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  • danny-prichard18 March 2021
    I'm a big fan of Nate's unassuming, self depreciating humor. I wondered how the outdoor, social-distancing venue/crowd would go over on a special but I barely noticed it. He had me in stitches for the entire 60 minutes of this special. There's nothing better than an hour of great stand-up comedy.
  • billsoccer8 September 2021
    Never heard of this guy and decide to tune in due to the ratings. Glad I did. Very enjoyable hour with dog laughs, and nary a sexual or bodily-function joke. Both my wife and I laughed many times. Will keep my eye on him.
  • jcarbone1002 June 2021
    I probably would have given this a high score, but I could not take the audience laughter. I had to shut it off after 10 minutes. I don't know if the laughter came from a real live audience, but it sounds exactly like canned laughter. I couldn't concentrate on the comedian because it was so distracting, which is too bad because the comedian seemed pretty funny and I think I would have enjoyed his routine.
  • I had high hopes and they were surpassed. I watch a lot of comedy and it's something rare to be surprised by jokes. This is a great showcase of what being actually funny is. I think, especially if you're into stand-up comedy, you might forget what funny is, and start looking for the wrong reason. This is fun, funny, feel good and I didn't ask for it.
  • baderdab19 March 2021
    Nate is one of the best comedians I've seen. I had high expectations and sure as hell they were met. Great comedy.
  • Pretty decent show, Nate's character definitely adds a nice touch to the whole show, good jokes here and there but the first 10 minutes are staged in an awful way where everyone is laughing before he even talks which didn't feel like it was the actual crowd on stage, push through that and it'll get better.
  • He's got some good lines, and the humor is timely. Clean, too. But: TERRIBLY ANNOYING ersatz laughter from the time he walks on stage. Such obvious, repetitive phony laughs. Didn't finish; too hard to endure the "laughter".
  • Not Nate's best work but that isn't saying much, he has some phenomenal other specials. He has some great bits in here, and his dry delivery and self deprecating style always pleases. Great special to start off the year and can't wait to see what he puts out next.
  • Nate Bargatze is funny, he will always be. The venue threw me a little ,but his material perseveres. He works clean, which I don't usually go for, but funny is funny. Watch and enjoy.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Hey, I like this guy! Nate Bargatze has a very conversational style and did well in this comedy special's venue, which appeared to be an outdoor patio type setting with socially distanced tables that contrasted sharply with sold out theaters that one is more accustomed to seeing. That had to be somewhat off putting for a comedian, not to mention the occasional helicopter flying overhead, which Nate was able to successfully ad lib about. Other topics that merited his attention included Chuck E. Cheese, claustrophobia, and the apparent lack of interest in UFO's anymore. Where he really nailed it for me was his knock on Common Core Math, which for all intents and purposes, insists on solving problems by going the long way around. And the thing is, this comedian did it without one single use of a four letter word, a rarity among stand up comics today. Appearing on Netflix as I write this, Nate's routine is exactly one hour long, which means it can easily be viewed in one fell swoop. If you don't believe me, just ask his wife.
  • I found Nate on what was it... Netflix Stand Ups or somewhere and immediately connected to his brand of everyday humour. When I later saw he had his own Netflix stand up show, The Tennessee Kid, I was all in and laughed the whole way through. I was excited to see his latest offering on Netflix. I recently watch Jim Gaffigans new stand up and loved his COVID summary, I think it's just the sort of thing everyone needs right now. And the same here as with Nate's comments on the pandemic, it elicited a good few laughs. But it did plateau as he told some stories that felt long winded and weren't that interesting or relatable. It's the relatable side of things that connects me to comedy and for the majority that was missing. It started to gain momentum towards the end as he detailed the row with his wife and spoke about ageing parents, the kid that stole the syrup, that I could get with and my husband and I were really laughing. I think if he focused more of the nitty gritty of life as a parents, husband, son, you know, all the relatable sort of stuff, that's when he's at his best.
  • Nate Bargatze was funny but after twenty minutes I just could not do it any more and had to turn it off. The laugh track was way too annoying!! That's all I could hear and I cringed every time. If the jokes are funny then the people in the audience will laugh. Stop faking it because we can tell and as I mentioned after twenty minutes I had to stop watching. Which is really too bad because some of his jokes were really quite funny. Also not sure why my review has to be six hundred characters, I have absolutely nothing else to say on my review about this Netflix comedy special. Good grief!!!!!!!
  • I watch this one over and over..his delivery is so good, his deadpan look makes me howl. Great stuff and it's clean which is a nice change. Hope for more.