Janet Jackson broke three titanium golf clubs in her rampage scene.

In the first film, Jill Scott was in the midst of going through a divorce, just as her character was undergoing a break-up with her husband. In this one, she had just had a baby, just as her character Sheila did in this movie.

The fifth time that Louis Gossett, Jr. and Cicely Tyson have worked together.

Janet Jackson learned of her brother's death on 25 June 2009 while filming. Production briefly halted following the death of Michael Jackson. When filming resumed, Janet Jackson channeled the grief and sadness into her acting.

The biggest difficulty with filming the nighttime scenes in the Bahamas, was the amount of mosquitoes and fireflies attracted by the production's lights.

Tyler Perry's ninth film in five years.

Its opening weekend gross of thirty million makes it the third highest opening for a self-directed Tyler Perry film.

This is the only Tyler Perry play-to-film adaption to have a sequel.

This was first Tyler Perry directed film that released in Japan.

Producers scouted locations for 15 days before finding the final vacation home in the Bahamas.

Tasha Smith and Micheal Jai White received their own tv series For Better or Worse(2011) reprising their roles from the film.