• Ring Of Fire
    Written by June Carter Cash and Merle Kilgore (as Maria Kilgore)
    Performed by Johnny Cash
    Produced by Sony Music Entertainment
  • Jimmy
    Performed by Drew McWeeny
  • I'll Remember You
    Written by Kulokalani Leo
    Performed by Makaha Sons
  • I Was Born a Cancer
    Written by A. Mazurel, H. Mazurel, A. Rodrigue, N. Pousset, F. Fenaux, A. Irrissou, O. Martin
    Performed by Jack The Ripper
    Production and Copyright by Le Village Vert
  • Sleeping Beauty
    Written by Patrick Wolson, Simon Angell, Robbie Kuster and Mishka Stein
    Performed by Patrick Wolson
    Published by Secret City & Intrigue Music
  • Everywhere
    Written by John Dahlback and Pfeiffer
    Performed by John Dahlback
    Copyright by Universal Music Publishing & Joia Records
  • Blink
    Written and Performed by John Dahlback
    Produced in 2007 by Pickbook Music/Paradise Records
    Copyright Universal Music Publishing
  • I'm In The Mood For Love
    Written by Jimmy McHugh and Dorothy Fields
    Performed by Lord Tanamo
    Copyright 1935 Sony ATV Harmony Droits de Synchronisation/Copyright 2008 Trojan Sales
  • Russian Dance
    Written and Performed by Tom Waits
    Produced in 1993 by Island Records
    Copyright Jaima Music
  • Five Bottles Mambo
    Written by Moises Vivanco and Billy May
    Performed by Yma Sumac
    From the LP "Yma Sumac Mambo" (1956)
  • Waimanalo Blues
    Written by Kiko Martín and Thor Woro
    Performed by Country Comfort
    Produced by Cord International