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(I) (2017)

Jack Dylan Grazer: Eddie Kaspbrak



  • Richie Tozier : Hey Eddie, are these your birth control pills?

    Eddie Kaspbrak : Yeah, I'm saving them for your sister!

  • Eddie Kaspbrak : They're gazebos! They're bullshit!

  • Stanley Uris : [Bill holds up a sneaker he found in the sewer]  Shit... don't tell me that's...

    Bill Denbrough : No... Georgie wore galoshes.

    Eddie Kaspbrak : Whose sneaker is it?

    Richie Tozier : It's Betty Ripsom's.

    Eddie Kaspbrak : Oh shit. Oh god. Oh fuck! I don't like this.

    Richie Tozier : How do you think Betty feels? Running around these tunnels with only one frickin shoe?

  • [repeated line] 

    Eddie Kaspbrak : My mom's gonna kill me.

  • Eddie Kaspbrak : Okay, so let me get this straight. It comes out, from wherever, to eat kids for, like, a year, and then what? It just goes into hibernation?

    Stanley Uris : Maybe it's like, what do you call it - cicadas. You know, the bugs that come out once every seventeen years?

  • Eddie Kaspbrak : I think it's great we're helping the new kid, but we also need to think of our own safety. I mean, he's bleeding all over and you guys know that there's an AIDS epidemic out there right now, as we speak, right? I mean, my mom's friend in New York City got it just by touching a dirty pole in the subway and enough of AIDS blood got into his system from a hangnail. A hangnail!

  • Eddie Kaspbrak : There's a kid outside looks like someone killed him.

  • Stanley Uris : What's the Black Spot?

    Eddie Kaspbrak : The Black Spot was a night club that was burned down years ago by that racist cult.

    Stanley Uris : What?

    Eddie Kaspbrak : Don't you watch Geraldo?

  • Eddie Kaspbrak : My mom will have an aneurysm, okay, if she finds out we're playing down here, I'm serious.

  • Eddie Kaspbrak : -puffs- Have you ever heard of a staph infection?

    Richie Tozier : OH i'll show you a staph infection!

  • Mike Hanlon : [after the rock fight with Bowers]  Thanks, guys, but you shouldn't have done that. He'll be after you guys too now.

    Eddie Kaspbrak : Oh, no, no, Bowers? He's always after us.

    Bill Denbrough : Yeah. I guess that's one thing w-w-we all have in common.

    Richie Tozier : Yeah, Homeschool - welcome to the Losers' Club!

  • Richie Tozier : [referring to Henry Bowers]  I wish *he'd* go missing.

    Eddie Kaspbrak : He's probably the one doing it.

  • Eddie Kaspbrak : [puffs]  Have you ever heard of a staph infection?

    Richie Tozier : OH I'll show you a staph infection!

  • Richie Tozier : [On discovering the well in the basement of the Neibolt Street house]  Hey Eddie, got a quarter?

    Eddie Kaspbrak : I don't wanna make a wish in that fuckin thing,

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