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  • This show is one of the most famous and appreciated Swedish children's shows. I used to watch it all the time 8-10 years ago, and recently decided to pick up the box set with the whole show, because of the nostalgia and not having seen any episodes in ages. It was fun to watch again, but the show definitely lacks originality (which a lot of other nostalgic Swedish shows to me does not), I can see now. For the nostalgic part, this is a solid 9, but watching it again, I realized that this show really isn't THAT good. So a 6 will have to do. But kids will enjoy this, for sure. I know how I used to love it, and I still do in a way, but it's not a great show without the nostalgic part.
  • This show is filled with so much nostalgia from when I was a child and went to the library to borrow Alfons Åberg (Alfie Atkins) on VHS-tape.

    What is amazing about this show is that is has this 70's calm and relaxing style which is something we don't see today where all cartoons has to be action-packed with hysterical voices.. In my opinion children will benefit from this kind of cartoon which also evoles around Alfons Aabergs creativity/fantasy (His imaginary friend, or his helicopter that he builds out of wood) and him being a role model since he won't fight the big kids.. Alfons Åberg is a child that when he is bored, he figures out something to do, using his imagination!