Max Payne: The way I see it there's two types of people, those who spend their lives trying to build a future and those who spend their lives trying to rebuild the past.

Max Payne: So I guess I'd become what they wanted me to be, a killer. Some rent-a-clown with a gun who puts holes in other bad guys. Well that's what they had paid for, so in the end that's what they got. Say what you want about Americans but we understand capitalism. You buy yourself a product and you get what you pay for, and these chumps had paid for some angry gringo without the sensibilities to know right from wrong. Here I was about to execute this poor bastard like some dime store angel of death and I realized they were correct, I wouldn't know right from wrong if one of them was helping the poor and the other was banging my sister...

Marcelo Branco: Say Max, you're a man of the world. What do you fuckin' do with it?

Max Payne: about what?

Marcelo Branco: what do you do about life?

Max Payne: Look at me, I'm standing in a nightclub, listening to music I can't stand, I'm five thousand miles from home, I'm armed and I'm drinking. You don't want to listen to advice from me, amigo.

Max Payne: I had a hole in my second favourite drinking arm, and the only way we were likely to get Fabiana back now was in instalments. Whoever our uninvited guests were... I was about done playing soldiers.

Max Payne: [At the very beginning of Chapter 8 - Ain't No Reprievement Gonna Be Found Otherwise, where Max approaches the grave of his wife, Michelle, at Golgotha Cemetery, North Bergen, New Jersey]


Max Payne: We'd only been married a short time. By now, she had been dead longer than I knew her. I still haven't really forgiven myself for the Mona business, but I knew that was just grief. The insanity that comes with losing the life you had built. Michelle... I missed her with every part of my being. I hated the world for not killing me with her, and I hated myself for allowing this to happen to her and our little girl. But I knew I had to leave town.

Thug: [emerges a scene, along with his thug partner] 'Scuse me... you Max Payne?

Max Payne: [Narrating] Something told me he wasn't about to tell me I'd won the lottery.

Max Payne: [playing piano] There it was, the soundtrack to my life, and, for a few seconds, came harmony, finally.

Max Payne: Time was a luxury I couldn't afford.

Max Payne: I thought about saying "the cops", but this wasn't the time for bad jokes.

Thug: [Group of thugs surround Max and Raul, guns pointed at them] Freeze!

Raul Passos: As opposed to what - disco dance?

Max Payne: I might have written the book on bad ideas, but Passos wasn't afraid to quote from it.

Max Payne: I'd killed more cops than cholesterol and still no sign of Becker. It wasn't the first time it dawned on me I should probably have gone over the plan in more detail, but it was too late for that now.

Max Payne: [as a Favela gang member holds Max at gunpoint, shouting at him in Portuguese] Haven't you figured this out yet? I DON'T SPEAK YOUR FUCKING LANGUAGE!

Max Payne: [hitting the elevator button] So what am I, the button pusher?

Raul Passos: Yeah, you're so good at it. Good job.

[repeated line]

Raul Passos: Need a hand?

Max Payne: No. Do you?

Max Payne: I was a dumb American in a place where dumb Americans are less popular than the clap...

Max Payne: It had taken me right into the heart of it. Becker's gimps were everywhere, so he and Branco must be close. Smart move would have been sticking with Da Silva and going straight to the hangar, but when was I ever about smart moves? I'm a dumb move guy, "Hey Max, we'll drive onto the runway, No thanks I'll walk into the main entrance". I'd put a big shit shit-eating grin on my face and let these assholes take turns trying to kill me, that's my style and it's too late in the day to hope for change. Boy were they throwing numbers at this problem, but then I wanted this. Was it redemption? Not really, it was pathetic desperation and not much else. The further in I got the more guys I saw, Becker wasn't running a police force, he was running an army. These guys were better trained and better equipped than anyone I'd seen out here and I seen some mean sons of bitches. The mission was screaming suicide but I didn't give a damn, at least I'd die being a pain in the ass...

Max Payne: [after taking painkillers] Breakfast of champions.

Anders Detling: [Max kicks one of the restroom doors that the green lighted door handle appears, but suddenly helds gunpoint at Anders Detling] Uh- don't shoot, por favor


Anders Detling: !

Max Payne: You're an American?

Anders Detling: Sure. Yeah, I'm from Steele, North Dakota, just outside of Bismark. Anders Detling. This is some place, huh? The-they told me it was a little fresh, but I wasn't expecting things to be quite like this.

Max Payne: No?

Anders Detling: No, see, I've... I've seen things. I was a cop for 25 years. I've seen me run over by combies. I've seen husbands who just ate their wives, but a gun fight in the disco?

Max Payne: You were a cop?

Anders Detling: Yeah, just retired. Whoa, what a life that was. And it gave me the money to raise a family. Look, I got a girl in a college in Wisconsin and a boy who's playing football for Minnesota state. Do you want to see a picture?

Max Payne: No, no that's alright. It sounds nice. Listen, you stay in here, don't be a hero!

Anders Detling: Oh, I won't. I'm retired.

Max Payne: [narrating] Happy, healthy ex-cop, give me a break!

Max Payne: [entering nightclub] This kind of place made me want to puke. I needed a real drink to cope with the electronic music and robotic people.

Max Payne: Listen, if you think I can still do a job, what have I got to lose? Apart from the weight. Very funny... Ha ha... Yes, that is a fake laugh, you jerk.

[Passos kicks the soccer ball to the goalie while taking care of Max to the first aid kit]

Max Payne: Dumb sport...

Raul Passos: Hey, careful, my friend. That's blasphemy in this town.

Wilson DaSilva: [after Max shot down the private jet]

[running after Max]

Wilson DaSilva: Wait, Max. No! Stop, Max, we have what we need on him now. Let him enjoy the trial and spell him in prison. Let him suffer! Trust me.

Victor Branco: [laughs manically while lying consciously with his wounded leg] You know I'll walk.

Max Payne: You'll walk... WITH A LIMP!

Victor Branco: [screams in pain when Max stomps Victor on his broken leg]

Max Payne: The smell in this place reminded me of how long it had been since I'd had any food. A drinker eats when he's loaded. A real drunk eats when he's not.

Raul Passos: You wanna camel coat, bro?

Max Payne: I'm fine with the leather!

Raul Passos: There's plenty here goin' begging!

Max Payne: This don't show the blood so much!

Max Payne: [after shot Tony De Marco in the chest, narrating] I don't know why I did it, I guess I never liked seeing girls get hit, but from that moment, I was dead in that town.

Max Payne: This town had more smoke and mirrors than a strip-club dressing room.

Max Payne: What about Marcelo?

Wilson DaSilva: Marcelo, Marcelo... was an idiot. Were this true, I certainly don't believe he could possibly known about it, but I do believe that some other scheme, you know, some other bullshit, whatever that cash was Victor could have talked into something, I don't know yet.

Max Payne: And Passos?

Wilson DaSilva: Raul Passos is a bum ex-cop.

Wilson DaSilva: [gets in his car, along with Max] He failed in America, failed in Sao Paulo, he was surrounded by more money, and more poverty than his tiny little head can handle. You think guys like that can be brought?

Max Payne: No, but if...

Wilson DaSilva: But nothing. He's probrably not a bad guy. he's just a man caught in the cross fire of a very rich family.

Max Payne: [pauses] What about me?

Wilson DaSilva: You? You're the fall guy. The American, running around, acting like an action hero, killing lots of people.

Wilson DaSilva: [chuckles] You're a stroke of genius.

Max Payne: That ain't how it is.

Wilson DaSilva: You were an angry ex-cop. You were sitting in the bar, with a history of violence, and a history of bad temper. You were perfect.

Max Payne: Me and Passos went to the academy together.

Wilson DaSilva: Did you?

Max Payne: [upsetting] I don't fuckin' know!

Max Payne: [hitting the button near the painting booth] I was getting good at this.

[repeated line]

Max Payne: Fancy seeing you here!

Max Payne: [after shooting a "pirate" on the zipline] My judgment is lousy, but my hand is steady.

Max Payne: [taking painkillers] Saying goodbye is painful.

Tourist: [Max encounters the tourist in the jail cell] Hey, hey, yeah, you, you...

Max Payne: Look who it is, Mr. Strip Club Scumbag!

Tourist: [sighs] You...

Max Payne: Yeah, me.

Tourist: Mr. High and Mighty. Oh, you ain't going to help me?

Max Payne: You get what you deserved, pal.

Tourist: Unbelievable!

Max Payne: Yeah, unbelievable.

Tourist: They were legal!

Max Payne: Mmhmm.

Max Payne: [leaving the tourist's incarceration, narrating] That pervert could enjoy his time.

Thug: [in Brazilian Portugese] Hey, American! What are you doing over there?

Max Payne: [replies in Brazilian Portuguese] No comprende!

[I don't know!]

Max Payne: Leave me alone!

Thug: [asks Max in both Brazilian Portuguese and English] Do you got something for me?

Max Payne: For you? I'll tell you what I got. I got a gun and if anybody thinks they're gonna take it from me they'd be dead wrong!

Max Payne: A barely recovering alcoholic and an unarmed pregnant woman. We were hardly a SEAL team.

Max Payne: We'd half destroyed Sao Paulo's most hallowed place of worship. Looking back it was strange how the cops never showed up. But things had a habit of only making sense to me looking back long after I'd run out of time to fix them.

Max Payne: The Imperial Palace Hotel was a five star, bonafide shit hole.

Max Payne: I ain't slipping, man. I'm slipped.

Max Payne: Look at me, i'd been contracted to protect two people, one was being held in some hole and the other was sitting at his desk with a bullet in his head, and the company that had it's logo on my pay check was burning on top of my head.

Max Payne: So much for a lazy Sunday afternoon. My next trick would be a high wire act, with a fiery pit for a safety net, it was nice that no one was shooting at me for a change, but i'd take a shot in the head over a slow roast on a spit any day of the goddamn week.

Max Payne: [During the escape from the favela shootout, Max runs across a UFE brigade escorting some arrested gang members] Jesus Christ, these bastards weren't playing games.

Max Payne: [Some gang members attempt to escape their captors, but are shot dead by the UFE on the run] These were the same paramilitary cops I had seen executing fools after the failed kidnapping at the party. Nasty business. If these were the guys Da Silva was worried about, maybe he had a point.

Max Payne: [the UFE continues passing by after the incident] Yes, this was definitely them. Jesus Christ, these bastards made the NYPD look like the Hari-Krishnas...

Raul Passos: [after Max interrupts the interrogation between Raul Passos and the favela gang by gunfire] What the fuck was that, man? I'm working here!

Raul Passos: [to Max] Are you hoping to get a hotdog or something?

IT Guy: I never should've moved to Brazil.

Max Payne: [after taking painkillers] My own private welcoming party.

Max Payne: [playing piano] This was the place, if not the time, to play my dirge...

Max Payne: [attempts to play the main theme on the piano but hits the wrong note while playing] It didn't come out right, but I wasn't in much of a stare to do anything, apart from kill people. Maybe that's the only thing I'm good for in any circumstance.

Max Payne: [Playing piano on the boat after the massacre] ... And the band played on.

Max Payne: [taking painkillers] I needed to get to my unhappy place.

Max Payne: [narrating, after being chased and ambushed by the third sniper and headed towards the Hall of Fame arena] Place was like Fort Knox.

Max Payne: [In the abandoned hotel, after Max had rigged all pillars scheduled for demolition with C-4] That was the last of the explosives. I'd just hoped that was enough to bring down the building. And all the evil in it.

Max Payne: [Max goes outside, flashing the detonator in plain view of the Crachá Preto's marksmen, taking firing positions] Who wants to take a shot? You see what this is? Come on, anybody? Wanna be a hero? I got nothing to lose, let's do it!

Neves: [Arriving at the scene, speaking in Portuguese] What the fuck is going on around here?

Max Payne: [In Portuguese] Mister Neves.

Neves: [Seeing Max with the detonator] What the fuck is your problem, man?

Max Payne: [laughs in sarcasm] My problem? My problem? Wanna know what my problem is? You're turning humans into glue! That's what my fucking problem is!

Neves: I don't know what you're talking about, American! All I know is what I hear about you. You bodyguard for the Brancos, they are all dead. You help the poor, today, many of them dead. You are a proper American hero!

Max Payne: Well, at least I fucking tried!

Neves: [Ironically applauding] Well done with your effort. The whole city is grateful. The great American savior of the poor.

Max Payne: That's right!

Neves: You think you made any difference? You think stopping this legitimate business venture is helping anyone?

Max Payne: [Angry] Legitimate? You're stealing people's organs!

Neves: We paid for everything! We have the records!

Max Payne: [Ironically] Oh, so, people can sell their livers? Their hearts, their eyeballs? You're insane, you sick fuck!

Neves: We kept people safe in the city. Decent people. Safe! I know a lot of powerful people.

Max Payne: [Triggers the detonator] Well, your "powerful people" aren't gonna help you out of this one, buddy!

Max Payne: I'd been shot more times than I could remember, but this felt different. Maybe fate was sending me a message. Trying to tell me my luck was finally about to run out. Or maybe I just severed an artery and was bleeding out like any number of fools who got shot playing with guns. Either way, I was failing fast.

Max Payne: [examining Wintersons tombstone] Detective Valerie Winterson. One of my bullets is buried down there with her. I tell myself it was a tragic misunderstanding. An awful mistake. I tell myself a lot of things. All of it crap. The truth was, it was her or Mona and I made a very bad call. This was one decision of mine I buried deeper than all the others.

Max Payne: [examining Gognitti's tombstone] Vinnie Gognitti. I didn't think there was anything left of him to fill a grave. The poor son of a bitch. His antics had brought the once great house of Punchinello to its knees. And they were still struggling to stand up.

Max Payne: [taking painkillers] I needed something to improve my game.

Max Payne: [about Tony De Marco, Anthony De Marco's son] This kid had a well-developed sense of humor, from New Jersey.

Max Payne: Examining Victor's laptop in his office: I didn't have time to thumb through the old phrase book Portuguese, but it looked like Victor had been asking for campaign contributions. Rodrigo held the family purse strings and by the looks of it he held them pretty tight.

Max Payne: Examining a contribution receipt at the imperial palace hotel: Either Victor Branco and Neves were doing a lot of charity work together or this was payment for something else. Were the Cracha Preto in Victor's pocket? Had he tipped them off about the ransom exchange?

Max Payne: Entering Victor's office at Fabricas Brancos: Victor's office had "second son" written all over it. Half the size of Rodrigo's and about a tenth as fancy. Marcelo's must've been a box in the basement.