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  • Yasemin_Genc_199122 September 2013
    No one else has wrote a review so I decided I would, to warn you all about this film. I watched it on Sky as they made the synopsis quite enticing calling it a "twisting thriller" starring Sarah Roemer (She was in "Disturbia" too which, I quite liked) - so I thought I would give it a try.

    It was very poorly described as a "twisting thriller" because although there was a little "twist" at the end I wouldn't call it "twisting". Unless you count all the random flipping back and forth. The introduction was slow and so was the rest of the movie. You kind of figure out what's happened/happening half way through, but it never really clarifies it.

    The acting is mediocre. I understand the budget was low, but I feel like they could've skipped somethings to make other things better.

    It was one of those movies, where the idea was there, but everything else didn't quite follow through.

    Pretty disappointed actually - "twisting thrillers" are right up my street.
  • I want to write this review without hinting at anything which may spoil it for you. The plot hovers around an estranged couple and their young daughter getting together at Christmas. As a result of an accident whilst driving home the daughter is comatised and locked in. The prognosis does not look good and Josh (Barnes) the father embarks on a long crusade to connect with his daughter Brooke and bring her out of the coma. Much of Josh's crusade is a mix of flashback and hid detective work which tends to blur detail of appear at of sequence.

    In spite of the confusion surrounding his efforts to connect with Brooke, there is something strangely compelling about his passion to uncover the links which may save her life. There is also Josh's estranged wife Emma running a counter problem for him as she consider options which he does not approve.

    The denouement is not best written or played out, as explanatory scenes are repeated as if to provide us with answers which never quite satisfy what the film has encouraged us to believe up to that point. This is a shame because the concept is well developed as a mystery right up until the explanations are shoved into our eyes and cheapen the whole event. However I still managed to come up with my explanation of what the end represented and it was different to what others thought. Certainly a film which makes a conversation piece afterwards.

    Six out of ten.
  • Good performances by the leads couldn't save this movie. I didn't think it was a thriller. I can't say much else without spoiling it. But if you're interested in seeing it then see it. Support the movie ... it appears it didn't get much of that.

    What would have made the movie more fun is to take a shot of your favorite spirit every time the music gets dark. Had I done that, I probably would have loved it!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The film started very good but it is not at all what it seemed and you do not realise this until the last 5 Min's. It begins with what you think is a happily married couple who have a lovely little girl and they are driving somewhere dancing in the car with the song "driving home for Christmas", they the husband loses control of the car and they crash the couple are OK but the little girl is unconscious and suffering from something called locked in where the doctors say its not curable. There are flashbacks of the husband who had a one night stand with an ex girlfriend and then the story goes backwards and forwards the husband thinks his daughter is communicating with him on the mobile, there is a black man in it who is supposed to be some sort of physic and then the husband thinks the ex he had the one night stand with drove them off the road. I will not tell you what happens in the end, I must admit the film is quite intriguing and I did quite enjoy it. Actors are all very good.