happened to be on this morning while I was changing channels. I probably wouldn't have even noticed it if Stan Lee hadn't done a voice over in the opening of the episode. Often, I'm hesitant to simply call myself an adult, but I think I am just too adult to like this show. Compared to the cartoons that are written with subtext to appeal to adults, this one seems much more simply clean and kid friendly. There is nothing wrong with that, it just doesn't appeal to me.

    If you are a parent that was/is a comic book fan, or a parent who would like to use comic books as a venue to get your children reading, I recommend having them check out the show. The characters seem pretty accessible to kids. The styling of the characters, compared with the choices of voice acting seem like the sort of thing that will be a big hit with small children.

    If you aren't a comic book savvy parent and your kids gain an interest in them from this show, do yourself the favor of checking out the reading material they're interested in before buying it for them. Not every comic book is kid friendly, and a lot of the Marvel titles get into territory probably too gritty for most young kids. (Which isn't to say DC doesn't as well, this show just features Marvel characters, so I'm banking on character recognition.) In short, there's nothing inherently bad about this show, it just isn't for everyone.
  • shawneve25 October 2009
    This is for all of the adults who say the show is crap... Get over yourselves.

    I have 3 boys and they can't get enough of this show, and as others have mentioned it was made for KIDS!

    I think it is great that Marvel/Disney are adapting the characters for different demographics. I don't let my kids watch the more mature Marvel shows, but this one is good kid fun and they now know and love all the characters. When they get older perhaps they will continue that love and buy the comic books.

    My kids are also playing the Wii game of the show, and love that as well.
  • Alaric, Does everything have to "be respectful of what happened before"? If that was the case, then you would never be able to get kids (who comic books and cartoon shows are generated for) to ever read the books or watch the show. The show is not bad and it serves its purpose... getting kids involved in the Marvel Universe and capitalizing on Marvel's large number of characters. The show is not created for adults, but for kids ages 4-8. If you think this is coming from someone who does not know the Marvel Universe or is not a comic book aficionado, think again...I have read comics for nearly 25 years and I have delved into my uncle's stash that dates back to '64 on countless occasions...I know and cherish the history and also know that while the numbers say that the industry may be doing okay, I also know that I have been into too many comic book shops and talked to too many owners who state that they have very few kids coming into the shop to buy comics, only 30-60 year old men. The industry will surely either wither to next-to-nothing or die if it isn't willing to take chances like this. I applaud Marvel, Lee, Quesada, and all involved for putting this product out there.
  • Its funny how when I was a kid (back in the 90's and early 2000's), I used to watch Marvel's animated versions of the Incredible Hulk, X-Men, Spider-man, Fantastic Four, and Iron Man, and I remember they all had SUBSTANCE. The people who made them made me feel intelligent while being entertained. They made me care about the characters. I may have even learned a few things from watching each show. The best thing of all, those shows were made to where ANY demographic could watch and enjoy it. However, according to the American mainstream media, they INSIST that children's programming (like this show) should be dumbed down, because they think children are too incompetent to understand drama, well-written stories, or character development. If they wanted the show to actually do well, and wanted to reach out to the child demographic, they could've emulated what they did with Iron Man: Armored Adventures, where they portrayed most of the characters as teenagers. At least that would've made it relatable.
  • A lot of the reviews and message boards claim this is a cartoon that only kids will enjoy. Yes, I think kids will enjoy this, but guess what? Adults with an open mind can too! If you're like me and not too familiar with the whole comic book lore, then perhaps you'll enjoy this cartoon. Not being familiar with who is who and who is an adversary of who helps me not take this cartoon too seriously. Sometimes it's enjoyable just to sit back, relax, and laugh. The humor isn't all bathroom jokes as some would suggest. Some of the jokes are pretty creative (check out Dr. Doom's teddy bear!).

    Basically the cartoon focuses on a small group of superheroes (led by Iron Man) and their battles against super-villains (led by Dr. Doom). The groups interact with other superheroes and super-villains so you never know who you're going to meet in each episode. There's more to it, but I don't want to say too much. If you want to watch, watch it with an open mind, not with a mindset to critique or compare it with other superhero cartoons. Look at it as a satire and something to laugh at after a hard day at work. Your kids will love it and hopefully you will too.
  • alaric320 September 2009
    This is insulting. Quesada and Lee should be ashamed. Why can't we have shows that respect what came before? Why do they have to sell out to a goofy trend that has no staying power? Kids aren't stupid. This version of Marvel's universe is. If you like baby like graphics and fart jokes a 5 year old wouldn't laugh at there is something wrong with you and, side note, this show is for you. Wow! is it bad. If your audience invests their time in the continuity of characters you have shown great power in your creations. With this great power comes the responsibility to make that investment worthwhile and to not spit on the investors. Satire is more intelligent than this. It does not rise to parody. If it was not from marvel I would call it slander.
  • you guys got to remember companies are trying to with all there might to make there shows kid friendly since parents and non parents alike are becoming to protective of there kids I mean some of the really good cartoons with any violence or complexity whatsoever is receiving the short end of the stick, unless its dark and moody in some way to lower the out of control kids thing. as a result not only marvel but Disney,and other companies can't do the usual things they do not even if looney toons is involved.and Japanese animation or at least inspired Japanese animation is relied on to much because the overall plot and characters, is just not good at times(or all the time if that is your opinion).Just look at at bakugan,Pokémon,and of late transformers(with the exception of robots in disguise(RID)transformers that one was excellent)not to say there were non anime inspired shows that were bad,mediocre,horrible,and or just plain hard to like overall with both kids and adults alike, such as batman the brave and the bold(which is hard to like at times),iron man armored adventures(which is also hard to like at times), and when someone try to put a TV show based off a game like sonicX(based off a sonic the hedgehog if you didn't know)tak and the power of juju(based of of the game of the same name) donkey kong country legend of the crystal coconut,and kirby right back at ya.

    Someone has to screw it up a little or a lot due to some crazy view of whats kid friendly, 4kids.TV butchered sonic rather than simply toneing down the violence which was the only thing that was necessary,same with kirby right back at ya, and than there was tak and the power of juju TV show which looks like a horribly doned parody of the game. donkey country TV show on the other hand the only problem with that one was the change in character appearances and the plot can be unnecessary. and when someone wants to bring back on old show to be back and better than ever or even just as good you get similar results.

    but getting to the real point I actually like this show since it has a lot of comedy and funny humor, and maintains the marvel charm in a fresh new way, it had me laughing a couple of times and the characters we know and love are portrayed perfectly. nope nothing wrong with this show unless you are a die hard fan of the usually marvel routine.

    although one cannot help but wonder why didn't any of the companies make something like this sooner for the kids, the designers that made transformers animated,super robot monkey team hyper force go, the batman,already got there but nobody else did, does anyone who read this review see a pattern? cause I do.
  • Okay, so I understand that this show is probably not marketed to my age, but I enjoy many other shows of this genre.

    This show is horrible! they could have done a Justice League feel and style but instead the creators chose to go the route of Captain Flamingo! The jokes are bad, the transition scenes are long enough to become another theme song, and the characters all look like little anime--chibi or whatever they are called--toys! My vote is that you save yourself a half hour and don't watch this. I hope that this show fails miserably so that they re-release it for an older demographic, that would be sweet!
  • OK, as much as I love Marvel, I have to admit they have done some pretty stupid things in the past. But dear lord, how could they agree to this? OK, I know this is based on the toy line and not the comics, but this is just bad! I do try and be as constructive as I can when I review things, but this show has angered me beyond belief! Gone are the wonderful, multi-layered characters of the comics and now they are replaced by Looney Tunesesqe type cartoons. It just doesn't work in this kind of context and they just come across as annoying and completely unlike what you'd expect from a Marvel franchise! OK, I know this show is aimed at kids, but that doesn't mean they couldn't at least try! Especially when you consider the Spider-Man and X-Men cartoon series (which were equally aimed at kids, but still kept in tone with the comics they were based on), were done so well. To me this is just an insult, to both the characters and the audience. The stories are dumb and full of unnecessary pop-culture references. And don't even get me started on the voice acting! Doctor Doom sounds less like the enigmatic conquerer that is in the comics and more like the Red Guy from Cow and Chicken (though they do have the same voice actor so I guess that makes sense) and MORDOK's voice is as annoying as Jar Jar Binks. You can't even hear what he says most of the time! This show is an insult to the Marvel Characters and I can't believe Marvel would allow this to happen. Just goes to show how low they will sink to earn a quick buck. This is the second worst thing Marvel have ever attached their name to. The first being Deadpool from Wolverine Origins... but that's a story for another time.
  • You should be embarrassed for posting such a ridiculous review. Like others have so eloquently pointed out, this show is designed for children not adults stuck in suspended adolescence who's idea of a vacation is going to ComicCon. Take off your Iron Man t-shirt, get out of your grandmother's basement and step into reality. The creators of the Marvel Universe can fully decide how wide that universe can be and it all doesn't have to completely coincide. Fall back and let the kids enjoy a cartoon created for them, not super-nerd fanboys like you. Keep it coming Quesada and Lee, personally I think the show is funny and serves it's purpose.
  • burgobunch14 July 2012
    A lot of people want to see this as a great Marvel series from the ranks of the original X- men animated series, hoping its true to the comics and a serious take on the stories they've loved. Being a huge Marvel comics fan, even I was not thick enough to just pass this off as them making a quick buck. I've always seen this series (and I believe this to be the intention) as a show that small children will enjoy, while holding a distorted mirror up to the Marvel universe and having a laugh at itself. It's almost like if the Marvel universe was like every Deadpool comic, self parodying and winking to all the fans. For example, this is well displayed through Thors absurd Shakespeare speak, taking the mickey from his speech in the comics, or Cap's over Americanness. Haters will hate, but I just frigging love!
  • You know when I first saw this show, I thought it sucked. I thought Marvel jumped the shark again. But as time went by I started to like it and I realize its for kids. When I see a kid getting into comics thanks to the cartoons, it puts a smile on my face, hoping I see new comic book readers and its great that kids can recognize these characters. Heck, my four year old nephew and his cousin love the show so much. I love that they actually use underrated characters like Falcon,Silver Surfer, and Ms.Marvel as main characters in the show, but to be honest its not as great as Batman: Brave and the Bold, while being campy and aiming toward kids, it actually does the comics justice, this really doesen't. But I don't mind.

    Overall it may not be for you, but it's for kids and you know this was used to market the toyline. So yeah you may not like this show because fart and booger jokes, but hey this came out when I was kid I would've loved it.
  • My 3 yr old daughter has recently developed an obsession with Iron Man. I'm not really sure how this happened. I have no real problem with it, but being familiar with comics and animation in general, had a lot of trouble deciding how to enjoy this new interest with her; after all, just because it's animated doesn't mean it's child-friendly. She's too young to get into the Iron Man movies or even the animated Invincible Iron Man movie and a lot of the themes would go over her head. She breaks limbs off of the action figures marketed for older kids and adults, and I don't think anyone in their right mind would hand a 3-year-old a comic book unless it was a travesty you wanted to accidentally maliciously destroy. So I was thrilled to find this series- a little silly, a little weird, and it's somewhat painful for a fan of the comic books to see the characters portrayed the way they are, but it's perfectly appropriate for a little person and that's what I was looking for. It reminds me a lot of those old 80's shows I grew up with; Ninja Turtles, Mighty Max, Project G.eeK.eR., Earthworm Jim, etc. It's cute and kinda cheesy and fun, I would recommend it to parents looking for a way to indulge a toddler's superhero obsession or introduce a kid to Marvel heroes without the darker story lines, but I would not recommend it to older fans or anyone who lacks a sense of humour and willing suspension of disbelief.
  • OK...If you are obsessed about comics and movies about Superheros as I am, then you should appreciate any and all attempts to reach all ages with their stories for ALL AGES. If The Super Hero Squad Show is not your speed, then why should you critic it? Unless you want to show them as they are in the comics or in the movies, which is redundant. Why show the same thing over and over? And this goes to you mostly dragoniawriter. If you don't like the show quit watching it, it's for kids, switch the channel or simply turn off the tube and go out and be a real superhero. All in all I'm just saying, Daddy's got his shows and the kids have theirs. Which I watch...personally, I'm a DC guy myself.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This was a very dumb cartoon, being way too unfunny and childish to be remotely enjoyable. All the jokes from this series are terrible.

    If the creators of this series wanted to make a lighthearted portrayal of the Marvel super-heroes from a cartoonish perspective, why they just didn't make an animated adaptation of Chris Giarrusso's "Mini Marvels" ? That could have been something way funnier and much better than this painfully unfunny drivel.

    The only good things about this series were the animation (Which was gaily decent in my opinion) and the characters designs, which I personally liked. Other than that, this doesn't have any single redeeming value.

    1.5/10 (And that's being generous)
  • Brownsbros326 September 2009
    I don't get it. Are they supposed to be little kids or midgets? I like the idea of doing a multiple superhero series featuring the Marvel characters, but this just doesn't work for me. Obviously, this is geared toward a younger audience, but I know younger kids that probably won't care for it either. I was not too keen on the idea of making Tony Stark a 16 year old kid in Iron Man: Armored Adventures, but at least they are making that work for me. This show, on the other hand is just plain terrible. They ought to go back and watch episodes of Justice League. The writers need to see what worked on that show and adjust accordingly. Iron Man, Wolverine, Captain America, the Hulk, etc. are just as beloved as the DC characters, and could become a good series if done right.
  • minerethan7 October 2009
    This is what you get when Disney buys out Marvel. I mean if I would have ever imagined in a fictional world of Disney buying out Marvel this is what I would have imagined. The characters all look like children. The Silver Surfer they actually made to sound like a surfer stoner probably one of the biggest insults to anyone who is a fan of the original Marvel stories and wolverine sounds prepubescent, I mean when he usually says "bub" in the gritty undertone way it sounds cool but when he sounds like his balls haven't even dropped yet its just horribly sad. All the characters only have four fingers adding to the idiocy. I know this is for a completely different are group than I'm in but I still wanted to check it out and its and insult to all the real fans.
  • scvillaruz16 August 2017
    For a kids show this was pretty cool. Even tho it's a parody of the Marvel Universe it has balance of comical and action. It has plot and story which make the show better unlike today's kid show like "Teen Titans GO". They also show different Heroes and Cameos from the comics that kids will learn.

    The animation also looks cool, at least they gave effort for the design details.
  • Okay let me get this out of the way. This show is aimed at kids, which I am not. I am however one of the millions of adults who enjoy well written well made cartoons. DC/Warner Bro's tend to be my favorites as they do an excellent job at crafting cartoons that kids can enjoy but that adults can watch and appreciate on different levels. I knew nothing about "The Super Hero Squad Show" except it was from Marvel and would star a slew of super hero's from their universe. Like I said I prefer DC's super hero's. They always seemed more thoughtful. Marvels guys tend to be a little too whiny and introspective. Still a cartoon with Wolverine, Hulk, Cap America and several other of the heavy hitters had the possibility of being fun and maybe even really cool. It just goes to show even I can be wrong. Lets hope this portion of the Marvel universe implodes real soon.

    Cartoon Network is having trouble with declining ratings. They are so desperate that the "cartoon" network has begun showing non animated programs. I thought that was a really bad idea until I saw "The Super Hero Squad Show". Now I know what a really bad idea means. Giving the green light to this show was a reallllllllly bad idea.

    This can barely be called a show more like an endless array of fart and booger jokes that even if its aimed at 3 year olds is still too dumbed down for its audience. Wow I am stunned at how horrible this show is on so many levels. Besides the previously mentioned farts and boogers, the tiny cutesy design of the super hero's are obviously designed to sell the toy line that was probably designed and in production before the lol "writers" of the show ever put paper to pen.

    If I haven't been clear enough yet. I really hated the two episodes I forced myself to watch. Please don't make the same mistake I did. Don't watch even one second of this travesty.
  • I think a lot of reviewers are overestimating the target audience for this show. It's not for the Justice League group. It's not even for the Teen Titans group. It's the DORA THE EXPLORER group! Pre-schoolers! Of COURSE it's going to be incredibly simple stories and fart jokes! Afraid kids will be scarred when they read the source material comics? The target audience is too young to read anyway! It's an adorable show for very young children that won't make parents cringe when they watch with them. My 55 year old, Silver Age-loving dad thinks it's really cute. A lot of care was taken with the material, reducing characters to their simplest but most accurate characteristics. I think even Tony is addicted to something, though it isn't alcohol. Quesada and Stan really put a lot of thought into this series and it shows. Plus you just can't go wrong with Blum as Wolverine.
  • ehcysp22 January 2012
    This is my first review, so lets get down to it. I like Marvel, but I am a casual fan in comics. This show is for kids, that is the key thing here (I am in my teens). Adults and fans may enjoy the animation, and the occasional in joke, but all in all it is for kids. True, cartoons are supposed to be for kids, but they should appeal to all audiences. In this show: the dialogue can be painful, the character designs are bad (they're fateful, mostly, but the kiddie look is my problem), and the humor has its ups and downs. The show is too juvenile. Kids shows can be fun for everyone, look at the DCAU: Justice league or Batman the Animated Series; they're comic books presented as kids shows, and they're great for both adults and kids, they're mature, action packed, and not overtly violent. This show is very disgraceful to Marvel, as they can do so much with their characters, if you want a better marvel program watch The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes: its good for kids, and very entertaining for adults as well. Being a kids show does not entirely dismiss the poor concept and mediocre execution.
  • DCfan12 October 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    Okay, I have to admit when The Super Hero Squad Show first came out when I was younger. I didn't find any interest what so ever.

    But when I saw few episodes of this show last year and one this year. I have to say it is subordinate for someone who is 1-7 years old for newer generations of Marvel fans. But I have to admit some episodes are just "What am I watching?" for example there was an episode of a 3-year-old girl constantly crying because she was causing destruction with a fractal and her dad was looking for her but overall it is a watchable show.

    If Teen Titans Go! was like this I would actually recommend it. But avoid that show and watch this instead because this will feel like an actual superhero show.
  • This show is based on a series of 2-inch action figures from Hasbro that came out starting at the beginning of 2006. The line was aimed at kids "3 and up". So yes, the show is aimed at kids. So what? Doesn't mean everything from now on in the realm of animated comic characters will be aimed at this audience.

    I came across this show cold upon seeing it in Greg Grunberg's CV. Having seen the first episode, I probably won't make an effort to watch any more, but lighten up people. Treat it as the farce it is and don't watch it if you don't like it.

    It would be one thing if this series was supposed to be a faithful adaptation of the comics - but it isn't.

    I personally find the leathered up X-Men and Fantastic Four movies harder to take as they don't look anything like the characters I remember - but then I was reading the comics when they first came out.

    And while I like "The Spectacular Spider-Man" and will miss it if the Disney takeover of Marvel kills it, as seems likely, the liberties it took were sometimes jarring.
  • CandleKel22 February 2010
    What a hilarious show and my kids LOVE it! I give it one mark off for having too much "occult" in some of the episodes (thank to Dr. Strange), but other than that...VERY clever, witty and original. Kudos for lack of violence like the new superhero shows. This one is mostly kid friendly...and could be even MORE kid friendly (i.e. minus scary, occult stuff). The new Justice League stuff (including the Green Lantern Movie) and NOT kid friendly, but are full of violence and inappropriate material. I'm so glad the Marvel side made a much better KIDS show.

    Pretty darn good kid's superhero show (with parental guidance of course)...and Dr. Doom's mother on Facebook...I almost peed my pants! AWESOME!!!
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