Opening crawl: In the corrupt shadows of Big City one light still shines: the Daily Gazette's rising star, Paula 'Peril' Perillo. But dark forces are at work tonight, and those who report the news may end up being the next headline.

[first lines]

Veronica Vilancourt: Everyone worth knowing is in this room tonight. The Countess DeFalco is one of our city's wealthiest citizens. Her decision to sell the Crystal Falcon is top news. I will finally get Paula off the front page and...

[Vincent DeFalco strolls by]

Veronica Vilancourt: Hello, there.

[researching an ancient Celtic religion]

Jimmy Smith: Beheadings, disembowelments, impalements... it sounds like my Friday night.

Paula Perillo: He made the ultimate sacrifice to gain the favor of the goddess Empress Falc.

Jimmy Smith: Ultimate sacrifice? It's a metal bird!

Paula Perillo: He sacrificed every woman in the village and used their blood to make that metal bird.

Jimmy Smith: Geez.

Paula Perillo: Empress Falc was so pleased by the offering, she gave him the power to defeat Aurelius and his men.

Vincent DeFalco: [to Veronica] You are beautiful, sensual... the perfect sacrifice.

[DeFalco's henchman stuffs a gag in Veronica's mouth]

Vincent DeFalco: That's enough of that, Miss Vilancourt . No one can hear you. Besides it's so... unbecoming.

[to Veronica who is tied to a sacrificial altar]

Vincent DeFalco: This is your fate. From your death emerges eternal life. Our destiny will be intertwined forever!

Paula Perillo: At least he's not afraid of commitment.

[last lines]

Countess DeFalco: You'll pay for this, Paula Peril. You'll pay dearly.