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  • I really like this kind of TV shows. Somehow it reminds me of 'Pippi Longstocking'. OK so this might be weird to you but the relationship between the grandpa and his grandson brings a harmony and a great feeling that Pippi had towards her dad and relatives.

    This show brings lots of memories back to us adults and while watching few glimpses with the kids, I remembered my grandpa and grandma whom both have passed away. Also the show encourages strong relationships between grand parents and their grand children. Its great to see that kind of shows on TV. I'll say keep up with similar ideas and the society will be a better place.
  • If you consider yourself a fan of the media, don't miss this! The special effects are the best I've ever seen in a TV series and the characters are very well written.

    Grandpa is one of the most interesting characters in TV history but Jason Mason steals the show. It's as if you were watching a real 11 year old. I'm so disappointed that this series ended so soon. Also, Mr Whoops is incredibly funny. You thought Tom and Jerry was the pinnacle of physical and slapstick comedy? Ha!

    All in all, Grandpa in my pocket is a very well rounded series. Great special effects, characters, writing and music.