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  • Mek Torres26 May 2012
    Bigger Imaginations
    It's been a decade since the last MIB film was released. We kind of missed the series even though Men In Black 2 wasn't really that good. In this sequel, it's pretty small and unnecessary but it still has the charms and bright imagination. Great Performances and Solid Visuals. It also has the same tone of the original Men In Black films. It's a wonderful action, adventure movie with non-stop enjoyment.

    Thankfully, it does not follow the modern blockbuster roots and stay loyal to its own. By the way, this is a comical action film. It may not be a large one but what matters here is the fun characters. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones still got it but who shines here is Josh Brolin. He can perfectly imitate the facial expression and voice of Agent K and it's a lot better when he's around.

    The plot sounds like a generic time traveling story, but there are imaginative and wonderful sequences in these. The humor is still clever. There is still a heart. The action is not quite appealing but the time jump scene was spectacular. A lot of people will be rooting for the design of the villain, Boris the Animal. At first glance, you might think it's creepy but you'll realize how awesome he actually looks.

    Blockbusters like this are now obsolete. Our usual modern blockbusters are generic and bland cookie-cutters that are easy to be forgotten. This actually stays to its own kind. It's comical, it has life, it cares to the characters no matter how small and absurd the story is. Yes, it's small, but there are so many merits that are worth seeing. Either you're a fan of the series or not, you'll find it very enjoyable. The Men in Black series is still imaginative and fun.
  • 3xHCCH26 May 2012
    Josh Brolin Played a Perfect Tommy Lee Jones
    I am not exactly a Will Smith fan. I think the last Will Smith film I watched and liked was the first "Men in Black" film back in 1997. I was surprised to learn that there will be another installment of "Men in Black" this year, the third of the series. The second MiB was shown in 2002, and I did not even care to finish that one. Will the ten years between the last episode and this one make a difference? I needed to see that.

    In this film, a vicious alien villain known as Boris the Animal escapes from his prison on the moon, where he had been locked up since being arrested by Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) back in 1969. One day, Agent K disappears from the present day. His partner Agent J (Will Smith) realizes that K had been assassinated by Boris forty years ago, which caused a major change of events, allowing Boris' alien race to overrun the Earth. J had to find a way to travel back in time to 1969 in order to save K and rectify the tragic consequences of his death. Can J save K and in turn save the Earth from the clutches of Boris?

    The odd couple was just as they were before in the first films. Will Smith is still his old loudmouth Agent J as Tommy Lee Jones was his tight-lipped Agent K. As J goes back to the past, he will interact with the young 29-year old K, perfectly played by Josh Brolin. Brolin amazingly captures the laconic persona, and even the distinct voice, of Jones so well that they seemed to have been one and the same actor. It was also good to see Emma Thompson again in a major film as she portrayed Agent O, another senior agent with a soft spot for K. The younger Agent O was played by a cutie named Alice Eve, but she certainly did not convince us that she would look or act like Emma Thompson when she grows older.

    I must say that this film was really a most entertaining one. Well, maybe more for me than for my kids. Younger audiences may find the jokes about 1969 cultural references, such as the hippies, the racial tension, etc., to be a bit difficult to grasp. But the fun action sequences with some exciting futuristic vehicles and weaponry, the imaginative and repulsive aliens made by no less than the master monster-maker Rick Baker, the thrilling integration of the historic Apollo 11 lift-off, and the touching revelation of K's big secret made this a very good and enjoyable movie to watch. 3D did not seem necessary. Director Barry Sonnenfeld got it right this time, and this segment certainly gave perfect closure to the story arc of the whole series.
  • Faizan20 May 2012
    A playful return to form....well, almost.
    A decade away from the movie scene has given the Men In Black series a chance at a fresher, newer perspective. Taking its cue from Shrek Forever After, MIB 3 takes on a tired concept (time travel in this case) if only to acknowledge the failure of its dull sequel and take us back to a different era allowing us to view the franchise from an unsullied angle. The result is a film that returns to its roots and gives audiences the chance to relive much of what they first enjoyed – a smart, sci-fi, buddy comedy that embraces everything weird and wonderful about the unknown universe.

    In his first cinematic role in nearly 4 years, Will Smith's Agent J is the usual charming, witty wiseass we expect him to be. Still teamed up with the laconic Agent K (wrinkly Tommy Lee Jones) he is no closer to cracking his older partners deadpan demeanour but their relationship issues take a back seat when a nemesis from Kay's past, Boris the animal, turns up to exact revenge for having been imprisoned on the moon 40 years ago. His elaborate plan takes him back in the past, to the day he was caught, and sets ripples in the present, where K no longer exists and a different reality results. J has to then literally time jump (off the Empire State building no less) and fix the past for normalcy to return in the present.

    Directly Barry Sonnenfeld seems to find his groove once again with the zany and icky shenanigans that put him on the map with the original. Using plenty of the wide angle camera work that gave him fame as the Coen's favourite lenser, the resulting imagery should work wonders for those who decide to pay extra and catch the film on 3D (converted). Boris the animal is also a return to series villains being screwball and menacing in equal measure (remember Vincent D'Onofrio?) and Rick Baker's excellent makeup effects are both incredible and revolting. The big surprise is how well Josh Brolin impersonates Jones in the role of a younger K – which should not be a surprise considering Brolin's recent, impressive body of work as a bonafide actor, most notably in W. So chameleon-like is his performance that you forget it's him and actually completely believe it's just a younger version of Tommy Lee Jones that you're seeing.

    The films primary achievement and a true signal of its return to form though are the scenes set in the past. Not only is Josh Brolin a deadringer for Tommy Lee's K during his youth, but the hip musical vibes of the late 60's/early 70's allow for plenty of playfulness to ensue with a particularly hilarious segment devoted to Andy Warhol. If that isn't enough, everything very neatly ties into another epochal scientific moment from that time period and ends on a moment of curiously satisfying emotionality that provides not only closure to the film but the series as a whole. If that doesn't make you forgive all the wrongs that the sequel did and embrace this film as one of the years better movie franchise offerings the only thing that might work on you is a neuralizer.
  • crown-1626 May 2012
    At last a good sequel
    Once again our favorite MIB agents Jay & Kay are battling it out for earth. Quick action, colorful villains, beautifully designed settings and CGI, comic relief in the face of imminent destruction, all those made the first two movies great as well as successful in the box office. Could they better the formula in the face of all the other bad sequels we have been seeing for years?

    This is one of the reasons I had stepped into the cinema with trepidation. (Good grief, was it 1997 when I saw the first and ten years ago the second? How time flies). The other reason was the pitfall of time travel.

    Time travel is one of the favorite themes in sci fi movies but it needs to be handled carefully. My humble word of advice to the script writers: Keep-It-Simple. Avoid overtly complicated jumps back and forth and paradoxes that confuse the audience. Remember the eventual mess in the Back To The Future trilogy? I was then so pleased to see that they kept the time travel relatively simple and easy to follow. There was a small part when they crossed the line juuust a tiny bit when young agent Kay meets a certain father and son (don't want to spoil it). Even if traveling back in time was possible, you wouldn't necessarily bump into everyone you know in the present.

    Will Smith is in his usual good form in his character Jay which however needs Kay to balance him. It is then fortunate that Brolin gives a great performance as the young agent.

    Was it better than the 1997original? It was as good, without the novelty value obviously. Was it as good as the MIB2? I would say that it surpassed the second.
  • Catt Jones26 May 2012
    Alien Fun
    It is really hard to believe that it has been 10 years since the last Men in Black film. I have to say that this film was much better than the last film which was really just a regurgitation of the first one. This film had a lot more substance and managed to tie up some loose ends which I really appreciated. I think that this film works in 3D because there is a lot of falling through time, which my niece and nephew loved. I have to give major props to Josh Brolin (younger Agent K) who had the daunting task of portraying an actor portraying a role. Tommy Lee Jones (old Agent K) just basically had to be himself (smile). Josh was totally convincing and did an excellent job imitating Tommy's persona. I liked the introduction of Agent O (Emma Thompson) who had one of the funniest scenes in the film and literally had me laughing out loud. I also liked the fact that a women was in charge of such a prestigious agency. As usual Will Smith (Agent J) came up with very comical explanations of the weird situations that occur during the film. I think that my favorite character in the film is Griffin (Michael Stuhlbarg). He was a psychic who could see into the various futures that could occur if certain things happen. I was a little confused at first, but as the film progressed, I finally got it. I related to this character because I have always believed that you always have at least two doors to open (e.g. you can pick up that piece of paper or not) and whatever you decide to do affects everything else. Okay, enough of philosophy class and back to the film. The one thing about all the Men in Black films is all of the different characters that the visual effect crew create. You have to appreciate the imagination of those folks. I also like to check out the aliens that they are monitoring at the agency, for example in the first one they were monitoring Michael Jackson and Agent J's elementary school teacher. Appropriately in this film you get flashes of Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber (appropriately). I wonder if they have to agree to that? Anyway, this was a very entertaining film and you will be glad that you saw it in 3D. I give this film an out-of-this-world green light. Enjoy!!!
  • Gordon-115 June 2012
    Entertaining and well made
    This film is about Agent J going back in time to rescue Agent K from being murdered by aliens.

    My friends say that "Men in Black III" is a brainless comedy, you can go in just for a few laughs and switch your brain off. After watching it, I can safely say that I have another opinion.

    "Men in Black III" does have its brainless moments. It can be politically incorrect too, but it is entertaining and fun to watch. Special effects are realistic, and the scene involving a very tall building made me so nervous that my palms perspired a lot! The ending is very touching; I certainly did not see it coming even though a friend guessed it.

    I think it is great that "Men in Black III" manages to combine emotional elements in the middle of mainstream blockbuster entertainment. I look forward to the next film in the series already.
  • changmoh19 May 2012
    A Bit Outdated But MiB3 Is Still Fun
    Well, whaddaya know, the "MiB" have gone MiA for 10 years already! No wonder many of us have forgotten about them as Men In Cape and Bodysuits (aka The Avengers, Batman, Spider-Man, et al) have been hogging the cinemas while the "Men In Black" go missing-in-action. No matter, they are still a barrel of fun in this three-quel that comes as more of a surprise than a treat that we have been waiting for.

    And with Barry Sonnenfeld back at the helm of this troubled and delayed US$215-million production, it is a nostalgic film in more ways than one.

    Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones reprise their roles as agents J and K of the secret Men in Black organization that monitors alien activity on Earth. The 'odd-couple' have their work cut out for them when extra-terrestrial serial killer Boris the Animal (Jemaine Clement) escapes from his maximum security prison on the moon and travels back in time to kill K. Since only J remembers K's existence, it's up to him to venture through time, look for a young K (now played by Josh Brolin) and stop Boris from destroying the world once and for all.

    I have never been a fan of time-travel plots and I still don't like them. However, the time-travel subplot here is just to provide the "Back To The Future" fantasy to the MiB franchise. The narrative, as well as the mood and tone of the movie, are light-hearted, fun and always on the outer limits of credibility. Again, it is nice to see how a deadpan face like Jones' can generate so much mirth. The Smith & Jones pairing is augmented by Brolin who gives a good representation of how K would be in the Sixties, with most of the sequences accompanied by popular Sixties hits on the soundtrack.

    One of the staple jokes of the MiB series is the celebrity cameos that suggest alien origins. In MiB3, we have a 'twist' that suggests a certain pop art personality is an undercover MiB agent! Still, the mainstay of the MiB series is Rick Baker's creature designs and make-up rendered in 3D. The 'monster show' does not disappoint, especially that of a huge fish that attacks diners at a Chinese restaurant. Oh yes, there are also a couple of cool gadgets and vehicles like the giant wheel hoover-bikes used by Agents J and K. On the whole, Agents J and K still provide the 'L'. -
  • brando64730 January 2013
    The MiB are Back and Almost as Fun as Before
    Warning: Spoilers
    The original MEN IN BLACK was awesome. I remember watching it and hoping it became a continuing franchise. Then MEN IN BLACK II came out and I took it all back. What a bomb. I can't say I was all that disappointed when it looked like the second movie might've killed the franchise. If that was the sort of movies they were going to put out, let the franchise die before it got any worse. Surprised doesn't even begin to describe my reaction when I found out they were making a third movie. It had been ten years since the second movie. It seemed a little late to go diving back into that well, but whatever. Ten years should be enough time to get a story right. I guess it wasn't though, because I'd read that the script wasn't even complete when they started shooting MEN IN BLACK 3. It wasn't a good sign. I guess there were a lot of problems during production, so I didn't get my hopes up. Regardless, I was hoping this movie might reinvigorate the series. The third film returns to Agents J and K doing their MiB routine. When K fails to show any form of emotion at Agent Zed's funeral, J begins to question just what happened to turn K into the cold man his is now. He'll get his chance when a criminal from K's past, Boris the Animal, breaks out of prison and travels to 1969 to kill K and negate Earth's orbital protection system. To save K's life and prevent an Earth invasion, J must travel back in time to save the future.

    I'm hesitant to label MEN IN BLACK 3 a total disappointment because there are some really good elements to it. I loved the time travel element, and 1969 was a great time to incorporate. The birth of America's space exploration and a time ripe with it's own brand of cheesy sci-fi movies. When J arrives in MiB HQ in 1969, all of the flashy, sleek aliens we're accustomed to are gone and replaced with rubber suits and glass bowl helmets. It was a great touch. I loved the early versions of popular MiB gear (e.g. K's corded neurolyzer with it's dial-up modem connection), and Bill Hader's got a great cameo as Andy Warhol. I wish more had been done with the 1969 environment but I guess the filmmakers could only fit so much into the movie while keeping the plot on track. Josh Brolin was a perfect choice as a young Tommy Lee Jones/Agent K. He totally nails every little nuance of Jones's character, adding some new life of his own. This movie wouldn't have worked half as well without Brolin's performance. The first half of MEN IN BLACK 3 was a lot of fun and hearkened back to the best elements of the first movie. I was ready and willing to forget the misstep that was MEN IN BLACK II. For the most part, I would call MEN IN BLACK 3 a surprising success but it wasn't perfect.

    The second half of the move starts to drag, right about the time a fifth-dimensional alien named Griffin arrives in the movie. The character isn't so much a drag; in fact, I thought he was a pretty unique creation for the movie and done well with a performance by Michael Stuhlbarg. It's just that his arrival signifies the start of the less exciting, more emotional parts of the movie. If I'm watching one of these movies, I want crazy sci-fi action and bizarre aliens with end-of-the-world intentions. I don't watch them for an emotional core. It slows down the fun. I can get drama from other movies. There's a big element in this movie about the relationship between J and K and it dominates the second half of the film. Then there's Boris the Animal. He's not a bad villain. He's not on the level of Serleena and her Johnny Knoxville henchman of the second movie, but he's nowhere near as cool or threatening as Edgar the bug. I think Jermaine Clement is a funny dude. He was the best part of DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS. But his Boris is just a snarling, over-loud mess. He's roars most of his lines and fires bone quills from his hands. Not bad, but there's been better alien baddies. With a little more effort into the script, this might've been as good as the first but, even with its flaws, it turned out surprisingly well. It's got me interested again in the chance of continuing the franchise.
  • Claudio Carvalho23 September 2012
    Great Adventure
    The criminal Boris the Animal (Jemaine Clement) escapes from the LunaMax, a moon-based maximum security prison. He comes to Earth seeking revenge from Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) that has blown his arm up and arrested him forty years ago and protected Earth from a Boglodyte invasion. Boris is defeated again and he travels back in time to 1969 to kill Agent K.

    When Agent J (Will Smith) notes that the time line has changed in the present days and Agent O (Emma Thompson) tells him that K died in 1969, he decides to travel to 15 July 1969 to save K on the next day. Agent J has difficulties to convince the Young Agent K (Josh Brolin) with lies, but when he decides to tell the truth, K believes in his words and they seek out Boris together.

    They are helped by the amicable alien Griiffin (Michael Stuhlbarg) that has precognitive powers and gives the ArcNet to K to protect Earth from the Boglodyte invasion. Further, J learns a secret about K and himself.

    "Men in Black 3" is a great adventure of this franchise, with a wonderful story and magnificent special effects. I had low expectations with movie, but I was favorably surprised with an adorable film. My vote is seven.

    Title (Brazil): "MIB³ - Homens de Preto 3" ("MIB³ - Men in Black 3")
  • Don Shroyer15 September 2012
    Excellent - Definitely would watch it anytime.
    I have been a fan of the Men in Black movies since the original released in 1997. When MIB-II was finally out in 2002, I wondered why it took so long as Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith seemed to work so well together, and their characters had that just right mix of complementing but contradicting personalities.

    Jones has long been a favorite of mine with some other highlight performances being the delightfully crazy villain in Under Siege (1992) and the hard nosed cop in The Fugitive (1993) and U.S. Marshalls (1998). His ability to make a facial expression the equivalent of the picture's 1000 words imho is up there with Humphrey Bogart.

    Smith has distinguished himself in action, comedy, and drama films alike. He is a quite versatile actor whose movies I will gladly check out just because he is starring.

    With MIB 3 coming another 10 years after MIB II, I once again wonder what took so long. While Jones's part as "K" is not so prominent as in the prior releases, he does well as the present day character. Smith follows the formula as "J" although the interaction with old "K" is a tad forced.

    The pleasant realization is that Josh Brolin performs admirably as the past, younger "K." Brolin is certainly a fine actor in his own right, but his effective portrayal of Jones' character is nothing short of remarkable. The key to the plot is that Brolin is "K" before whatever happened that turned "K" into such a detached curmudgeon.

    Also juicy was the villain's part done by Jermaine Clement as Boris (the animal).

    Besides all the action and suspense you expect with the good guys vs. bad guy alien stuff, and the touches of comedy here and there to break it up, there is a dramatic and quite poignant and touching twist that comes out of nowhere that answers why "K" appears to be such an unemotional person, and why "K" has such regard for "J." Top quality actors and performances, well done script, yeah, this one's a keeper.
  • thesar-23 March 2013
    Don't Ask, Just Smile
    Warning: Spoilers
    The Man in Men in Black 3 should've gone back in time to erase Part II, instead.

    For… this third MIB film, this absolute make-up movie, à la Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, was the sequel the second one should've been. Mercifully, it did make-believe the second chapter didn't exist and only spoke of events in the original.

    Was this movie really necessary? Actually, I'm not the one asking that – I've heard that question multiple of times leading up to the release, but I will be the one answering. 90% yes and 10% probably. No is not the answer.

    While not perfect as it certainly had script and direction problems and though most of the jokes worked, there were a half of dozen scenes of un-fun silliness and overkill that made it tad cloudy. That said, it was a lot more fun than not and again, if this is the final one, it was a nice closure…way more than that joke of a movie the middle segment was.

    And besides all that, I had a good time. The finale was enjoyable – although it really channeled (2006) Casino Royale's opening and the action was present and from the one cast member I wanted it the most from: Tommy Lee Jones. Obviously, it's not really him and that's apparent in most the movie considering it was Young K (Josh Brolin.) Oh, and by the way, he was not just spot-on, I never, ever thought that was anyone but a young Jones.

    The movie's opening 10 or so minutes were apparently more successful than all of previously released Lockout, and this leads a bad alien to go back in time to kill Men in Black agent K and in turn, agent/partner J back, as well, to save him. And, the world, of course.

    That's the best and easiest synopsis I can give, and of course, there's more to the story, but its best you just sit back and let the men entertain you.

    I don't want to give this my highest praise – it's doubtful this will land anywhere near my 2012 top ten list, but it's fun companion the first one. Nowhere as close to freshness or quality, but, again, like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, it's a fun ride that should be seen following part one.

    (Notice how I didn't include part two in that statement. Neither should anyone else.)
  • cyifly-228 May 2012
    Not bad... But disappointing
    Although MIB3 wasn't necessarily a 'bad' movie, it certainly wasn't as good as it could have been. It seemed, while watching the marketing plugs, like they were going to bring the big guns and bring back all the funny stuff and cool special effects, but they just fell short. The original was quite good -- Funny, a little scary, cool characters, good stunts, very original. Part II was just bad. So, if you are going to wait 10 years to do a three-quel that nobody really was dying to see because part 2 was so bad, then you better make part 3 REALLY good -- Right?

    Well -- It wasn't REALLY good. It was OK. I wanted to love it, but I honestly only barely liked it. It was lacking the things that made the franchise 'cool.' There was no talking pug, no funny pawn shop guy, no real interesting or funny aliens at all. The lead bad-guy alien was a somewhat interesting character, but no real personality. Nothing that made you want more of him. And other than him, there was hardly any other aliens in it. One little stint in a Chinese restaurant, but nothing rememorable. No funny ones. I just don't understand not making more characters like the ones that made the first such a hit. And even Wil Smith wasn't funny. He was funnier during his promotions on talk shows than in his movie. He just seemed to walk through the whole thing.

    ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to see it in 3D. None.

    I hate to say it -- But the special effects were awful. With technology today, most special effects are seamless. As an audience, we now 'expect' good effects. Half the time, it was very obvious when they were using backdrops and green screens and had super-imposed stuff. That's just a deal-breaker in today's movie-going world.

    The one truly redeeming quality it had -- and it was good -- was Josh Brolin playing the younger K (Tommy Lee Jones). He was spot on and did a great job. But even that isn't enough to carry a movie that wants to be a summer Blockbuster.

    Bottome Line -- Rent it. It's worth seeing if you have it lying around the house and have nothing to do, but not if you have to pay full price, and nothing you have to run right out and see.

    And this is from a fan of Wil Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, and Josh Brolin.
  • DICK STEEL21 May 2012
    A Nutshell Review: Men In Black III
    It was 1997 when Men in Black first burst onto the big screen featuring a successful pairing of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as unlikely partners in the protection of Earth against the scum of the universe, with action, special effects and generous doses of comedy rolled into one. Directed by Barry Sonnenfield, they returned five years later for a sequel, and chances for a third film got hovered around for the longest time, finally taking up to a decade before it materialized, taking advantage of the needless 3D format to deliver the latest installment of the popular series.

    And it's still a lot of fun with the return of Agent Jay (Will Smith) and Kay (Tommy Lee Jones) in a new adventure set around the break out of the villainous alien Boris the Animal (Jemaine Clement) from a lunar maximum prison to take revenge on Kay for the severing of an arm and its imprisonment, not to mention also wiping out its compatriots and protecting the Earth from annihilation. Yes, Kay is credited for plenty of work done back in his heydays of the 60s, and we're about to find out a lot more about his deadpan character, which is almost always the punching bag for Jay, who makes it his mission to reverse what Boris had set out to do, which is to travel back in time and taking out Kay.

    It's MIB meets Back to the Future with its time travelling element back to the 60s, armed with only limited knowledge of his partner's whereabouts, no thanks to information being classified over and above Jay's pay grade, despite 14 years of dedicated service. The story by Ethan Cohen, David Koepp, Jeff Nathanson and Michael Soccio proved to be a winner, steering clear of having too many cooks with potential of spoiling the broth, making that time travel bit pretty much a trip down nostalgic lane, filled with incidents and prominent characters from history, such as Andy Warhol (Bill Hader) and the Apollo 11 crew, and the tongue in cheek treatment with aliens being very much leaping from typical 60s television and films.

    This makes up more than its share of laughs and inside jokes that continue in the same spirit from the earlier films, even poking fun at the racial divide of the time, which provided a fair challenge for Jay as he meets up with the younger Kay (Josh Brolin) who has to be convinced that his new found friend is his partner from the future, and have to work together to rein in the 1969 version of Boris the Animal. Tommy Lee Jones made way for Josh Brolin to own the character of Jay, and in truth Brolin does a remarkable job of closely mimicking Jones, aptly adding a lot more to the back story of the legendary MIB who has his fair share of one liners, but being a little bit less stern than Jay had grown accustomed to.

    Characterization also got pushed to the forefront with a deeper exploration into each of Jay and Kay's characters, backgrounds and their friendship, and this helped the film tremendously, instead of being a mediocre effort relying solely on the actors charisma and washing everything down in CG glory. There are still some surprises from the effects kept under wraps from the trailers, so that's a good thing, and I suppose much of the graphics work went into recreating 60s USA, as well as earlier, more cumbersome versions of tools of the trade that MIB uses back then. Alien designs also got a spruce up, looking far more menacing, and disgusting even, with Boris the Animal possessing and using deadly force that I'm rather surprised at for a PG rated film.

    Will Smith shows that he hasn't lost his edge and still has what it takes, even after being absent from the big screen for some 4 years now (Seven Pounds and Hancock were his last outing in 2008), and still comes off as a natural, and likable as Agent Jay, with a lot more polish as an MIB veteran as compared to when he got first recruited. Tommy Lee Jones got only a supporting role this time round, with Josh Brolin left responsible to carry the role of the younger K for the most parts of the film. The Smith-Brolin pairing was also a winner, though likely to be one off only for this movie, but you can guess how any sequel made after this could go - either to continue with Smith-Jones in the current timeline, or having Brolin helm his own, partnering another Agent in adventures set in the past. And joining the cast in prominent, though limited roles, include the likes of Emma Thompson as Agent O, taking over as the new MIB Chief with the passing of Zed, Alice Eve playing the younger O, and both Michael Stuhlbarg and Mike Colter adding depth to the MIB mythos.

    Still, with every time travel movie, there are paradoxes that have to be consciously ignored for everything to work. While some aspects work in having being explained away, others necessary and crucial to the plot become glaringly obvious, especially in the finale where it showed some shades of similarity from A Chinese Odyssey. But all is forgiven for something canonical to be added to the adventures of the MIB, providing audiences with new appreciation for the leading MIBs Jay and Kay, rather than to rely on louder and bigger explosions for the sake of keeping up with the summer Joneses. MIB3 is a clear winner, and worthy of what the previous two films had already set up. Highly recommended!
  • nbwritersinbox29 January 2013
    Did Columbia Make This Film Just For Me?
    I am gonna say it... This film is as good as the first one.

    It's a roller coaster ride from frame one. The production and writing teams don't make the mistake of being complacent, as can so often happen in a third installment. No-one messed too much with Elfman's engaging and original soundtrack, either.

    Old themes are revisited, but some clever plot twists, Sixties references (which I loved being a child of that Era) combined with fresh and interesting characters put MIB 3 on a par with the now classic MIB 1.

    The comedy dialogue is snappy too. I found myself chuckling through most of the scenes where Smith plays off Tommy Lee's deadpan style that worked so well in previous MIBs.

    Josh Brolin is superb as Young Agent K, adopting Tommy Lee Jones mannerisms and inflections with spooky skill. Jermaine Clement is a convincingly psychotic Super Baddie, assisted by outstanding CGI that the Special Effects Team have perfected on MIB films.

    The plot races along but I won't mind watching this film a few times to try and understand everything that passes. Right at its centre is a feel good story that ties up a few loose threads. I won't spoil the ending for those yet to see it, but I did shed a tear.
  • Jose Cruz23 December 2012
    Reasonably entertaining
    While this film isn't very popular among critics I found it to be reasonably entertaining but completely forgettable. In fact, I have watched it a few months ago and I barely remember the plot now. Overall, I found it a solid film for the crowds. Solid entertainment for the masses. It doesn't reach the heights of the first film (which weren't that high) but it doesn't fall as low as MIB 2, which sucked, big time. This one is more solid and well executed.

    So what can I say about it? Well, I liked that the villain always said: "Let's agree to disagree." Which is the most memorable thing in the film.
  • wen7712 June 2012
    missing in black
    Warning: Spoilers
    I giggled a few times. i think I wanted to giggle. I liked MIB. i liked the music, I liked the wit, the style, the fun premise that had always been there as an undercurrent in serious conspiracy films and nutty urban legends but never fully explored. i liked the hard drinking alien worms, the little witty twists- universes inside universes, the common sense street-cop who wins out against educated morons.

    It seems after the original they got stuck. They seemed to run out of things to say, so simply rehashed the old- the talking pug, universes inside train stations, regrowing alien heads and a storyline stolen from Jewel in the Nile.

    Here, in the third instalment, they ditched some of the more familiar supporting characters and while I might have applauded that since they already seemed old in the second instalment, they failed to replace them. We still have aliens and their ever-resilient heads in there, but there was a genuine attempt to move things to a fresher place. The time travel storyline should have been brilliant- this was when space/alien mania took off, the birthplace of nutty conspiracy theories combined with swinging sixties free loving, trippy hippy, bring your own bong culture, Get Smart gadgets and a man trying to save the world while being black! It was ripe...and it stank.

    Okay bad pun but this film deserves it. It's like you can see the chalk marks where they have started to draw in the plot, you can see where they're going, see them circling the joke, but the finished product is just not finished, it should still be sitting on the drawing board in this state. Will Smith appears to be free-winging it in the hope that eventually he'll brainstorm his way to the punchline- he doesn't get there but we do get to enjoy his working process.Jones plays a man who seems to have reached the end and is willing to embrace it....need I put in the obvious line?

    I'm not going to go into obvious plot spoilers, there are plot holes, always are with time travel, its really not an issue except when you end up sitting there thinking eh? You do a little here, but I think in many ways that is because the storyline is too simple. It makes no real attempt to address (or in the style of MIB, exploit and poke fun at), the inherent issues, such as the grandfather paradox, that inevitably come up with time travel, so that you feel as though you must have missed something.

    That in the end is what ruins this film. They have tried so hard to avoid the obvious, the cliché, the previous tricks of the franchise that they have left themselves with nothing but holes. The beauty of MIB was not that it avoided clichés but how it played with them, tweaking our expectations in tiny, but deliciously original ways. Without them we are simply left without.
  • badajoz-130 May 2012
    A Bit Thin
    Warning: Spoilers
    Interesting enough as time travel with aliens movie but not really enough good ideas and does not contain much novel material. What a film that is supposed to be about CGI spectacle and strange aliens has to be fancy ar**ed about sixties cultural references - lord only knows. The plot revolves around 'The Terminator', eg Will Smith has to go back in time to prevent the Tommy Lee Jones characte being killed by his arch nemesis Boris, who has escaped top security jail on the Moon! The Boris character is not played by Tim Curry but nevertheless is way over the top but not truly original or menacing enough. Most of it is a conventional 'Let's save the Earth from a Napoleon-complex mega baddie.' And it is terribly thin on spectacle as it arcs its way to the final showdown at Cape Canaveral. Good jokes for adults and an excellent lookalike and soundalike performance by Josh Brolin as the young Tommy Lee Jones, but film wastes 3D - and the price at the Odeon Putney was a total rip off - £10!!!!!! Not good enough by half.
  • ticket_for_one6 June 2012
    Josh Brolin is cool!
    The MIB duo of Agent Jay (Will Smith) and Agent Kay (Tommy Lee Jones) are back in action. When the world is threatened by an evil alien, Agent Jay travels back in time to 1969, where he teams up with the younger Agent Kay to stop an evil villain named Boris (Jemaine Clement) from destroying the world in the future. Emma Thompson will play take-charge MIB operative Agent Oh, who is monitoring a prison breakout.

    The first of the Men In Black franchise was a great movie. It was highly successful and from that spawned a Men In Black dance, a no. 1 hit single from the soundtrack, loads of toys and a cartoon series. The second film was awful; truly awful; beyond terrible and instantly forgettable. This latest instalment is somewhere between the 1st and the 2nd film. To be honest, it wasn't great at all! Let me get straight into it this.

    Performances, apart from one, measure up from terrible to very good. Smith reprises his role as Agent J and is as funny and charismatic as he's always been. Tommy Lee Jones has a small part to play in this, but he's an actor who can say one line throughout an entire film and still show more presence than most of the cast members. Emma Thompson throws in her 10 pence worth and does OK, but it's Josh Brolin who is very good playing the younger version of Agent K. Most people will agree that Brolin is a highly rated actor who has played a myriad of characters in his career. An almost uncanny performance from Brolin as well as the talented Michael Stuhlbarg (A Serious Man) who plays alien Griffin are the standouts in this film. Everyone else does what they're supposed to do and they are where they're meant to be I suppose.

    Set pieces are boring and nothing special. The actual story itself isn't that bad, but the whole thing feels rushed. The main villain Boris The Animal played by Jermaine Clement from Flight of the Concords fame, belongs in the category of one of the worst villains ever to grace the screen. Just rubbish – nothing special about that him at all. I think only Lara Flynn Boyle in the second movie faired better, with Vincent D'Onofrio being the best of a bad bunch. Actually D'Onofrio was awesome in the first film.

    I think I fell asleep for about five minutes or five seconds. I don't know, Men In Black 3 is just average. It didn't grab me like the first film did and I was really hoping that this would. There's nothing else to say, but just don't make a 4th film Mr Sonnefield. A real let down and real waste of money, time and energy spent to get to the cinema on time to watch this.
  • MangoUno26 May 2012
    It's not perfect, but Men in Black III is a fun return for the series.
    In 1997, the first Men in Black came out. It was something no one had ever seen before: a sci-fi movie crossed with the buddy comedy and action genres? To this day it remains one of my personal favorite movies. However, I was disappointed with its sequel, Men in Black II. The film felt like a almost a carbon copy of the original. Ten years later, we have Men in Black III. It's quite a surprise to see this franchise after it was pretty much left for dead. But is it any good? Yes it is. Men in Black III is a fun movie, a cool and nostalgic trip down memory lane. It's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but it's still a blast.

    The film takes place in 2012, 10 years after the second movie. Agents J (Will Smith) and K (Tommy Lee Jones) are still partners, working for the Men in Black, a secret government organization which monitors all alien life on Earth. But one day, J goes to work and finds out that K was assassinated in 1969. J must then go back in time and team up with a young Agent K (Josh Brolin) to fix the future and stop an alien invasion.

    The cast is rock solid as always. Will Smith looks like he's having a blast as the cool, wise ass Agent J. Tommy Lee Jones plays Agent K, the expressionless, relaxed veteran. Jermaine Clement plays the films villain, the vicious Boris the Animal, and Emma Thompson is just alright as the new leader of the MiB, Agent O. But the real star of the show is Josh Brolin as a young Agent K. The whole movie you forget he's just an actor and believe he's really a 29-year-old K. His performance is very believable and well done.

    The special effects and makeup, some of the most praised parts of the MiB series, are very good. Danny Elfman's score is also top-notch, sounding very Men-in-Blacky (Is that even a word?). The set pieces too are very cool. You feel like you are in 1969, with not only New York City, but also a scene later in the film with the Apollo 11 mission taking off.

    However, the flaws of the film are in the script. The screenplay is very funny, and is well written, for the most part. The problems lie within the plot holes and goof-ups. The relationship between Agent K and O could have been fleshed out more. I was left unsatisfied with that plot line. For the goof-ups, there's one instance where J is talking to Young K, and he mentions "Jedi Knight Mind Tricks". K then looks like he knows exactly what he is talking about. That part of the film takes place in 1969. Star Wars came out in 1977. Whoops.

    Another problem with the film was that it was just too long. At some points during the film I was a little bit bored. They probably could have shaved off about 10-15 minutes of the film and it would be fine.

    In conclusion, Men in Black III is a surprisingly fun movie. It's very funny, very well acted, and very cool. Unfortunately the script and longer running time prevent it from being a classic like the first movie. Still, if you just want some great fun at the movies, definitely give MiB3 a go.
  • S Ram29 May 2012
    Huge Disappointment
    This has to be Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jone's worst movies. The jokes are not funny at all. The enemy or the arch nemesis is a joke and I wasn't sure if he was supposed to be funny of if he was just goofy. There are a few laughs here and there although the movie goes through about 1 hour with nothing happening. It is just people talking here and there.

    Even the special effects are very minimal and somewhat B-Grade at times. The lines in this movie are awful. Huge disappointment for me. This is the first time I have been let down by both Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones who have been done a disservice by the Director and the writers of this third edition of MIB.
  • vitaleralphlouis28 May 2012
    Worth a look IF you get a free ticket.
    Warning: Spoilers
    Essentially a third rate comedy dressed up with boring and excessive special effects, this one is about half as good as a Three Stooges short subject. Lots of big dollars squandered in order to jack the price up to the reported $17.50 price. We paid $8.25 and saw it in 2D; just fine.

    Old timers can remember when we watched a comedy there were many people laughing. Sweet memory! This time there were maybe two knee-slap laughs. There was no significant laughter going on at our showing.

    They ought to have spent $200 or so on a historian. I was OK with the fish monster and some of the other sight gags, but Will Smith could not have stolen the Cadillac from in front of the Roosevelt Hotel in 1969 because that property was closed and boarded up. Few tourists in NYC due to extreme crime problems. Similarly, they show us normal "family crowd" folks enjoying Coney Island. Not in 1969, folks! As New York was sinking in a cess pool of drugs, violent crime, corruption and losing 20% of its population, visit Coney Island with two large friends for a hot dog at Nathan's; walk in any direction past blocks and blocks of boarded up abandoned houses, many with the boards ripped off by the heroin addicted squatters. Families being happy? No way! Today, sure; not in 1969, not 5 years prior or 10 years after. The story need not have been in NYC, but if so they ought not paint a false picture of it.
  • Milton DeGeorge Jr.26 May 2012
    Too much talk, not funny, not enough action to hold it together.
    Warning: Spoilers
    Ending was good, beginning good. The hour and twenty minutes in the middle dragged on and on and I was drinking caffeine.And I cant believe I have to give a review of 10 lines what else is there to say. Don't waste your money. The theater had 10 people in it on opening weekend. Tommy Lee looked very old in the movie. The jokes were just not funny. The review by Debby Does Politics of 3 Reagan's is ludicrous. At most 1 Reagan! She usually does a good job about here reviews. Now I'm just adding filler to this review to make it 10 lines long; but that's exactly what the movie did to make it 2 hours long; add filler and more filler. There were times when the actors just stared at each other and this is supposed to be entertainment? Please.
  • Nat Nat27 May 2012
    Spielberg-Sonnenfeld Dementia or Their Great Fall.
    Warning: Spoilers
    We loved parts I and II and it was enough. Right now we will not watch them anymore. Part III killed all our love. If you cannot make a good part III do not do it at all. We were in anticipation to see a great entertaining show... Man in Black!!! IMAX 3D!!! It turns to be extremely boring! Dialogs about nothing. Repulsive looking fortune teller in an idiotic baby cap and etc. Just waste of time and money. Best part is funny speech on the alien language of the agent O and the first scene with security staff in the Canaveral Space Center. My dad asked: How come all these great actors agreed to play in such a bad movie? My dad thought that actors can choose what to play in the US. We are done with Spielberg and director Barry Sonnenfeld.
  • Troy_Campbell1 June 2012
    Brolin is amazing. The film is not.
    Let's just get this out of the way: Josh Brolin's portrayal of a young Tommy Lee Jones is freakishly good. It's one of the most amusing performances of 2012 so far. It's disappointing then that the film around him – which appears to have felt the effects of its well known production issues – is hit and miss at best, cringe-worthy at worst. The CGI is often horrible, Jemaine Clement's villain is underwhelming and Hollywood stalwarts Jones and Emma Thomson are criminally underused. However, there's still enough here to recommend for Dad's and sons looking for some female-free time. Will Smith is clearly relishing the opportunity to play Agent J for the third time and he slots back into ultra-cool, jive-talking mode like a second skin. A handful of the gags work too, most of them stemming from the fish-out-of-water premise having Agent J return to the sixties. Oh, and did I mention that Brolin is amazing? He's almost worth the price of admission alone. Almost.
  • ebbe13@hotmail.com19 June 2012
    A huge fail, disappointing movie.
    Warning: Spoilers
    The only excuse I can think that the writers can put out for this fail, is that it's hard to have expectations for sequels. Bad excuse, I was very disappointed with this movie. I very much support speranzadaniel's review, this movie sucked.

    *** Contains spoilers **

    The plot is extremely Hollywood typical, it's poorly put together. J (W.Smith) has to jump back in time (do a Back to the future trick) and save K (Tommy Lee Jones) from inevitable death. The actors are not performing very well, and what is with all the staring and lingering of these people, you could squeeze a full movie in between all these sighs.

    As a typical Hollywood plot, the movie progresses, J manages to fulfill his mission, with a huge dose of cliché and arguments against K (played by Josh Brolin) in the future .I liked Brolin in no country for old men, but in this movie he doesn't really deliver, to be honest I don't feel like anyone of the actors are. As a Jemaine Clement fan from Flight of the Conchords, but not very positively surprised.

    Too bad you can't post negative votes here, this one definitively deserves it.
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