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  • It's been suggested that Pennywise or "IT", has a way of hypnotizing people. He is a real creature, but he can hide from people he doesn't want to see him. As more children go missing in the town, the majority of people seem somewhat aloof. We see evidence of this when Henry, Belch, and Patrick are assaulting Ben. An older couple drive by in the car, look right at them and continue driving as if nothing was happening. So it is likely she saw Georgie at the storm drain, but once IT attacked him, the old woman was blinded by the event. We see that her cat who witnesses the event. When she went to look, Georgie was missing. This is also evidenced in the scene where the blood shoots out of the sink at Beverly. Her father walks into the bathroom and doesn't see the blood that has completely coated the room and Beverly. Yet the rest of the children can see it when she shows them. It is also implied that the creature radiates evil with higher statistics for murder, not just any kind, but high-density deaths that are way above national averages every year. The older you are in Derry the less of imagination that adults have and IT thrives on the vivid imagination of children. This absence of imagination blinds them to what happens.

    Pennywise didn't always have an affinity for children. At one time he hunted adults, children, and families. Pennywise just later decided he liked to feed on the fear of children more than than the anger/hostility of men. Even during this feeding ritual though, he still was able to control what and how others viewed the world around them in Derry Township (as it was then called). Pennywise has been under the town for so long he has become the town and landscape of Derry. Thus he can control all aspects of it. Edit

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