Tina Sharma: A little more attitude. Hold your back straight. Feel... feel the music.

Tina Sharma: I think you're irritating, but you dance really well.

Mr. Behl: [phoning his son] You know what? This has been going on for the last three years.

Sameer Behl: Yes, Dad.

Mr. Behl: You said it was for a year. "If I don't make it in a year, I'll be back." Isn't that what you said?

Sameer Behl: Yes, Dad.

Mr. Behl: One year turned into three and what have you done?

Sameer Behl: And, Dad... I love you.

Mr. Behl: Stop rehearsing your lines.

Sameer Behl: [applying for a job as a high school dance teacher] I love kids, sir. In fact, during my childhood even I was a kid.

School Principal: Really?

Sameer Behl: Really.

School Principal: Strange.

Sameer Behl: It's strange, isn't it? I just don't get it. Life is unbelievable. So uncertain. We wait for an opportunity - and we even get it - but then destiny takes it away, every single time. It always happens to me. Why doesn't destiny realize that it can be devastating? Luck, good luck, bad luck, good luck. Wonder how long this will continue. Now it's back to zero.

Sameer Behl: [auditioning for a yogurt commercial when a kid actor wipes his booger on Sameer's pant leg] Such a disgusting kid! Throw him out!

Sameer Behl: [to kid] Move it...

Yogurt Director: [to Sameer] Hey. Get lost.

Sameer Behl: What's wrong, sir?

Yogurt Director: He is my kid.