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  • Just another compilation, "Lusty Luxuries" has content as meaningless as its alliterative title. Wonder what the Mad Men over at Playgirl Central were thinking when they concocted that moniker.

    Best segment is Johnny Castle delivering room service (ahem!) to two lovelies, a sexy enough vignette to be reprised 2 years later on "Playgirl's Hottest: Throbbing Three-Ways". It also benefits from spoken dialog, unlike most of these drowsiness-inducing MOS pantomimes.

    Some lame narration (uncredited this time, along with any other credits like who directed this stuff) tries to pep up the proceedings in vain. The sexy femmes on view include Nikki Fairchild "Playing Horsey" with Talon, and Mikayla working on baldy Barry Scott. Will Powers has a busty bubble bath girl in his bonus segment, but she remains unidentified. So give a zero for conduct to the inept Playgirl archivists, who demonstrate no sense of film history.